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Victory Squadron: Defenders of Earth is a 3D open world beat 'em up developed and published by Stardust Citadel, inspired on Saban's Super Sentai franchise. The game features animated cutscenes done by Studio Mir, whom worked on The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Legendary Defender. It takes place in the year 2300, when Earth recieves a threat from an intergalactic threat named Izanagi, who seeks to conquer the Solar System. Under the guidance of an alien traitor, Yuuki Ryota, six humans are selected to wield the power of the Japanese deities and with the goal of defending the earth of Izanagi's threats.

The game progresses in an episodic format, much like a Sentai series, with an opening, middle and ending cutscene featuring narration from Tōru Ōkawa. The game features different seasons. Each episode can provide a certain number of challenges that can either double or triple the player's rewards after each battle. Additionally the player's choices can affect the outcome of the story.


The story is told through 13 episodes in a six season format, with additional bonus episodes being unlocked if the player completes all the quests of each episode. The player choice affects the outcome of the story and the grand finale, the movie, which will have a completely different plot depending of the choices of the player.

Season One

The first season is entitled Heroes Assembled, and it introduces the series basic concepts of the game such as the Deity Powers and the Izanagi's army.

No. Title
1 Flag of Japan Assemble! Victory Squadron!!!

Flag of USA Declaration of War Against Humanity!

Description After escaping from an alien conqueror, an extraterrestrial disguises as a human and attempts to warn humanity about a strike from the conqueror, only to his warning to be dismissed. Soon enough, the conqueror Izanagi attacks Tokyo and the alien Ryota handpicks what he considers to be the best soldiers of Earth, a group of students from Tokyo Himitsu University, whom are assembled to be the Victory Squadron. Together, they fight against a gigantic tanuki like monster called Kantanha. At the end of the episode, Ichirou is questioned if he wants to be the leader or not of the Victory Squadron.

Options: Ichirou - Stay and be the leader / Quit the team and refuse the offer

2A Flag of Japan Beginnings! Squadron's First Mission!!!

Flag of USA Izanagi's Commander, Kyojinhachi!

Description Ichirou accepts the offer to be the leader of the squadron and begins training the team, although he is not really the most ideal leader. In the meanwhile, Izanagi is surprised that the Squadron managed to defeat Kantanha and plans his next attack. He suggests sending Kyojinhachi to Earth, a giant bee creature, to command a full on attack on Earth. The team is caught off guard by Kyojinhachi's attack but do their best to attempt to stop them.
2B Flag of Japan Shock! Change of Plans!

Flag of USA A New Leader Required!

Description Ichirou declines the offer to be the leader of Victory Squadron, because he considers it to be a suicide mission due his lack of knowledge in the field of combat. The squadron puts a reunion to choose who is going to be the new leader while Ryota seeks Ichirou, whom disappeared after his decision, to remove his powers. The squadron has a hard time deciding who should be the next leader, but they decide to put that decision for later as an alien mercenary hired by Izanagi, Saikokira, is sent to Tokyo and is wrecking havoc in the city. Ryota locates Ichirou but finds out that he cannot remove Ichirou's powers. Ichirou decides what he is going to do now that he can't live a normal life anymore, thanks to his new powers he feels a responsability to do something with them. He has to make yet another decision.

Options: Ichirou - Be a hero on my own / Rejoin the team / Be a follower of Izanagi

3A Flag of Japan Ichirou's Decision! Protect the Earth, Defender!!! / The Steel Eagle Targets China!

Flag of USA Ichirou's Choice! / The World Is Not Safe!

Description The 1st and 2nd choices lead to this episode, although the outcome of the episodes are different depending of the choice. Additionally, the storyline for this chapter in case Ichirou stayed from the team from the start is the same as the storyline that occours if the player picks the 2nd option, barring the scenes where Ichirou returns.

1st Choice (Continuation of 2B): Ichirou decides that being a lone wolf vigilante is the best decision for him, although this decision completely baffles Ryota whom decides to leave him alone after declaring him not to be threat to humanity. The team decides to follow along without the need of a leader. Meanwhile, Ryota is warned of the presence of a high member of Izanagi's army, an eagle like creature called Haganewashi, is heading towards China and sends the team to attack it before it does any harm. Meanwhile, Ichirou battles Shapuhachi, the right hand of Kyojinhachi who survived the battle against the squadron.

2nd Choice (Continuation of 2A/2B): Ichirou decides to live with his responability and rejoins the team. Ryota is warned of the presence of a high member of Izanagi's army, an eagle like creature called Haganewashi, is heading towards China and sends the team to attack it before it does any harm. In the meanwhile, Ryota goes to confront Shapuhachi, the right hand of Kyojinhachi who survived the battle against the squadron. Ryota reveals his powers as the wielder of the power of Susanoo, god of tricks.

3B Flag of Japan Ichirou's Decision! Betray the Earth, Follower of Izanagi!!!

Flag of USA Ichirou's Choice!

Season Two

The second season is entitled The Victory Defender, and it introduces giant mecha battles with the introduction of the squadron's mecha, the Victory Defender.

Season Three

The third season is entitled V-Charged Heroes, and it introduces a super mode for the sentai suits entitled the V-Charge.

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

The Movie



Victory Squadron

Name Info
Ichirou Katsuro Ichirou Katsuro is the hot headed leader of the team. Somewhat eccentric, Ichirou doesn't likes having to think before striking, with his usual strategy being to rush to the opponent with full strength, which often backfires. He is aware that he is the one to blame for his problems, although still believes that his method of fighting is the correct one. He is the wielder of the power of Fūjin, god of wind.
Yuuto Souta Yuuto Souta is the strategist of the team, being a professional strategy video game player beforehand, and so is the one that commands the team in battles. Calm and wise, Yuuto hides his emitions and his insecurity from the view of his team. He is the wielder of the power of Omoikane, god of wisdom.
Rei Yuuko Rei Yuuko is the shell shocked veteran, whom actually was a fighter in war before the events of the invasion. Cold and serious, Rei showcases an emotionless face alongside an emotionless voice. The war left some scars on Rei, memories of it return every once in a while. She is the wielder of the power of Hachiman, god of war.
Yuri Masuyo Yuri Masuyo is the quirky member of the team, a computers expert who lived among a group of activist hackers known as Green Leaf. Playful and snarky, Yuri is not very bright when it comes to combat and usually follows the orders of the others. She is the wielder of the power of Amaterasu, god of the sun.
Tsubasa Makoto Tsubasa Makoto is the most talkative member of the team, often voicing complaints about the situation in hand. A robotics student whom of which never had the intention of fighting anyone in his life. Usually serves as the butt of the joke. He is the wielder of the power of Ryūjin, god of the seas.
Hibiki Hikaru Hibiki Hikaru is one that seeks to be the best of the team, although she provides to be an excellent fighter, she doesn't thinks that she is doing enough and trains 24/7. This is due an accident that took away her brother's life and her wish to protect anyone that she can to avert another innocent losing a life. She is the wielder of the power of Raijin, god of thunder.
Yuuki Ryota Yuuki Ryota is a man of mysterious origin. Thought to be a traitor of Izanagi, Ryota disguises himself as a human and tries to warn them of Izanagi's threat although his warning is dismissed at first. After the first attack, Ryota decides to help the humans in the war against Izanagi to protect the land from him by picking the best soldiers of Earth himself, although he is shown that he is not very aware that he possibly made the worst decisions. He helps as the mission control in battles, providing information about Izanagi's troops.

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