Veronica Bionica is a short anime made by CSketch based on his favorite Venezuelan book


The story focuses on "Maurice", a young 14-year old kid with a boring life in the simple town of "Superundoh", until one day while fishing, he just happens to meet "Veronica", an enthusiastic and happy girl who claims to be a super-heroinje who fights evil "Evil-ers" like "Pillow Man" and his just as evil wife "Nightmare Woman", Maurice believes her and the two go on an adventure around Superundoh to find and defeat the evil Pillow Man, however, is Pillow Man even real? Is the fantastic "Vero-Bionica" a fraud? Maurice just doesn't care, he just wants to spend as much time as possible with his new superhero friend!


Number Name Description
Episode 1 The Time Tunnel Maurice meets Veronica for the first time while fishing and she tells him about her powers and how she's on an adventure to stop the evil "Pillow Man" by using his only weakness: Frogs.
Episode 2 School Time! Maurice goes to school and we learn more about his classmates, after that he gets a visit from Veronica.
Episode 3 Pillow Man's House? Veronica takes Maurice with her in a quest to infiltrate the Pillow Man's house, in the way they talk about Superundoh's past and the reason why Maurice is scared of going through Time Tunnel after 10 AM, because of a gang of dogs that ruined his day when he was 4.
Episode 4 The Malicious Hypnotic Pillow The very next day, Veronica notices something off in her babysitter/teacher, "Begonia", and learns that she's been hypnotized by the Pillow Man, she visits Maurice and says that she invented a machine to test her evilness but that she has to test it first, so Maurice plans a scheme to get one of his friends to try it out.
Episode 5 The Not-So-Haunted Mansion Maurice puts his plan into motion with the help of Veronica and after crossing through some obstacles they finally make Silviana try it out, however, in the end will Maurice be satisfied with the results?
Episode 6 Revenge and Back-Flips? After the events of last night Maurice goes to schol once again, only to find that Silviana has turned everyone of his schoolmnates against him, after a long and depressing day of school Maurice goes back home and has a talk with his sister, who after getting his hopes up convinces him to go swim with Veronica and her in a nearby lake.

Episode 8

The Lair and The Couple Veronica finds a secret map that leads to the Pillow Man's "Ultra Secret Lair", while making a plan to sneak in and ruin his evil plan to turn everyone into "Hypno-Zombies", meanwhile Maurice's sister is tasked with saving Begonia and finds something shocking.
Episode 9 (Finale) A True Hero After the events of last night Maurice learns the truth about Veronica from Silviana and ends up looking like a fool, afer the horrible day at school Maurice gets into a fight with Veronica, however he was so distracted that he didn't notice that it was already 1 PM and that the 4 dogs that once ruined his day were back.


Name Description
Maurice Maurice is one of the main protagonists of the story, he used to have a very boring life until he met Veronica, Maurice is kind and always tries his best to be friendly.
Veronica Veronica, who prefers to be called "Vero-Bionica" by his friends, is a superhero that travels around the world beating "Evil-ers", she's very spontaneous and always likes to have fun, she claims she has many superpowers named "Supers", she's homeschooled at her very own mansion owned by his parents.
Mary Mary is Maurice's mom, she doesn't do much so she usually hangs around the house, she always likes to help her sons and tries to be as nice as possible.
Josephine Josephine is Maurice's 9 year old sister, she always carries her bunny doll around with her and loves to hang out with Veronica, she's very kind with people, especially her own bro, and just loves spending time with friends.
Prof. Godoy Godoy is a friend of Maurice's mother and Maurice's favorite teacher, he always enjoys teaching his students and isn't afraid to tell a joke or two in class.
Begonia Begonia is Veronica's babysitter/teacher, she's always kind and can go a bit anxious when things go wrong, she has a fear of bugs and frogs and always loves to help Veronica and her friends with anything she can.

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