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Versus Planet logo

Versus Planet is a 3D action fighting umbrella game co-developed by Existence Software and Spike Chunsoft. Versus Planet utilizes similar gameplay and engine to J-Stars Victory VS, a previous fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft featuring characters from the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, from which several characters return as playable characters.

There are currently no plans for a direct sequel.


Versus Planet allows up to four fighters and two support characters battle it out in battle arenas with destructible environments. Fighters can move around on a three-dimensional plane, and formulate plans around the stage layouts.

In order to claim victory in a Versus Planet battle, fighters must deplete enemy HP bars in order to get a point and fill a gauge on the victory gauge. Upon completely filling the victory gauge - usually partitioned into two or three sections - the team that does so first claims victory over the battle; ending it. Fighters are separated into teams; by default the Red and Blue Teams each consisting of two fighters and a support character each.

The number of hits made in a single combo is shown, and gives the team that dealt the combo VP - Versus Points - equal to that of the combos. Upon reaching 50 VP, the team can activate a special Versus Pop, which grants the team a higher absorption rate for attacks - hence lowering the amount of damage taken from attacks - and granting more strength to deal more damage. This lasts for fifteen seconds, and in that time the team members can use a special attack to deal massive damage; expected to be used as a finishing blow. All team members must cooperate in order to activate the Versus Pop, though if a team has a computer-controlled fighter, then they will activate the ability as soon as they are able to.


Mario's Arc

Upon once again rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, Mario watches as his archenemy jumps through a Warp Pipe, that slowly begins to descend into the floor. Curious, Mario follows him through the pipe, and finds himself in a bright white area.

Ichigo's Arc

Medaka's Arc

Homura's Arc


Battle Characters

The term "Battle Character" refers to the main participants in Verus Planet battles, and as such the main playable characters in the game. There are four default characters with the rest needing to be purchased in The Hub, and credits can be earned via the game's story mode. These four default characters are Ichigo Kurosaki, Mario, Medaka Kurokami, and Homura Akemi.
Ika Inkling
Versus Planet - Agent 3 logo
In her journey to become the 'freshest, this Inkling stumbled upon Cap'n Cuttlefish and his knowledge that the Octarians stole the Great Zapfish powering Inkopolis. Under the guise of Agent 3, the Inkling works to save Inkopolis and defeat the Octarians threatening her home once more.

Agent 3 is portrayed by:

Allen Walker 16 - DGrayMan
Versus Planet - Allen Walker logo
Born with an anti-Akuma weapon his hand, Allen Walker is an exorcist working with the Black Order to take down the Akuma created by the Millennium Earl. Cross Marian took the boy in after the death of Mana Walker, and trainer Allen to hone his powers. In actuality, Allen serves as the host for the former fourteenth member of the Family of Noah: Nea Walker.

Allen Walker is portrayed by:
Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese) || Todd Haberkorn (English)

Arale - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Arale Norimaki logo
Arale Norimaki may look like a young, nearsighted girl, but is in fact a nearsighted robot made by the genius Senbei Norimaki. Dr. Norimaki created Arale to completely emulate the personality of a young child; having little common sense while being naive and extremely energetic. Despite this, Arale shows immense superhuman strength, yet the citizens of Penguin Village see her as nothing more than a normal girl.

Arale Norimaki is portrayed by:
Mami Koyama (Japanese) || Meredith McCoy (English)

Asuna render
Versus Planet - Asuna logo
Despair strikes at any time, even when it isn't even in sight. Asuna, like many others, became trapped in Aincrad after the launch of Sword Art Online. She barricaded herself in a room for a week, afraid of dying within the game, but soon fell claim to despair. Then she met her hope in Kirito, and the two are now infatuated with each other.

Asuna is portrayed by:
Tomatsu Haruka (Japanese) || Cherami Leigh (English)

Versus Planet - Bowser logo
The evil King Bowser of the Koopa Troop has a habit of kidnapping princesses; specifically Princess Peach. A strange creature, he harbours many different abilities, though his plans are always stopped by Mario. Bowser may not look like he's physically fit, what with such a large frame, but his power and speed are unmatched.

