Each character in Vestibulum has five normal weapons, and a Final Weapon. This page is to list all of them.

NOTE: If adding your own weapons, try to base them off of the weapons of your Fantendo characters.


  • Boom Stick: A staff that shoots large orbs of energy that explode on impact. This is White's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Flarebringer: A blade with pure cinnabar imbued in it. It's very flammable, and can burn anything - be it enemies or environment - on contact. This is White's first buyable weapon.
  • Ace of Spades: A simple card with the ability to make it rain spades. This is White's second buyable weapon.
  • Sign Tab: A futuristic tablet that can cause different things to happen when you draw symbols on it. This is White's third buyable weapon.
  • Rope Blade: A blade on the end of a rope, which can be swung around at high speeds for devastating attacks. This is White's final buyable weapon.
  • Crystal Staff: White's Final Weapon, it is a staff made out of legendary crystalline artifacts. It is capable of shooting a gigantic laser at foes.



  • Dark Blade: TBA
  • Plasma Cannon: TBA
  • Golden Candy: TBA
  • Magic Paintbrush: TBA
  • Lemon Bomb: TBA
  • Transformation Gem: TBA



  • Keyboard: A simple keyboard that lets Lumo release a flood of spam that does low, constant damage for a while at a time. This is Lumo's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • {{Delete}} Bomb: A bomb that obliterates anything in the small blast radius of it. This is Lumo's first buyable weapon.
  • Bending Arm: An arm that lets Lumo use one of four types of elemental bending as his main form of attack: water, earth, fire, or air. This is Lumo's second buyable weapon.
  • Meteorite Sword: A blade made out of a fallen meteorite. It doesn't have very high speed, but it makes up for it in DEVASTATING power. This is Lumo's third buyable weapon.
  • Avatar State: Not as much of a weapon as it is an ability; it lets Lumo go into what is known as the Avatar State, where he is pretty much unstoppable, having power over water, earth, fire, and air. This is Lumo's final buyable weapon.
  • Purification Staff: Lumo's Final Weapon, it is a staff that has the capability of "purifying" (aka completely obliterating) anything in its path.





  • Exulbore: A golden sword that seems to have a bit of Light powers. This is Taylor's only starter weapon.
  • Scribble Brush: A magical paintbrush that can bring drawings to life. You can create fireballs, hammers and plenty of other items. This is Taylor's first buyable weapon.
  • Spark Wand: A special wand capable of shooting powerful electric blasts. This is the second buyable weapon for Taylor.




  • Titanfeller: An ancient sword once used by special cavalry that rode upon Ancients. It's damage output scales with the size of the target. This is MMC's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Heirloom Revolver: A standard-looking revolver that somehow interferes with enemies' train of thought, leading to random stat debuffs when hit. This is MMC's first buyable weapon.
  • Weave the Scarf: The ultimate weapon for any slacker, this scarf actually has a mind of it's own and melee attacks nearby enemies automatically. Not only is it's reach better, but one can do other tasks at the same time. Like jumping from tall places. This is MMC's second buyable weapon.
  • Peppery Shell: A shell that is worn on one's back. It also comes with an old-looking red scarf. This weapon grants fire-breath, allows one to slide around quickly in the shell, and boosts MMC's meager defenses to a much more respectable level. This is MMC's third buyable weapon.
  • Ashen Staff: A scorched and battered staff that allows one to release their emotions. Doing so boosts one's power and grants them an aura of flames, but their health is slowly depleted. This is MMC's final buyable weapon.
  • Scissor-Blade: MMC's Final Weapon, and a very unlikely one at that. I mean, it's just a large scissor blade. Not even two. Just one. Though this weapon isn't all that powerful, it grants the wielder the ability to capture the material of which obstacles are made and "recycle" them to create paper throwing stars, paper wings, and even much weaker origami versions of other weapons one has available to use as other characters.



