This was a giveaway made by Nintendo. There are 150 prizes. It is all Mario- themed.

How To Enter

You would go to the website, enter your first name, full phone number and age. Then there was a chance you would be called and get a prize.


1. A GameCube, Mario Party 6 and a Yoshi bobblehead

2. A Nintendo 64, Yoshi's Story and a Super Mario World promotional ice cream

3. An SNES, Mario is Missing (SNES) and a Cat Toad magnet

4. A NES, Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) and a plushue of Iggy Koopa

5. A Game Boy Advance, Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario and the large Luigi set of Dots

6. A Game Boy Color, Mario Family and Super Mario Chess

7. A Game Boy, Donkey Kong Land 2 and a pixelated small Mario figure on a brick block

8. A Daisy finger puppet and a plush of a blue Yoshi


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