The Vicinity Saga is a gaming/cinematic universe, a crossover between Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, and third-party properties, and a collaboration between Lone Planet Productions, Glacier™, and Phazonworks.


The saga consists of three primary universes based on the properties of Nintendo, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, as well as their wide range of third parties. Each universe has three main titles with a group of "solo entries" sandwiched in between.

According to Megaxi G. Exal, Jr., one of the primary writers of the saga, "Everyone is contributing to this collision of worlds in some way. With every unnatural thing someone does to one multiverse, it comes closer to crashing into the other two. You can see this in the various games, movies, and TV shows we have in store for the saga."

It is rumored that the new universe created in Vicinity will be a parallel timeline to the Fantendoverse, and travel to the Viciniverse will be permitted akin to the Dark Woods and the Zaxinian Lifts.


Below is a table of the saga's installments.

Title Summary
Cartoon Network: Legacy Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls must bring together a league of familiar (and not-so-familiar) Cartoon Network heroes to battle a cosmic entity known as Virus.
Nickelodeon Ultra Struggle Shredder founds the Syndicate of Devastation and begins a monstrous experiment dubbed "Mutation Z". Several Nicktoons characters unite to stop him before it causes sure destruction in their dimensions.
Smash Fighters, Season 1 Virus has found a way into the Nintendo multiverse after the events of CN Legacy, so the Super Smash Bros. and various assist trophies set out to face off against him and their old enemy, Tabuu.
Cartoon Network: Millennium Sedusa plots her vengeance on her sister Lady Oceanbird, with the help of an alternate Peridot and a new wave of Thrownaways.
Nick Ultra Struggle: Order and Chaos Endax, an alien warlord from a parallel universe, threatens to fuse the Nickeloverse's realms into one superdimension, and tensions begin to arise amongst the heroes. Meanwhile, the I.C.K. (Irken-Cluster-Kraang) association is nearly finished with its ultimate weapon, Project CHAOS.
Smash Fighters, Season 2 Dark Bowser begins creating Cosmic Clones to invade the Battlefield Realm, an ancient world where the first Smashers had their wars. To protect Smash traditions, Master Hand sets out to stop them... alone.
Cartoon Network: Posterity Virus returns to the Tooniverse and takes control of Robot Jones to wreak havoc once more. This leads to a civil war between the CN heroes, with Dexter leading one side and Numbuh One leading the other.
Nick Ultra Struggle: Mutagen War A biological weapon dubbed Hyper Mutagen has been unleashed upon the universe -- and every alien dictator wants some of it. The Ultra Strugglers head out into space to find it first.
Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces After realizing that they can't defeat Virus, Tabuu, and Dark Bowser themselves, the Smash Bros. try to find as many newcomers as possible to help them out.
Vicinity: Finale A mystical being known as Mother has been brainwashing different characters into supporting her plan to rewrite cosmic history. Now the Legacy Squad, the Ultra Strugglers, and the Smash Bros. must unite to save all of existence from being destroyed once and for all.

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Ultra Struggle
Cartoon Network:
Smash Fighters
Season 1
Nick Ultra Struggle:
Order and Chaos
Cartoon Network:
Smash Fighters
Season 2
Nick Ultra Struggle:
Mutagen War
Cartoon Network:
Super Smash Bros.
Dark Forces
Vicinity: Finale
Expanded Universe
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Remix
Robot Jones Rebooted
Sonic Rebirth

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