Bowser is portrayed by:
Kenny James

Brad Armstrong
Versus Planet - Brad Armstrong logo
A great White Flash tore apart humanity, drastically changing history. For whatever reason, reality was shifted, and all women dropped dead; except for one. Brad Armstrong, once a karate teacher, rescued a young girl and cared for her until she was kidnapped by the Rando army. Now he fights to save her, while trying to resist the call of the Joy drug he was once addicted to.

Brad Armstrong is portrayed by:

Buzzo sprite
Versus Planet - Buzzo logo
Lisa Armstrong lived in an oppressive environment where her father and (unwillingly) her brother both raped her. Escaping from her room every night, she met Bernard. Bernard and Lisa concocted a plan to mutilate Lisa to the point where neither her brother nor father would rape her; though that never came to fruition. After she committed suicide, Buzzo was born, and worked on Project Joy, and became revered through Olathe after the White Flash for distributing the Joy.

Buzzo is portrayed by:

DK Strong
Versus Planet - Donkey Kong logo
Donkey Kong lives, breathes and saves bananas. From the clutches of the Kremling Krew and their ruler, King K. Rool, he has saved DK Island from their 'klutches'. Even long after the Kremling Krew has abandoned DK Island, Donkey Kong must fight to keep his banana hoard safe from harm, whether it be from hypnotized animals or from viking invaders.

Donkey Kong is portrayed by:

Mighty Hercules render
Versus Planet - Hercules logo
When the kingdom of Caledon is threatened by evil, one can always count on the legendary hero Hercules coming to save the day. Using his magic ring, Hercules is granted superhuman strength and Murtis' Mask of Vulcan, Hercules is capable of defeating any villain, no matter how strong.

Hercules is portrayed by:
Jimmy Tapp

Versus Planet - Homura Akemi logo
Intelligent, athletic, beautiful, and distant. All of these words can be used to describe Homura Akemi, whose mysterious nature draws attention to her. Unbeknownst to the other students of Mitakihara Middle School, she is a cursed magical girl; forced to watch her friends die over and over and being unable to change anything no matter how many times she tries. Her nonchalant mask is actually a facade for a decaying mind, slowly driven to insanity by her friendship with a certain pink-haired girl destined for death.

Homura Akemi is portrayed by:
Chiwa Saitou (Japanese) || Cristina Vee (English)

Ichigo Kurosaki - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Ichigo Kurosaki logo
When a strange beast threatened his sister, Ichigo Kurosaki stepped in. Borrowing Rukia Kuchiki's powers, he became a substitute Soul Reaper and was tasked with sealing Hollows that plagued the Earth, sending the mutated Human souls back to Hueco Mundo where they are unable to harm those living and unliving. Using his Zanpakutō, Zangetsu, Ichigo fights not for the sense of victory but in order to protect those he cares for. With great Spiritual Pressure powering him up, Ichigo Kurosaki can absorb some of the damage he sustains. Ichigo can power up his Zanpakutō using his Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu, making him faster and stronger but will damage him once his Bankai ends.

Ichigo Kurosaki is portrayed by:
Masakazu Morita (Japanese) || Johnny Yong Bosch (English)

Ryotsu - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Kankichi Ryotsu logo
Kankichi Ryotsu is the thirty-six year old Head Patrol Officer of Katsushika, who works in the police box near Kameari Park. Ryo-san is the biggest otaku the world has ever known, interested in collectibles, models, and video games; but he's also quite the drinker and gambler in his spare time.

Kankichi Ryotsu is portrayed by:
LaSalle Ishii

Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach
Versus Planet - Kenpachi Zaraki logo
As per the Soul Society's 3rd Captain Qualification Trial, Kenpachi Zaraki's murder of the previous captain of the 11th Division, Kenpachi Kiganjō, in a single blow earned him both the titles of "captain" and "Kenpachi". Upon becoming the captain of the 11th Division, he instated his adopted daughter, Yachiru Kusajishi as his lieutenant, and the two are rarely seen apart. Kenpachi Zaraki fights in close combat with his Zanpakutō, using his brute force and spiritual power to overcome his enemies.

Yachiru Kusajishi, though not considered a Battle Character in her own right, aids Kenpachi Zaraki in some of his attacks.

