|title = Video Game Heroes
究極のゲームヒーローズ (Ultimate Game Heroes) | |image = |descr = Japanese boxart. |developer = Team Anton Games, Nintendo, Sega, Hudson Soft, Capcom, Bandai Namco, etc. |realease date = October 15th, 2020 |modes = Single Player, Multiplayer |genre = Multi-genre |platforms = RX-270 |media = RX-270 Omegarcade }} Video Game Heroes (Kyūkyoko no Gēmuhīrōzo lit. Ultimate Game Heroes in Japan) is a game with mixed genres for the RX-270 video game console, and the first game to have many companies to cooperate. Many famous characters like Mario, Sonic, Anton, Kirby and many others appear in this game along with a few NPCs and game elements from known universes. Also the game was originally known as Universe Chaos Collision. The game was also known as The Second Letter: Great Game Collection, except that Sonic, Mario and many others were replaced by characters created by TeamAntonGames.

Story Mode

Like most games, this one also has a story. In story mode the heroes must deafeat their arch-enemies to defend their own worlds, friend and memories. Yes, even Dimentio makes an appearance to destroy all worlds once again, but this time Sonic, Mario and Anton and many others must gather the D-Shards and put together the "dimensonal jigsaw puzzle."



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