A villager is a habitant of any village in any of the The Legend of Zelda games. In Smash Tactics, they are the worker units for Hyrule.

First appearing in Zelda 2: Adventures of Link. Villagers are known for giving vital information to link as he go through his quest, originally there were only 6 sprites find in that game, but later on in A Link o the Past there was more with better detail then before, in this game they also gave away items instead of Special Abilities, in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, the Villages where given there own type of personalities and styles in which they could interact with Link, this happens to the paint where they became more the just the run-of-the-mill Towns People.


Old Woman (AoL)
Old Man All Games
Young Man (AoL)
Young Woman (AoL)
Sick Bug Catcher (AlttP)
Brother 1 (AlttP)
Brother 2 (AlttP)
Malon /Romani
Anju (OoT) and (MM)
Dampe (OoT) and (FSA)
Jim (MM)
Bomber Kid (MM)
Kafei (MM)

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