Victini (SSBB)
Victini initciV
Symbol SSB Pokémon Series
Universe Pokemon
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Battle
Official Debut Pokemon Black and White (2011)
Availability DLC
Final Smash V-Create

Trophy Description

The Victory Pokemon. This cute little Fire-Psychic Pokemon is said to bring good luck to this it chooses. Victini could be found on a lone island invaded by Team Plasma, but will fight the trainer when everyone clears out. Watch out for those fire powers!

  • Pokemon Black, 2011
  • Pokemon White, 2011

Smash Attacks

Neutral Smash: Punches forward, than does a kick, than finishes with a burst of fire.

Side Smash: Charges up, and attacks with Fire Fang

Up Smash: Does a twirl with psychic elements around him.

Down Smash: Makes small fire bursts next to him.


Forward Tilt: Kicks forward with fire elements around

Backward Tilt: Does a backward kick with fire elements around

Up Tilt: Does a fire uppercut

Down Tilt: Slides with fire surround him.


Neutral Aerial: Spins with fire around him

Forward Aerial: Turns himself into a fire comet and shoots forward

Back Aerial: Shoots a burst of fire behind him.

Up Aerial: Kicks upwards with fire

Down Aerial: Kicks downwards and shoots down, making a meteor smash.


Grab: Shoots forward and grabs the opponents

Pummel: Shoots fire orbs at the opponent

Side Pummel: Throws the opponent forward and shoots a pillar of fire at the victim

Up Pummel: Jumps up and throws the opponent down.

Down Pummel: Makes a V and attacks opponents.


Neutral Special: Searing Shot: Shoots out a pillar of fire that stretches out farther depending on how charged up it is.

Side Special: Flame Burst: Shoots an orb forward that explodes when it is done charging. Similar to Zelda's "Din's Fire".

Up Special: Victory Star: Victini shoots upwards with red stars shooting around him. Stars fly away after the recovery is done.

Down Special: Extrasensory: Makes himself blurry, and if an opponent hits him, they go flying (not like Rest though)

Final Smash: V-Create: Flies to the background and strikes a victory pose. He then generates fiery energy, and shoots a large V-shaped beam into the battleground. Does massive damage and knockback.

Neutral Special: Victory Charge- Victini generates a golden fist that punches opponents.

Side Special: Flame Charge- Victini shoots forward while being surrounded by fire

Up Special: Fire Boost- Victini shoots up with fire surrounding him.

Down Special:Lava Plume- Victini shoots out a burst of lava surrounding him.

Final Smash: Mega Sear- Victini charges up, and shoots a huge fiery laser at the opponents.

Neutral Special- Inferno- Victini shoots fire around him that reflects projectiles.

Side Special: Zen Headbutt- Victini hesitates, then charges forward. Does high knockback.

Up Special: Kinesis- Victini hesitates, than floats upwards.

Down Special: Flame Body- Victini surrounds himself with fire. If one touches him, they will start taking burn damage over time.

Final Smash: Fire Blast- Victini floats up to the center, and generates a huge fiery star. Anyone caught in the star takes damage.

Customization Moveset

Type Set A Set B Set C
Neutral Special Searing Shot Victory Charge Inferno
Side Special Flame Burst Flame Charge Zen Headbutt
Up Special Victory Star Fire Boost Kinesis
Down Special Extrasensory Lava Plume Flame Body
Final Smash V-Create Mega Sear Fire Blast


  • Spins around makes a peace sign
  • Makes flaming energy on his hands
  • Tosses a fireball around his hands

Victory Poses

Song: The victory theme of Pokemon Black and White 2

Victory Poses

  • Jumps around and makes a peace sign
  • Spins around as balances on one toe
  • Shoots fireballs and makes a thumbs-up

Losing Pose:

Sighs and hangs his head.

Alternate Colors

  • Normal colors.
  • White body, bright orange ears. Based off of his shiny colors.
  • Purple body, blue ears. Invert colors.
  • Gray body, light blue ears. Similar to Medatite's colors.
  • Yellow body, indigo ears.
  • Dark yellow body, yellow ears. Similar to Abra's colors.
  • Black body, red ears.
  • Blue body, red ears.


Victini is part of the Pokemon Pack.

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