Victini: The Adventure is Born, is a platformer game by Victory Milk and Muffins Inc.
Victini: The Adventure is Born
Developer(s) Victory Milk and Muffins Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
August 15, 2013
Story Mode,

Time Attack, Multiplayer

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

This is the first game in the Victini Series. Please don't edit unless you joined the Victory Milk and Muffins Inc.


Circle Pad - Walk Around (up circle pad to jump)

Circle Pad + B - Run

Circle Pad + B + A - Faster Run

D-Pad - Angle Camera

A - Melee Attack

B - Projectile Attack

Y - Pick up item

X - Open Case


One day, Someone ruled over a planet called Victinia. He was a kind ruler, but there was someone wanting to take it over. About a long time later, The evil blah blah blah (not real name) took over blah blah (not real name either) and Victinia was in chaos. The kind ruler was put in da dungeon (dun dun dun)! Luckily, there were some victinis who wanted to stop the villain, but all but one got kidnapped! Now its up to that one victini to save his friends and save the day for now!


 Story ModeEdit

This is your first mode! Venture from beginning to end! No time limits, just the casual save-the-day mode!

 Hardcore ModeEdit

Unlocked if you seen the credits. This is like story mode, except harder and for the masters! To some levels, it adds: Raining meteors, Black holes, and even more trickery!


World 1. Summer Plains - Difficulty: Easy - Description: Very calm and serene.... until now

World 2. Crystal Hills - Difficulty: Easy - Description: Pretty pretty, shiny shiny