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Full Name Vhast Hezz'nikking
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Location  ???
Current Status Alive
Class Ally of F.A.N.T
First Appearance Fantendo - Gaiden

Vhast is an ally of F.A.N.T and an Operative. An alien from the planet Biosion, Vhast landed on Earth as an ambassador from the planet to create a friendly relationship between the two planets.

He's also a primary character in Season 2 of Fantendo - Gaiden. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Gaiden

Physical Appearance

Vhast is a humanoid alien who looks similar to a human, but has pure black skin, glowing yellow eyes, fangs, and horns on his head. In addition, he is freakishly tall and skinny, and always wears an ornate purple cloak.


Vhast, like all members of his species, can open small cracks in time and space to suck up and trap objects and people. He can use this to avoid attack, hide, and pull out useful things he has stored there in case of emergency. This makes him useful in desperate situations where they are stripped of their equipment.

In addition, like all members of his species, he has double the strength of humans. He can also fly starships.


Vhast is fun, bombastic, loud, and always love to party and gets along with others easily, always lifting spirits in bad times. He has a strong loyalty towards his friends and planet and will do anything for them, even die.

Being from another planet, he's a bit heavy handed though, and not always that sensitive and careful, usually being honest even if it gets him and others in hot water. In addition, he shows no mercy to opponents, being willing and even happy to kill his opponents.

Vhast, being an ambassador, feels very loyal towards his government and wants to get along with Earthly governments.