Enemy - Vince
Location Peddle
HP 4000
Attack 150
Defence 180
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "...Someone's about to get hammered."

Vincent "Vince" Debroiche is the silent, but deadly, husband of Angelica Debroiche, and also a minor boss, fought almost immediately before confronting Angelica. He carries around a very large hammer that he uses in battle with deadly force.


In Lucario's Quest, Vince is first shown in the small, holy town of Peddle, standing next to Angelica as she speaks outside of the main church, the man remaining silent, though not appearing to be an immediate threat to anyone.

It is much later revealed that Vince is in fact an antagonist when Lucario and his party discover that Angelica and her husband are secretly plotting to coup d'état the church, ultimately planning to summon their god.

When Lucario and party interrupt their plotting in the church's graveyard, Angelica, flustered, tells Vince to "get rid of the meddlers", which he complies to, engaging them in battle as he rushes forward.

After a tough battle, Vince lay on the ground, to the dismay of his insane wife, who calls him "useless", picking him up and rushing off to the church with him to perform the ritual. 

The two make it to the church, terrorizing the kind pastor, until they perform a ritual that fuses Vince and Angelica together to form the mighty and evil demon Ronazhal, battling Lucario to the death.


He is always silent, and never speaks a word. Though in battle, he is quite a brute, and is indeed a powerful miniboss.

He quite possibly isn't as dark-hearted as his wife.


Vince carries around his large hammer, which does an extreme amount of damage, granted that Lucario isn't properly equipped. However, he is slowed by the weight of the hammer, adding for ample time to dodge.

His special move is Smash, which disables Lucario or a partner for one to two turns.


  • His Battle Thought is "...Someone is about to get hammered."
  • Angelica twice says that she thinks Vince loves his hammer more than he does her.

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