Victor is a fighter in the Hybrid Co. fan-fic Heavyweight Champion of the World.


Victor has black hair with blue tinges, he has half-slit yellow pupils which contribute to his accurate night vision. He is a cat/human hybrid. He wears a black suit with a blue bowtie to appriciate the formality for him at the event. He wears black skinny genes and shoes to cover up his scars and sharp canines.


Shady yet he is emotional when his mysterious past is questioned. He is mature, but his optimistic spirits was severely dampened when he was beknownst of his adoption. He is angry now seeking answers and wants to take his anger out on other fighters by mentally letting go of his past by proving that it was his fate.


Abandoned as a infant, he was adopted by a circus ringmaster at the age of six months. He was always athletic as a child, enjoying the circus performances and aspired to follow his “fathers” footsteps. But as he started to develop through adolesonce he started to realise that he wasn’t looking like his father. Growing blue hairs and extremely sharp canines, his father revealed the dark secret that he’d known for 16 years. Victor was saved by his father after being created to be a superhuman menacing cat/human hybrid he was illegally experimented and genetically tested in a secret underground facility by unknown criminals. Working as a miner as a undercover policeman, his father uncovered the tunnel and arrested Dr. Aegan and his team of black market gamblers. Victor had been created to be the ultimate fighter. Hoping to fulfill his purpose and make his adopted father proud, Victor vows to prove his destiny by being the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

With no last name as his past is so unknown and undiscovered. Assumed to be of British descendent from his accent and going under the stage name of “Cheshire”, due to his similarities to the Cheshire Cat. He has extreme agility to caper a quarter of a mile, when becoming part of the circus from the age of 13, he threw knives and chopped through metal with his small paws yet effective claws. Double-jointed abilities are shown to be flawed if he is taunted with cliche balls of yarn. he lives off a diet of protein and fish. He is a adored everyman of the circus but now believes that it’s time to go find himself.

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