Kenpachi Zaraki is portrayed by:
Fumihiko Tachiki (Kenpachi) / Hisayo Mochizuki (Yachiru) (Japanese) || Patrick Seitz (Kenpachi) / Dina Sherman (Yachiru) (English)

Kirito render
Versus Planet - Kirito logo
10,000 people were trapped within the first VRMMORPG upon its launch, and it was thanks to this one man that those who survived were finally freed from their prison. Kirigaya Kazuto, under his username Kirito, climbed to fame by defeating the game's development director, and ending Sword Art Online forever.

Kirito is portrayed by:
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese) || Bryce Papenbrook (English)

Komaru Naegi DRAE render
Versus Planet - Komaru Naegi logo
Komaru Naegi is the younger sister of Makoto Naegi who was imprisoned by Ultimate Despair as part of Monokuma's first motive for the Ultimates imprisoned within Hope's Peak Academy. She was freed, unintentionally, by a gang of Monokuma robots and escaped with the help of Future Foundation and Byakuya Togami. Her unfortunate escape by several late members of Future Foundation ended up getting her caught by a gang of children calling themselves the "Warriors of Hope" and their servant Nagito Komaeda, who decide to make her a part of their "demon" hunting game.

Komaru Naegi is portrayed by:
Aya Uchida (Japanese) || Cherami Leigh (English)

Korosensei - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Koro-sensei logo
A genetically modified being claiming to be the one who destroyed roughly 70% of the moon, he said to do the same to the Earth should he not be killed within a year's time. In this year's time, he took up the wish of his lover to teach her class: Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High. Upon starting the school year, his students gave him the name he would become known as to those aware of his existence: Koro-sensei. Able to move at Mach 20 speeds and with eight near-invincible tentacles, Koro-sensei borders the title of "indestructible"; and yet believes his students, those ridiculed by both the staff and students of Kunugigaoka Junior High, to be able to complete the task of assassinating the best teacher they've ever had.

Koro-sensei is portrayed by:
Jun Fukuyama (Japanese) || Sonny Strait (English)

King K. Rool
Versus Planet - K Rool logo

K Rool is portrayed by:

LinkSSBV Full
Versus Planet - Link logo
The reincarnation of the goddess Hylia's Chosen Hero, Link holds the power of the Triforce of Courage imbued within his fist. Continually reincarnated as evil plagues the land of Hyrule, Link's soul never rests as he is called into action against demons time and time again. A hero who chooses to remain silent, Link and his reincarnations all wield the Master Sword or variations thereof.

Link is portrayed by:
Akira Sasanuma

Tales of Xillia 2 - Ludger Kresnik
Versus Planet - Ludger Will Kresnik logo

Ludger Will Kresnik is portrayed by:

Luigi MP9
Versus Planet - Luigi logo
Mario and his brother travelled to the Mushroom Kingdom through a hidden Warp Pipe, and their lives were forever changed. While Mario became Princess Peach's hero, Luigi was overshadowed. He grew fame in the kingdom after rescuing Mario from the clutches of King Boo.

Luigi is portrayed by:
Charles Martinet

Versus Planet - Mario logo
Mario, once a plumber from Brooklyn, fell through a Warp Pipe and landed in the Mushroom Kingdom. He and his brother now serve Princess Peach, saving her from the clutches of the evil King Bowser, their plumbing days long behind them.

Mario is portrayed by:
Charles Martinet

Medaka Kurokami - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Medaka Kurokami logo

Medaka Kurokami is portrayed by:

Nube - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Meisuke Nueno logo

Meisuke Nueno is portrayed by:

Versus Planet - Mike logo

Mike is portrayed by:

Luffy - One Piece Unlimited World Red
Versus Planet - Monkey D Luffy logo

Monkey D Luffy is portrayed by:

Papyrus from undertale render by nibroc rock-d9c1tak
Versus Planet - Papyrus logo

Papyrus is portrayed by:

Phoenix Wright UMvC3
Versus Planet - Phoenix Wright logo
Phoenix Wright is a renowned defence attorney whose fame comes from always being able to see through lies and discover the real culprit for the case; even should that man be his defendant. As Phoenix is barely a lawyer, he relies heavily on luck to close the cases he becomes a part of; a same luck that often backfires on him eventually.