  • Metal Bat: TBA
  • Power of the Sun: TBA
  • Beam Blade: TBA
  • Bloodsucker: A dart gun with a lifesteal aspect on it. It shoots from a fairly long distance, too. This is Jake's third buyable weapon.
  • Shokku Claw: TBA
  • Light Scythe: TBA


  • Badass Sword: A sword that isn't as badass as it sounds, as for the most part it's just a normal sword. Except for the fact that there's orbs of pure fire and frost orbiting it, which can be launched off, to damage using their respective element. This is Meme's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Boxing Gloves: Simple boxing gloves, with no noticeable tweaks. Except for the fact that when Meme uses them, his speed and power increase dramatically. Only problem is he can't fight in midair. He can barely jump with these on. This is Meme's first buyable weapon.
  • Sharp Pencil: A really, really sharp pencil that can be used as a throwing knife. It's just that sharp. This is Meme's second buyable weapon.
  • Banjo: A banjo that Meme can't really play that well, so he uses it to smash enemies over the head instead. This is Meme's third buyable weapon.
  • Revolver: A revolver that does a lot of damage, but has to be reloaded from time to time, which takes a long while to do. This is Meme's final buyable weapon.
  • Giant Sword: Meme's Final Weapon, it is a large-scale version of the Badass Sword, with more elements added onto it. Such elements include earth, electricity, water, wind, etc.


  • Emerald Sword: A shimmering sword made of pure emerald that can do massive damage, but at a small range. This is Catsnake's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Emerald Shield: A shield made of pure emerald that can defend against attack and can be thrown to deal damage. This is Catsnake's first buyable weapon.
  • Nuclear Blaster: A baster that shoots nuclear pellets that create a small explosion on impact. This is Catsnake's second buyable weapon.
  • Motion Nunchuks: A set of nunchuks shaped like those of a gaming system. They can be swung around at high speeds, but just be sure not to do it too long, or you'll end up hitting yourself in the head. This is Catsnake's third buyable weapon.
  • Emerald Bow: A bow made of pure emerald that shoots arrows made of green light. This is Catsnake's final buyable weapon.
  • Atom Bomb: Catsnake's final weapon, the Atom Bomb can do massive damage while exploding.


  • Cassiopeia's Mirror: A mirror that Asuna uses as a shield, reflecting most projectiles with it at almost double force. This is Asuna's main weapon, and her only starter weapon.
  • Water Stick: A wand-like staff that can shoot water out of the tip of it. This is Asuna's first buyable weapon.
  • Electric Fists: A set of fist-like arms that can electrocute opponents, and can electrocute water enough to kill anything in it. This is Asuna's second buyable weapon.
  • Reinforced Boomerang: A simple boomerang that Asuna can throw forward, attacking enemies and grabbing items, and then flying back to her. This is Asuna's third buyable weapon.
  • Stealth Daggers: A set of daggers that strap onto your wrists, and do double the amount of damage if you strike from behind. This is Asuna's final buyable weapon.
  • Borealis Ball: TBA


  • Laser Blade: A simple hilt that can form a blade of pure energy. It is faster than most blades, but isn't very powerful. This is Dreb's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Mirror Shield: A mirror like sheild that can reflect an attack back to the opponent that shot it. This is Dreb's first buyable weapon.
  • Gravity Defier:  A magnet that can defy the opponent's gravitation. It will float above the opponent and make them lose all gravity in their body, making them float off the screen. This is Dreb's second buyable weapon.
  • Spring Boots: A pair of boots that have springs on the bottoms of them. Dreb can use these to stomp on top of opponents. They are handy to reach high places. This is Dreb's third buyable weapon.
  • BOOMerang: A boomerang with a time bomb stuck to it. It can be thrown at foes after being turned on, and blows up after about ten seconds. Just pray that it's not near you when it explodes. This is Dreb's final buyable weapon.
  • Light Sketch Pen: A magic pen that writes in light turns into a powerful Light Weapon. It can turn into either a Light Hammer, Light Blade, or Light Bomb.

  • Hyperjump Arm: An arm shaped pretty much like Logo's tiny Luma hands. It lets him attack using a Falcon Pawnch-like punch. This is Logo's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Cosmos Laser: A laser cannon from space! It lets Logo shoot out a large beam, giving high damage with low knockback to enemies in the way. This is Logo's first buyable weapon.
  • TBA: TBA
  • Hyperjump Blade: A blade that can be swung at high speeds. This combined with Logo's ability to hyperjump allows for devastating attacks. This is Logo's third buyable weapon.
  • TBA: TBA
  • Hyperjump Bomb: Logo's Final Weapon, it is a bomb that can explode all over the place by teleporting, thus being completely devastating.


