Villains of Smash is a American TV show that aired 7/19/2019 on Disney XD. It involves the bad guys of Nintendo (and Sega and Capcom) forming the "worlds best super-villain team!"


  • Bowser: Bowser is the main protagonist of the show and leader of the team. He is a sarcastic, greedy fatty who has a goal: Take down Mario. (spoiler alert: He never does.)
  • Ganondorf: Ganon is the second-in-command and Bowser's best "friend". He is a dozen times more smarter then most of the team, and takes his work seriously.
  • King Dedede: Dedede is a member of the team. Although he's lazy and likes to party, he is one of the most loyal members.
  • King K Rool: Rool is a member of the team. Being very stupid, he tends to be the brawns of the team, and is usually called when there's something heavy to lift.
  • Dr. Wily: Wily is the brains of the team, and usually makes things that are both deadly and unstable. Mostly unstable.
  • Mewtwo: Mewtwo is Bowser's Pokémon. While it's indeed deadly, it sometimes thinks its a dog.
  • M. Bison: Bison is a good friend of Bowser's, and supports the team. While He's not exactly a member, he sure acts, and is treated, like one.
  • S.I.N: S.I.N is the teams rival. The members include Fawful (leader), Sigma, Dr. Eggman, Mother Brain, Skull Kid, and Bob the Goldfish(?).
  • S.M.A.S.H: S.M.A.S.H is the arch-enemies of the team. The members include Mario (leader), Link, DK, Megaman, Kirby, and Ryu.
  • Jeff the Koopa: Jeff is a unlucky Koopa who, in every episode, gets himself very injured.

List of episodes

Season 1

# Name Description
1 Hyrule-phobia When the team (they never came up with a name) discover that Dedede has a fear of Hyrule creatures, they try to help him, only to make it worse.
2 Me, myself, and I Wily clones Bowser so he can be "three times smarter." However, Bowser finds that he can't even stand himself, much less two.
3 S.I.N The team get into a bet with there rivals S.I.N that whoever beats up S.M.A.S.H first gets...nothing in particular.
4 Royal pain in the- Bowser and Dedede fight over who's kingdom is better: The Koopa Kingdom or Dreamland. This results in a war between the two.
5 Raiders of the lost Shroom Ganon and M. Bison set out to find the "Golden Mushroom".
6 Three strikes, your out Once the team learns that the Toad Army is on strike, they attempt to take the chance and kidnap the Princess.
7 Tryout-casts TBA
8 Pranks for nothing TBA
9 Bats, rats, and cats TBA
10 Being bad 101 TBA
11 Kongo Bongo TBA
12 (egg)Man vs wild TBA
13 Hal 9001 TBA
14 Inspector Gizmo TBA
16 Luigi's Mansion TBA
17 Inventor preventer (Part 1) TBA
18 Inventor preventer (Part 2) TBA
19 Dimensional Drift TBA
20 Birthday Bash TBA
21 Wreck-It Wralph TBA
22 Invader Dim(wits) TBA

Random Rumble

24 The return of Hal 9001 TBA
25 Bowser's ultimate plan to destroy S.M.A.S.H Season Finale

Season 2

# Name Description
1 Space (Part 1) Bowser and Dedede get sent into Space in order to be the first Villain to fly to the Moon. However, they get abducted by Shroobs.
2 Space (Part 2) The Team must rescue Bowser and Dedede from the Shroobs and return to earth.
3 Bowsers Cooking Show TBA
4 The 4th-Wall Break TBA
5 Honey, I shrunk the Team TBA
6 Jurassic Pork TBA
7 Love hits the eye like a Pizza Pie Dr. Wily plans to use a Love Potion to make Palutainia fall in love with Ganondorf so the Team could take over Skyworld.
8 Koop-Zilla TBA
9 Brightly colored Pills TBA
10 The 20XX Olympics TBA
11 Movie Magic TBA
12 Inspector Gizmo Returns TBA
13 Waka Waka TBA
14 Preteen Mutant Assasin Koopas TBA
15 Another Random Rumble TBA
16 Power-Up Mix-Up TBA
17 I Chose You TBA
18 Meet the Team TBA
19 S.M.A.S.H Vs TBA
20 The great Yoshi Race TBA
21 Boo-Busters TBA
22 Future Fight (Part 1) After being sent into the future, the Team learn that "the most evil being alive" has taken over in the year 3XXX.

Future Fight (Part 2)

The team join a group of Freedom Fighter and are forced agree to help them bring back peace to the Future.
24 Future Fight (Part 3) The team lead the Freedom Fighters to the Evil Leaders base and attack, but also learn the Leader's true identedy: a future version of Bowser.
25 Future Fight (Part 4) Season Finale
The team must save not only the future but also the past by defeating the future Bowser and freeing everyone.

Special Episodes

# Name Description
1 Snow way out

Christmas Special

It's Christmas Day, and Wily makes Bowser a present: a "magic" globe that shows what would happen if they never existed. To there suprise, however, the world changes for the worst if they never existed.

2 Villains Vs the Avengers

Crossover with Marvel/Half-Hour Special

The Team accedently open a Portal to the Marvel-Verse and wind up in New York City. They must not only run from and eventually fight The Avengers, but also have to find a way back and try to do so with Dr. Dooms Dimension Device.

3 A blanten Parody

Half-Hour Special


4 Jeff's Revenge

Half-Hour Special

Jeff, being tired of getting injured because of the Teams actions, decides to quit. At first the Team doesn't care. But when Jeff returns with a plan to wipe the whole team out, they attempt to stop him and apoligize.

5 Crisis across infinite Villains

Made for TV Movie

The villain Antasma has ripped a hole in Space and Time, and creatures from other dimensions "cross over" with others. It's up to the Team, with help from S.I.N, to take down Antasma, fix everything, and prove themselves as the best villain team in the Multiverse.

Running gags

  • In every episode, Jeff gets injured in a very painful (yet comedic) way.
  • TBA


The show, during Season 1, aired every Monday Afternoon on Disney XD. Afterwords, during Season 2, the started airing on Saturday Afternoon. The confirmed 3rd Season will have there Episodes aired every Monday Afternoon like the First Season.

The made for TV Movie, Villain of Smash: Crisis across infinite Villains, was aired on Sunday Afternoon after a marathon of VOS episodes.


The show reseved positive reviews, with one Critic saying "While it sounds like a Spin-Off, it still works well on it's own. The jokes are funny (Though Jeff getting hurt is a bit dry), the animations nice, etc. A good show worth watching"


  • The 4-part episode Future Fight was originally going to be the made for TV Movie, but was changed into a 4-Part story arc.
  • The Team's offical name has never been said, though Dedede said that they called themselves the "Group Of Idiots and One Handsome Penguin". There's a good chance this is just Dedede lying.
  • A Spin-Off centering around S.M.A.S.H has been planned.

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