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Vermonia is a planet located in the Otherealm, and is the home of the Daemon people from the Elementals and Daemons series.


While it is unknown if Vermonia was always capable of supporting life, it is known that the Daemons, after engaging in war with the Humans, used their knowledge of the arcane to open a rift to the Otherealm and migrate to the planet. They've lived there ever since, but a few Daemons have migrated from Vermonia back to Earth for reasons unknown...


The plant Vermonia consists of five continents; Eigoris, Shozuin, Gegron, Pragari and Auniqura. Each continent consists of countries, as well as territories, which are ruled by a monarchical House. Territories often encompass more than one country.


The largest continent, it contains two territories known as Volkahest and Fluerus; Volkahest is ruled by the House of Dreadscorch, while Fluerus is ruled by the House of Frostwind.

Eigoris is known as a continent of extremes, containing both one of the warmest places and one of the coldest places on Vermonia.

Volkahest, the Burning Prairie

Fluerus, the Great Tundra


The second-largest continent, tied in size with Gegron. It contains the territory of Atrimetius, which is ruled by the House of Sunspark.

Atrimetia, the Suntouched Paradise

Atrimetia is known for its flourishing culture; however, the territory suffers from having a virtually nonexistent military.


The second-largest continent, tied in size with Shozuin. It contains the territories of Verdanaia and Teratrimos; Verdanaia is ruled by the House of Evergreen, while Teratrimos is ruled by the House of Stonecutter.

Verdanaia, the Gleaming Valley

Teratrimos, the Grand Mountains


It contains the territory of Theara, which is ruled by the House of Shadowvane.

Theara, the Dark Province


The smallest continent, it contains the territory of Lascalia, which is ruled by the House of Silverlake.

Lascalia, the Vast Glade


Territories are areas that are ruled by a royal family, which is known as a House.

The House of Dreadscorch

The ruling family of Volkahest, the House of Dreadscorch, is known for having one of the rockiest histories of any House on Vermonia. The House of Dreadscorch has always been known for their warrior mindset, but this is not to say they were without honor.

However, the downhill slide of the House began with three princes from 500 years ago; Salzihr, Krauvahl and Fusilis Dreadscorch. With both the king and queen being old and weary, the three knew that only one of them would get to truly rule the House.

The middle prince, Salzihr, wished to abandon the ways of war and combat, and bring about an era of peace for Volkahest. As such, it is no surprise that both Krauvahl and Fusilis, who were both far more war-like than Salzihr, conspired to remove their peaceful sibling from the picture.

The House of Evergreen

The House of Frostwind

The House of Shadowvane

The House of Silverlake

The House of Stonecutter

The House of Sunspark

The House of Sunspark is known for being one of the most peaceful and diplomatic Houses on Vermonia. In fact, the current king and queen, Solastyre and Cadensia Sunspark, are known for hosting lavish parties and inviting everyone in Atrimetia to attend.


  • Daemons are often labeled by which territory they were born in. For example, Tascerund, who was born in the territory of Atrimetia, would be labeled as an Atrimetian. His actual species is Light Daemon, however.

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