Phoenix Wright is portrayed by:
Takayuki Kondo (Japanese) || Ben Judd (English)

Ace - One Piece Unlimited World Red
Versus Planet - Portgas D Ace logo

Portgas D Ace is portrayed by:
Toshio Furukawa (Japanese) || Travis Willingham (English)

Zoro - One Piece Unlimited World Red
Versus Planet - Roronoa Zoro logo

Roronoa Zoro is portrayed by:
Kazuya Nakai (Japanese) || Christopher Sabat (English)

Ruby Rose JP
Versus Planet - Ruby Rose logo

Ruby Rose is portrayed by:
Saori Hayami (Japanese) || Lindsay Jones (English)

Rukia Kuchiki - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Rukia Kuchiki logo
Rukia Kuchiki is a Soul Reaper adopted into the powerful Kuchiki family as the 'brother' of Byakuya Kuchiki. Under command of Jūshirō Ukitake, Rukia works as the lieutenant of the Soul Society's 13th Division, and is based in the hometown of Ichigo Kurosaki and friends: Karakura Town. A master of the Kidō arts, Rukia focuses on using these, alongside her Zanpakutō Sode no Shirayuki, whilst in a battle. Sode no Shirayuki is imbued with ice-based powers, which acts as a counter to her mastery of Hadō #73: Sōren Sōkatsui.

Rukia Kuchiki is portrayed by:
Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese) || Michelle Ruff (English)

Saeko Busujima render
Versus Planet - Saeko Busujima logo

Saeko Busujima is portrayed by:
Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese) || Taylor Hannah (English)

Versus Planet - Sakura Ogami logo
A woman who holds the title of "Ultimate Martial Artist", Sakura Ogami, also known in various online circles as "Ogre", has a frightening exterior but a soft spot for those who care back for her. Sakura is loyal to her clan, and would do anything to protect them; including betraying her own friends. Though at the same time she is quite honourable, and will do anything to beg for forgiveness; even suicide if need be.

Sakura Ogami is portrayed by:
Kujira (Japanese) || Rachel Robinson (English)

Versus Planet - Sayaka Miki logo

Sayaka Miki is portrayed by:
Eri Kitamura (Japanese) || Sarah Williams (English)

Seiya - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Seiya logo

Seiya is portrayed by:
Masakazu Morita (Japanese) || Illich Guardiola (English)

Suzuha Amane - SteinsGate
Versus Planet - Suzuha Amane logo
During the summer of 2010, a girl was hired by one Yuugo Tennouji. Suzu Hashida is a physically active person who enjoys sports more than many other things... or so it seemed. To the Future Gadget Lab members, she reveals that she is in fact a time traveller - Suzuha Amane - who came from 2036 to find her father and change the course of history.

Suzuha Amane is portrayed by:

Toriko - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Toriko logo

Toriko is portrayed by:
Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese) || Ian Sinclair (English)

Tsuna and Reborn - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Tsuna & Reborn logo

Tsuna & Reborn is portrayed by:
Yukari Kokubun (Tsuna) / Neeko (Reborn)

Vibri - Vib-Ribbon
Versus Planet - Vibri logo

Vibri is portrayed by:

Versus Planet - Wario logo

Wario is portrayed by:
Charles Martinet

Yang Xiao Long JP
Versus Planet - Yang Xiao Long logo

Yang Xiao Long is portrayed by:
Ami Koshimizu (Japanese) || Barbara Dunkelman (English)

Yoshi logo

Yoshi is portrayed by:
Kazumi Totaka

Youka Naze render
Versus Planet - Youka Naze logo

Youka Naze is portrayed by:
Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese) || Kara Greenberg (English)

Zebra - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Zebra logo

Zebra is portrayed by:
Kenji Matsuda

Hitoyoshi Zenkichi render
Versus Planet - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi logo

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is portrayed by:
Yuuki Ono (Japanese) || Andrew Love (English)

Zoey TDRotI
Versus Planet - Zoey logo

Zoey is portrayed by:
Barbara Mamabolo

Support Characters

The term "Support Character" refers to the secondary participants in the Versus Planet battles, that can be spawned in the middle of any battle should a support character be chosen before the battle. There are four default characters with the rest needing to be purchased in The Hub, and credits can be earned via the game's story mode. These four default characters are Rando, Xenomorph, Sinon, and Moeka Kiryū.
Ajeet Mandeep
Versus Planet - Ajeet Mandeep logo
Ajeep Mandeep is the Punjabi Playboy Prince of Olathe. Strongly opinionated, he's not afraid of pointing his fingers at those who do wrong, and has done so so many times that his fingers have been granted supernatural powers. With his Finger Beam ability, he is sure to destroy those who want to fight him.