  • Giga Bombs: A bunch of large bombs that can be charged to get even bigger. They do devastating damage, but it's a pretty slow attack. This is Biel's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Shy Wings: A simple pair of wings that, while not doing much attack power, allow Biel to fly up, reaching normally inaccessible things. This is Biel's first buyable weapon.
  • Arctic Icicle: A normal icicle that Biel uses as a blade. It freezes foes, and can put out fires. This is Biel's second buyable weapon.
  • Spothun Orbitars: A set of electrical orbitars that can shock enemies from far distances. This is Biel's third buyable weapon.
  • Wiimote Gyro: A gyro that Biel can spin on top of, ramming into enemies while on it. This is Biel's fourth buyable weapon.
  • Spriteblock: A block that turns all enemies into 8bit versions of themselves when hit from underneath. This is Biel's final buyable weapon.


  • Spell Book: A simple ancient book with even more ancient transcriptions in it. Shouting said transcriptions lets Rick use a variety of magics, including fire, electric, wind, dark, and ice. This is Rick's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Ancient Blade: A blade passed down through generations. Not exactly sure if it was passed down directly to Rick, but he still makes a fine swordsman with it. It doesn't really have any special abilities. This is Rick's first buyable weapon.
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • Titan Hammer: Rick's Final Weapon, it is a gigantic hammer that can be slammed down on opponents. It also produces shockwaves where it hits, damaging the opponent even further.


  • Fire Wand: A wand made to resemble that of a certain fire-type witch from a distant place. It can shoot out simple flames, but can be charged for larger, stronger attacks. This is Fenn's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Motherboard: A motherboard to a computer, used by Fenn to slam down on foes. Personally, I think it's a waste of a computer, but whatever floats his boat. This is Fenn's first buyable weapon.
  • Thundersmash: A simple attack that makes lightning strike in front of you. This is Fenn's second buyable...weapon, I guess...?
  • Dynamite: A stick of dynamite that is overpraised by Fenn. It can be thrown in an arc, blowing anything it hits after landing up. This is Fenn's third buyable weapon.
  • Supposed Stupidity: Another simple attack that makes the opponents think Fenn's helpless...until they get close. Then Fenn throws a fury of punches, kicks, stuff of the like, until the foe is down for the count. This is Fenn's final buyable weapon.
  • Psyblast: Fenn's Final Weapon, it is yet another attack that shoots a blast of psychic energy forward. This can be charged up, and at maximum charge it takes up the whole battleground.


  • Golem Hammer: A hammer carried around by Golom, which he uses to simply batter enemies. He can also break boulders and push down stakes with it. This is Golom's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Dragon Cannon: A cannon that shoots flames out of its core. It can be aimed all around, making it more than just a flamethrower. This is Golom's first buyable weapon.
  • Gum Whip: A whip with gum at the end of it. ...Gross. Anyway, it sticks to enemies, allowing for endless pulverizing. This is Golom's second buyable weapon.
  • Shy Guy Minion: A little Shy Guy that goes around, attacking for Golom. It has a separate HP bar, so don't worry about it dying, as it'll just respawn eventually. This is Golom's third buyable weapon.
  • Gigantic Axe: A large axe that can be spun around, defeating enemies and cutting down trees. This is Golom's final buyable weapon.
  • Star Hammer: Golom's Final Weapon, it is a large hammer (not unlike Rick's Final Weapon, as Golom's probably just stealing the idea) that has the force of his three actual weapons combined, making it one of the strongest weapons in the game.


  • Darkness Blade: A blade imbued with darkness. It gives a darkness effect to enemies, blabity blah. Been there, done that. Honestly it's a wonder the little guy can even pick it up. This is Goomy's main weapon, and his only starter weapon.
  • Darkness Bow: A bow that's pretty much the same as the Darkness Blade, but in a different form. This is Goomy's first buyable weapon.
  • Dark Portal: A portal made out of pure darkness, which allows Goomy to teleport around. This is Goomy's second buyable weapon.
  • Goo Bomb: A bomb that, when thrown, throws goo everywhere, which enemies tend to get stuck in. This is Goomy's third buyable weapon.
  • Gale Sword: A sword that can produce winds, blowing opponents back. This is Goomy's final buyable weapon.
  • Mega Portal: Goomy's Final Weapon, it is a large portal, which sucks all enemies nearby into another dimension. This affects other players, too, so watch out.

*Biel is the only character to not have a Final Weapon.

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