Vesta is a cursed Pikachu and is the main character of the Vesta series.


Newborn in the Village of Thunder

When he was just a newborn, red lightning striked Vesta. Red lightning usually gives good new powers, but Vesta was not ready to even attack with lightning yet. Pikachus need to be able to use lightning powers before they can be granted such new powers by red lightning. It cursed Vesta from using any powers Pikachus use (lighting, very fast, etc.). He was banished from the public, inside isolation, underground. One day, Pononjinxer destroyed the village, and Vesta was sent, captured into Cornon Falls. But a Clafairy enchanted hidden energy inside Vesta to let him stand on 2 legs. Going through, and the help of Badges, Vesta would be using his powers once more, and some banned from Pikachus, like fire or water.

Helping the Stuck in the Mirror Realm

One day while Vesta was sleeping back in his village 5 years after the first Vesta game, black lightning struck most of the villagers. Only 4 villagers remained; Vesta, the sage, Buck, and Rachuu. They told Vesta he must bring back all the missing villagers. Using spells to get to other realms, he rescues more and more villagers, until Pononjinxer is angered his plan is foiled, and does a direct attack on the village, without his minions. He in fact kills his own minions out of anger! In a final battle, Vesta uses new badges to defeat him.

Upcoming Adventure

In V3, Vesta will be meeting new creatures the world has never seen before. It will also give Vesta numerous power-ups with badges from the creatures. One would be the Parapika badge that gives him wings.

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