Full Name Vertigo
Current Age 25
Date of Birth February 18
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Species New Human
Location Pader City?
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero
Height 6'1"
Vertigo is a character who first appeared in Tessellate: Mind Games. He is a pretentious, greedy, and morally incorrect wealthy bureaucrat who inherited his fortune from the arranged passing of his ex-wife.


History with Ice Breaker

Vertigo and Ice Breaker have a complicated past together. They used to be lovers, while he had ulterior motives to extract her DNA in order to create a robotic super clone which would be indestructible. However, she discovered his plan, and without telling him, she left.


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Vertigo is very selfish and greedy, and often complains if he doesn't get his own way. He is quite spoilt due to his fortune, and lacks morals and common decency. He finds the misfortune of others to be humorous, and thrives off of it. He also expects everyone to conform in his presence.


Vertigo has many abilities. He is big in size, so he can deal great amounts of damage with physical punches. He can also fly using his jet pack, as well as other inventions he has managed to purchase with his vast fortune, such as swords, lances, and his signature weapon, being mechanical wings that shoot out quills at enemies like a gun. 


Tessellate: Mind Games

Vertigo makes his playable debut in Mind Games.


Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is an ex-lover of Vertigo, and left him after learning of his plans to create a robotic clone of her.