Ajeet Mandeep is portrayed by:

Yoshii Akihisa - Baka and Test
Versus Planet - Akihisa Yoshii logo
Dense and dumb; those are the only two words you need to describe Akihisa Yoshii. He's got the lowest grades in the entirety of Fumizuki Academy; so low in fact that he is the sole Probationary Student in the school. As a Probationary Student, Aki's avatar has the unique ability to handle physical objects, and does so with superhuman strength. It's a shame, then, that this ability goes to waste because of Aki's stupidity and inability to actually command his avatar to fight.

Akihisa Yoshii is portrayed by:
Hiro Shimono (Japanese) || Josh Grelle (English)

Shinozaki Ayumi - Corpse Party
Versus Planet - Ayumi Shinozaki logo

Ayumi Shinozaki is portrayed by:
Asami Imai

Blake Belladonna JP
Versus Planet - Blake Belladonna logo

Blake Belladonna is portrayed by:

Boa Hancock - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Boa Hancock logo

Boa Hancock is portrayed by:

Versus Planet - Bowser Jr. logo

Bowser Jr. is portrayed by:

Burger King tricycle racer
Burger King logo

Burger King is portrayed by:

Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman logo

Captain Caveman is portrayed by:

Charlie Brown - Peanuts 2015
Versus Planet - Charlie Brown logo

Charlie Brown is portrayed by:
Noah Schnapp

Chie Satonaka
Versus Planet - Chie Satonaka logo

Chie Satonaka is portrayed by:
Yui Horie (Japanese) || Erin Fitzgerald (English)

Clover 999
Versus Planet - Clover logo

Clover is portrayed by:
Yukari Tamura (Japanese) || Wendee Lee (English)

Holy creeper by elesis knight-d51c8sj
Versus Planet - Creeper logo

Creeper is portrayed by:

Edward Richtofen Origins
Versus Planet - Edward Richtofen logo

Edward Richtofen is portrayed by:
Nolan North

Faith Connors - Mirrors Edge Catalyst render
Versus Planet - Faith Connors logo

Faith Connors is portrayed by:

Faris NyanNyan - SteinsGate
Versus Planet - Faris Nyannyan logo

Faris Nyannyan is portrayed by:

Hyrule Warriors Ganon
Versus Planet - Ganondorf logo

Ganondorf is portrayed by:

Hansode Shiranui - Medaka Box
Versus Planet - Hansode Shiranui logo

Hansode Shiranui is portrayed by:

Harigane Onigase render
Versus Planet - Harigane Onigase logo

Harigane Onigase is portrayed by:

Hokuto render
Versus Planet - Hokuto logo

Hokuto is portrayed by:
Chika Fujimura (Japanese) || Brina Palencia (English)

Hong Kong Phooey
Hong Kong Phooey logo

Hong Kong Phooey is portrayed by:

Jaguar Junichi - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Jaguar Junichi logo

Jaguar Junichi is portrayed by:

Tales of Xillia 2 - Jude Mathis
Versus Planet - Jude Mathis logo

Jude Mathis is portrayed by:

Joust Knight and Ostrich
Versus Planet - Knight logo

Knight is portrayed by:

Versus Planet - Kyoko Kirigiri logo

Kyoko Kirigiri is portrayed by:

L Lawliet
Versus Planet - L Lawliet logo

L Lawliet is portrayed by:

Lee Ping skateboard - Detentionaire
Versus Planet - Lee Ping logo

Lee Ping is portrayed by:

Lenalee Lee 16 - DGrayMan
Versus Planet - Lenalee Lee logo

Lenalee Lee is portrayed by:

Versus Planet - Light Yagami logo

Light Yagami is portrayed by:

Makina Hoshimura render
Versus Planet - Makina Hoshimura logo

Makina Hoshimura is portrayed by:
Nana Akiyama (Japanese) || Luci Christian (English)

Misogi Kumagawa - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Misogi Kumagawa logo

Misogi Kumagawa is portrayed by:

Mizuki Himeji - Baka and Test
Versus Planet - Mizuki Himeji logo

Mizuki Himeji is portrayed by:
Hitomi Harada (Japanese) || Alexis Tipton (English)

