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Developer(s) Zentech Studios New Logo
Publisher(s) Zentech Studios New Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System, <insert any other console here>
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Genre(s) RPG
Series Vestibulum
Media Included NRS Disk, <insert other form of game here>
Vestibulum is an RPG game developed by a multitude of companies, and published by Zentech Studios. It is the first in the Vestibulum series, and takes place on the planet of Mirato; the planet in the Fantendoverse that is inhabited by the users.


Welcome to the Fantendoverse, home to many beings, planets, etc. We could go into details about everything, but that would take forever, so I'll cut it short, and bring you to the planet where our story unfolds: the planet of Mirato. This planet is home to beings that can manipulate the matter around them (to an extent), and take the form of whatever they wish. On the planet itself, the beings refer to each other as one would refer to its peers (using the word "people"), but throughout the rest of the Fantendoverse, they are looked up to - to an extent - as beings underneath the gods, but above all others. Thus, their somewhat fitting title as "users".

More to come...




A quiet, somewhat calm Popopo that tries to get the job done his way, without taking much feedback. He uses his weapons to attack, as well as his fire and mirror elements.
« Vestibulum »
A rather friendly human who was mysteriously teleported to Mirato. Even though he's full of bad puns, he can be pretty helpful. He is a bulky sweeper of sorts who attacks with various weapons.
« Vestibulum »
A lazy blob that uses the computer for everything, including games and school. He ideally uses electrical tools for attacking.
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
A communistic Luma that was granted sysop powers quite recently, which allow him to do more than most. However, he's sorta forced to be a good guy with these powers in hand.
« Vestibulum »
A really nice guy that tends to drink a bit too much caffeine. He's really good at doing stuff, and is willing to help out where he needs to.
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
A smart-talking necromancer, Dark likes to joke around but is always there to help his friends.
« Vestibulum »
An optimistic boy with a taste for adventures and fun! He gets scared easily and is not much of a fighter. But he's always willing to help his friends!

How to Unlock: TBA
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
A ridiculously over-the-top fellow who is always glued to a computer. His talent for puns, roleplaying, and jumping over stuff serves him well.

How to Unlock: Defeat a Corrupt Ancient
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
« Vestibulum »
An 11 year old who's been all over the place. He is a nice guy at heart, but when his friends are in danger, he doesn't hesitate to attack.

How to Unlock: Defeat YGT
« Vestibulum »
A standalone prankster that really knows how to get the job done. His methods, though...are a bit lackluster. But, he's willing to help save the planet from the White Void, so he's a good guy to have help out.

How to Unlock: Unlock 5 other characters
« Vestibulum »
A female fighter, always wearing extremely durable-yet-thin armor underneath a cloak. She's happy almost all the time, but as you can't see her face very well underneath the cloak, she shows her emotions through words. She only trusts certain people in the party, though. But she makes pretty good cakes!

How to Unlock: Recruit her in the Recruitment Centre
« Vestibulum »
An artist with a great sense of adventure, as well as a knack for using most weapon types. He doesn't have a problem with getting himself into situations, as he always manages to get out of them, be it on his own or with help.

How to Unlock: TBA
« Vestibulum »
A traveler from another dimension, with the ability to hyperjump (basically teleporting). He studies the cosmos on a daily basis, and is oftentimes caught staring into space.
« Vestibulum »

How to Unlock: Defeat UMG as White
« Vestibulum »
A nice guy who happens to be really social. While he tends to be clumsy sometimes, he almost always knows what he's doing. It's just a matter of doing it without making a minor mistake.
« Vestibulum »
A young, playful kid that doesn't really take much seriously...and isn't that smart...and begs for sysop powers from the government a lot...but he's somewhat good with computers, so that's a plus...right?
« Vestibulum »
A silent guy that shows little to no emotion. Makes you wonder if he's a robot sometimes...
« Vestibulum »
A rather strange "dragon" who enjoys being strange at the most random times. He can make this goo come out from underneath him, which sounds gross in context, but actually looks pretty cool.
« Vestibulum »


An interdimensional traveler that's also part of the UIB. He only pops in the base for moments at a time, simply to say something (usually unimportant), and leave again. However, he's quite useful in battle, as he can take out enemies for you as a summon-of-sorts.
An alternate-dimension copy of Catsnake. While he doesn't seem to be the most trustworthy, he's willing to trade items and weapons in exchange for Mirakens.
A really good chef, who owns a shop in the town plaza. She also has a training arena in the back, which she secretly uses herself from time to time. When she's recruited for the team, her role as a chef is filled by Forta.
A young baker that takes Asuna's place in the cake shop in town plaza when Asuna joins the group. He thinks he's not as good as Asuna, as he won't use anything with chocolate in it, but he makes up for it in the fact that he'll bake any two ingredients together, rather than just one.


A seemingly evil Waddle Dee with the goal of unleashing the White Void on Mirato. His ideas are that he'll be able to wipe anything of his choosing off the face of the planet, when in reality it destroys the whole planet, which is not something he knows.
A complete psycho that plays too many Mario games (causing him to take the form of the red plumber himself), and is always trying to start rallies against Mirato's government, which don't usually work. He's got some sort of problem with one of the government officials, and seems to target them more than anyone else. His methods are a bit lackluster, and TNG only hired him because of his pure determination to cause grief to others.


See: Vestibulum/Weapons


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