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VGASR has gameplay just like the average Smash Bros. It's gameplay is more similar to Super Smash Bros 4 on the Wii U. Dispite this being another series with a similar game style.

Story Mode


Playable Characters


Picture Name Character Info Ultimate Attack
250px-Mario SSB4
Mario Mario! The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and foe of Bowser. He can punch, throw fire, jump, groundpound, use his cape, and other items from newer and older Mario Games. White Tanooki Mario
250px-Luigi SSB4
Luigi Mario's brother, Luigi! He can jump high, throw Green Fire, do other attacks, and has the Poltergust he used to save his brother at his side. Poltergust 5000
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser King of Koopas. Ruler of Bowser's Castle. Strongest of the Koopa Army. Use his firebreath, shell, fist, and other attacks Bowser can use. Dreamy Bowser
250px-Rosalina SSB4
Rosalina Protector of the Cosmos returns to the fight. Like in SSB4, she can use a Luma that copies her moves. Power Star
Pianta Pianta has arrived! He has a moveset like his attacks from Pianta Adventure. Along with using Star Shrines. Petey Pirhanna
Kirby garridk
Kirby Kirby of the Stars! He has the same moveset as his Smash Attacks. And he can inhale his foes and steal there powers. Ultra Sword
Donkey Kong garridk
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong, the banana eatting, tie wearing, ape. Your rather slow, but he is slow, and strong on ground, but sometimes can be really powerful in air, if moves are used correct. Boss Finisher
Little Mac Little Mac, along with Wireframe Mac as a Alternate Skin. There like they are in SSB4, weak in the air, powerful on the ground. Giga Mac
Villager No. Not that Killer Villager from the internet craziness. The Villager from Animal Crossing. He has his net, axe, trees, other items, and can take attacks from others. Dream House
Wii Fit Trainer The Wii Fit Trainer! Same moveset from SSB4. Wii Fit (Attack)
Pit Pit from Kid Icarus, returning with his SSB4 Moveset. And the Three Sacred Treasures as his Ultimate Attack. Three Sacred Treasures
Pikachu The Eletric Mouse Type Pokemon. Pokemon's Mascot too. Use his Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Agility and other attacks from Pokemon games! Volt Tackle
250px-Charizard SSB4
Charizard What is known to be one of the best Pokemon, or the best. Also one of 2 Pokemon in X and Y to have multiple Mega Evolutions. Mega Charizard X


All unlockables can be unlocked by Encountering in Storymode also.

Picture Name Character Info Ultimate Attack How to Unlock
250px-Mega Man SSB4
Megaman The Blue Bomber, Megaman! Capcom's greatest video game character. He has his attacks from SSB4 also. Generation Blast Play 30 Games
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Peach Toadstool Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. Use attacks from the last game besides Toad as a shield. She also has help from the Star Spirits for her Ultimate Attack. Peach Beam Win 3 Games as Mario
Toad Guess who isn't an attack anymore? Toad! Alternate Skins can make you blue, green, red, pink, Mario Kart 8, or Captain Toad. Toad Army Play 5 as Games Peach
250px-Dedede KRTDL
King Dedede King of Mt. Dedede and the Waddle Dees. You can use the hammer like in previous games. Masked Dedede Play 10 Games


Picture Stage Information Hazards Series
Battlefield! Can't forget this stage, one of the most famous stages from Nintendo's fighting games. None Smash Bros
Final Destination. Fight between the Earth and the Sun. None Smash Bros
There are two seperate arenas. But they both look the same. You can fight at the Punch Out World Championship or the Smash Bros Boxing Arena. Lights Smash Bros/Punch Out
Peach's Castle. A famous landmark for the Multiverse. After about a minute of fighting, Bullet Bills should be flying by. And..There coming for you. Bullet Bills Mario
Fight in the arena of Super Mario Galaxy! Watch the Airships and Lubba driving Starship Mario pass by, as you fight while Gravity messes you up. Gravity Mario
Bowser's Castle! Go from a mix of stone, lava, and thwomps to the Mario Kart track with Lava Rock Bowser attacking you. Lava Rock Bowser and Thwomps Mario
Mega-man-2.e 00
In the Megaman 2 Intro, you start out riding Item 1, along with blimps of Robot Masters. Item 2s will fly across the stage, and once it scrolls up to the top of the screen, you can stand on the building. Hardly any ground Megaman
Bubble Man's stage! A personal favorite from Megaman 2. You start out in the intro of the stage, but there is a huge bridge. After a little bit, a huge waterfall comes down knocking the players underwater. That's when your in what's seen in the image. Spikes, and enemies Megaman
The Halberd! Metaknight's ship. Like in SSBB, you start out boarding it. Then you board it and fight, as it's cannons and other weapons try to destroy you. Halberd Weapons Kirby
Cookie Country from Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Waddle Dees and Sword Knights Kirby
Smashvile. A Animal Crossing town. Returning from SSB4. Two Platforms Moving Animal Crossing
Wii Fit Studio
Wii Fit Studio. Relax, do yoga, or just battle eachother until your knocked out or fall off the screen. Your choice. None Wii Fit

Assist Trophies

Picture Name Assist Info How Rare
Metal Mario He runs around the stage throwing fireballs and ground pounding. Common


  • Before the name was final, it was called Project Lava Rock Bowser to reference MrGameGuyUltra's 2nd icon, Lava Rock Bowser from Mario Kart 8.

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