Moeka Kiryu - SteinsGate
Versus Planet - Moeka Kiryu logo

Moeka Kiryū is portrayed by:

Monokuma DR1
Versus Planet - Monokuma logo

Monokuma is portrayed by:

Neuro Nogami - J-Stars render
Versus Planet - Neuro Nogami logo

Neuro Nōgami is portrayed by:

Quick Draw McGraw
Quick Draw McGraw logo

Quick Draw McGraw is portrayed by:

Rando sprite
Versus Planet - Rando logo

Rando is portrayed by:

Road Kamelot and Lero - DGrayMan
Versus Planet - Road Kamelot logo

Road Kamelot is portrayed by:

Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo Mysery Incorporated
Scooby-Doo logo

Scooby-Doo is portrayed by:

Sinon render
Versus Planet - Sinon logo

Sinon is portrayed by:

Snoopy - Peanuts 2015
Versus Planet - Snoopy logo

Snoopy is portrayed by:
Bill Melendez

Squid Sisters
Versus Planet - Squid Sisters logo

Squid Sisters is portrayed by:

Terry Hintz
Versus Planet - Terry Hintz logo

Terry Hintz is portrayed by:

Weiss Schnee JP
Versus Planet - Weiss Schnee logo

Weiss Schnee is portrayed by:

Xenomorph Isolation
Versus Planet - Xenomorph logo

Xenomorph is portrayed by:

HW Zelda Polished Rapier
Versus Planet - Zelda logo

Zelda is portrayed by:

Other Characters

Versus Planet's story mode features several non-playable characters. While they do not play a large role in the plot, they reside across the overworld map at various locations. These characters are the givers of various quests and can be spoken to to have conversations between party members and the characters that appear.
Versus Planet NPC - Itami Koga
Itami Koga
Medaka Box
Versus Planet NPC - Maguro Kurokami
Magami Kurokami
Medaka Box
Versus Planet NPC - Kouki Akune
Kouki Akune
Medaka Box
Versus Planet NPC - Mogana Kikaijima
Mogana Kikaijima
Medaka Box
Versus Planet NPC - Myouri Unzen
Myouri Unzen
Medaka Box
Versus Planet NPC - Misa Amane
Misa Amane
Death Note
Versus Planet NPC - Ryuk
Death Note
Versus Planet NPC - Touta Matsuda
Touta Matsuda
Death Note
Versus Planet NPC - Rintarou Okabe
Rintarou Okabe
Versus Planet NPC - Mayuri Shiina
Mayuri Shiina
Versus Planet NPC - Kurisu Makise
Kurisu Makise
Versus Planet NPC - Itaru Hashida
Itaru Hashida
Versus Planet NPC - Yuugo Tennouji
Yuugo Tennouji
Versus Planet NPC - Biffy Goldstein
Biffy Goldstein
Versus Planet NPC - Tina Kwee
Tina Kwee
Versus Planet NPC - Camillio Martinez
Camillio Martinez
Versus Planet NPC - Holger Holgaart
Holger Holgaart
Versus Planet NPC - Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc
Versus Planet NPC - Pyrrha Nikos
Pyrrha Nikos
Versus Planet NPC - Lie Ren
Lie Ren
Versus Planet NPC - Nora Valkyrie
Nora Valkyrie
Versus Planet NPC - Ozpin
Versus Planet NPC - Lana
Legend of Zelda
Versus Planet NPC - Impa
Legend of Zelda
Versus Planet NPC - Darunia
Legend of Zelda
Versus Planet NPC - Ruto
Legend of Zelda
Versus Planet NPC - Midna
Legend of Zelda
Versus Planet NPC - Tadaomi Karasuma
Tadaomi Karasuma
Assassination Classroom
Versus Planet NPC - Irina Jelavic
Irina Jelavić
Assassination Classroom
Versus Planet NPC - Nagisa Shiota
Nagisa Shiota
Assassination Classroom
Versus Planet NPC - Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane
Assassination Classroom
Versus Planet NPC - Kaede Kayano
Kaede Kayano
Assassination Classroom
Versus Planet NPC - Yuuji Sakamoto
Yūji Sakamoto
Baka and Test
Versus Planet NPC - Minami Shimada
Minami Shimada
Baka and Test
Versus Planet NPC - Hideyoshi Kinoshita
Hideyoshi Kinoshita
Baka and Test
Versus Planet NPC - Kouta Tsuchiya
Kōta Tsuchiya
Baka and Test
Versus Planet NPC - Shouko Kirishima
Shōko Kirishima
Baka and Test
Versus Planet NPC - Madoka Kaname
Madoka Kaname
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Versus Planet NPC - Mami Tomoe
Mami Tomoe
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Versus Planet NPC - Kyoko Sakura
Kyoko Sakura
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Versus Planet NPC - Kyubey
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Versus Planet NPC - Judd
Versus Planet NPC - Cuttlefish
Cap'n Cuttlefish
Versus Planet NPC - Annie and Moe
Annie & Moe
Versus Planet NPC - Spyke
Versus Planet NPC - Peach
Princess Peach
Super Mario
Versus Planet NPC - Daisy
Super Mario
Versus Planet NPC - Toad
Super Mario
Versus Planet NPC - Toadette
Super Mario
Versus Planet NPC - Toadsworth
Super Mario
Versus Planet NPC - Elle Mel Marta
Elle Mel Marta
Tales of Xillia
Versus Planet NPC - Leia Rolando
Leia Rolando
Tales of Xillia
Versus Planet NPC - Elize Lutus
Elize Lutus
Tales of Xillia
Versus Planet NPC - Teepo
Tales of Xillia
Versus Planet NPC - McLean
Chris McLean
Total Drama
Versus Planet NPC - Chef
Chef Hatchet
Total Drama
Versus Planet NPC - Cameron
Total Drama
Versus Planet NPC - Gwen
Total Drama



