Vigidom is a video game company started in 1999. The game company has produced games for the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and soon the Wii U.


Vigidom got a license from Nintendo in 1998,and also got a license to use Nintendo characters in one game. They started to make Zelda: Poison Quest on May 23 1998. They released the game in 1999. It was a huge hit. Fans demanded a Poison Quest 2. Nintendo didn't let them use their characters, but Vigidom did make Pickles' Adventure: Poison Quest 2 in 2000. Fans hated it. It gave Vigidom a bad name. They began to produce many games for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Rising back to the top

In 2004, they made games for the Gamecube, such as Plant Gardener, Gunkill, and Curry Dash Call. In December of 2004, they announced Poison Quest 3, which was scheduled for release by Christmas 2005. They told Nintendo if they didn't give them use of Zelda characters, they would depart ways with them. Nintendo allowed Vigidom to use Zelda characters again. Zelda: Poison Quest 3 was a huge success. 5 months after the released of Poison Quest 3, the company announced a new Zelda game coming in 2007 and that it would be for the Wii, but it wouldn't be Poison Quest 4. On October 7, 2007, Zelda: Dome Star was released. It was a big success, but it had a lot of glitches, so on December 2, 2007 it was pulled from the market. It was re-released with problems fixed in April of 2009.

Vigidom has made the decision to retire on March 10, 2014. In January 2012, they said this: "We will retire in a couple of years. A light of sunshine has to vanish at some point, and Vigidom is slowly vanishing as we speak. Thank you to the fans for all the support over the years.". But, a Zelda tech demo titled Dome Sun appeared at E3 2012, and it was announced to be released in April of 2014 and be released by Vigidom's sister company, Sunhill Games. It will be the sequel to Zelda: Dome Star.

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