In Versus Planet, there are twenty-six Stages on which fighters can battle on. These stages are based upon various locales from various gaming and animation franchises. Each stage has its own unique layout, but generally end up being a flat plane with destructible environments.
Akihabara - Steins;Gate
SteinsGate logo
Akihabara is the centre of otaku culture for the entire world is a district of Tokyo, Japan. Deep inside Akihabara lies the Future Gadget Laboratory, and the location of the first usage of successful time travel ever.

Alabasta - J-Stars
One Piece logo
A desert kingdom located in Paradise, Alabasta is located on one of the largest islands in the world. While known as Alabasta, the town itself is called Nanohana, and is a famous port town known for its many shopping venues and irresistible perfume.

Blackwood Pines - Until Dawn
Until Dawn logo
Blackwood Mountain

Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64)
Super Mario Logo
Bob-Omb Battlefield

Bowsers Castle MK8
Super Mario Logo
Bowser's Castle

Coolsonian criminology museum
Scooby-Doo logo
Coolsonian Museum

Factory Island - Detentionaire
Detentionaire logo
Factory Island

Fumizuki Academy
Baka and Test logo
Fumizuki Academy

Blood Drive HH
Corpse Party logo
Heavenly Host

Inkopolis plaza splatoon
Splatoon logo final

ISL Ragnarok - Lost City stadium
Sword Art Online logo
ISL Ragnarok

DR2 Second Island
Danganronpa logo
Jabberwock Island

Kameari Police Station - J-Stars
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo logo
Kameari Police Station

Midnight Channel - P4A
Shin Megami Tensei Persona series logo
Midnight Channel

Madoka Magica school
Puella Magi Madoka Magica logo
Mitakihara Middle School

Olathe Lisa
Lisa RPG logo

Total Drama Island logo
Pahkitew Island

Penguin Village - J-Stars
Dr Slump logo
Penguin Village

DN - Shinigami Realm
Death Note logo
Shinigami Realm

HW Skyloft
Zelda Logo

Soul Society - J-Stars
Bleach logo
Soul Society

Teddy Weddy - 1-0
1-0 logo
Teddy Weddy

Temple of Athena - J-Stars
Saint Seiya logo
Temple of Athena

Vegetable Sky - J-Stars
Toriko logo
Vegetable Sky

RWBY V3 - Festival Battleground beta
RWBY logo
Amity Colosseum

Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape
Yoshi logo
Woolly World

Story Mode Locations

In Versus Planet, there are various locations that can be visited within the game's story mode. These locations appear as small models whilst on the overworld map and, once travelled to, initiate a visual novel-esque sequence, with sprites for characters and a single background (or two, in some cases).

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