A collision of unlike forces, worlds too great for words, rivaling bibles containing exquisite and heart-hammering stories... The ultimate TimeStrike/Existence Software clash is due to begin.

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Vermilion Scrap (Japanese: バーミリオンスクラップ Vermillion Scrap) is a fighting game set to be released for the Nintendo Chrome and The V² systems, set to be published by Nintendo and Toroko, respectively. It is a non-canon crossover between the properties of TimeStrike and Existence Software, both of whom being the primary developers of the game. Vermilion Scrap features fifty total characters, with the roster being evenly split between the works of TimeStrike and Existence Software.


Vermilion Scrap is a traditional sidescroller-esque fighting game, where two player fight each other by using a series of attacks that can be chained together into combos. Similarly to some of the previous entries of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Vermilion Scrap sees players taking control of three-character teams; though only one is in battle at a time, players can switch between them with a single button press. By charging up power using L2/R2 (ZL/ZR), players quickly gain the ability to use powerful combo finishers. The finisher that's used is determined solely by the player's directional input.


The story of Vermilion Scrap revolves around Bob De Bomb and Zoop-Zoop teaming up to defeat those that they believe "hog the spotlight", believing doing so will allow them to finally get the attention they "deserve".


Playable Characters

There will be a total of 50 playable characters, with 25 hailing from both companies.

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Character Overview
Bowie is the head sheriff of the Western Village, and a stern, adventurous father of two with a heart of unbreakable steel. Aggressive and headstrong, Bowie has become world-famous for his endeavors and heroic personality, and has become one of the best Zaxinian heroes in modern history. He primarily targets and battles rival Endal the Monkey for the safety of his world. Bowie can lasso and whip with his long rope, tie up his foes, and then slam them around if he wants. He can also toss his razor-sharp sheriff badges in arcs to catch overhead opponents.

Bowie attacks primarily with his whip, which he can swing around to slash opponents with. If Bowie hits with the tip, he can lasso the opponent and slam them into the ground once, twice if he's fast enough. Bowie's can only have three sheriff badges out at a time, but if they latch onto opponents, Bowie can deal some extra damage to his opponents with his Finishers.

By holding forward when doing a Finisher, Bowie will deal some real whoppin' with his rope, scarring opponents and dealing heavy damage. Strikes three times in a manner similar to a leather belt being flogged.

Holding up has Bowie bend low before swinging his rope way up into the opponent's chin or face, with all sheriff badges attached to their body going straight up into their facial region as well to deal some sweet extra damage.

Holding down when about to deal a Finisher has Bowie catch onto their body with the rope before smashing his cowboy boots into them, with his rock-solid power pushing into the skin of his opponent aggressively.

By holding the opposite direction, Bowie can turn away and blast a popgun, which deals great damage at point-blank range and is especially effective if the foe's back is turned. If they're not at point-blank range or aren't turned away, it's a weak weapon.

Vermilion Scrap user logo - Mirai Moon
Character Overview
Cardinal is a prisoner incarcerated within Guillotine's End Institution, a jail for superhumans. He is a very quiet individual, preferring to keep his past a secret from the other prisoners. What is known is that he was the first superhuman ever discovered, and it was him who spurred the building of Guillotine's End. Though considerable time has passed since he was sentenced to live within this prison and many more superhumans have been discovered, he remains as lonesome as he was during the two year time when he was the only known superhuman.

Despite having immense strength, Cardinal has a fear of using his powers and instead opts for a more self-defensive strategy. Though most of his attacks revolve around simple punches and kicks - sometimes aided by flames he can cover his body with - that doesn't mean all of them are as basic; though for most of them he prefers to use only fire to knock his foe away. His self-defensive strategy means that very few of his attacks and Finishers have great range, but Cardinal is a powerful close-ranged fighter to compensate.

When performing a forwards Finisher, Cardinal will unleash a condensed stream of fire for a few moments that, while powerful and crosses the stage, can easily be jumped over.

Holding up when performing a Finisher causes Cardinal to fire a bolt of electricity that will not damage a foe, but instead keep them in place so that Cardinal can perform a powerful lightning-infused uppercut on them assuming they're close enough.

Performing a downwards Finisher has Cardinal stomp the ground with his leg covered in fire, creating spikes of rock that jut out of the ground directly in front of him, that will quickly collapse into lava.

Holding backwards while performing a Finisher causes Cardinal to surround himself in a spiralling wind of flames for a short moment that will split into two and move back behind and in front of Cardinal a short distance before dispelling.

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Character Overview
Scotch is the established, highly intelligent leader of the Vinegar Troops, and one of the most famous Zonar generals to date. He's a collected strategist that keeps all focus on the important tasks at hand, and only chooses to fight when it's absolutely necessary. Scotch is skilled with explosives, able to launch his bombs around with ease and rapidly fire from afar. Scotch can also do uppercuts and slam his bare knuckles into his opponents. He learned these skills from his father Hershey, whom was a general before he was.

General Scotch is an offense-based character that is best at approaching his opponents quickly and having at them with his explosives and strong physical attacks. Most of his moves are basic, with simple swings of his fists, bashes from his knees, and bomb tossing all being part of his combo set. Despite having ranged options, Scotch's physical attacks deal considerably more damage and are faster at KO'ing opponents... his bombs are mostly to pressure his opponents into making moves and watching out for his sneaky assaults.

Scotch's forward Finisher has him toss three dynamite packs ahead of him at a low height and distance, each raising multi-hit fire pillars into the air that last two and a half seconds at most. The move does not cause flinching, however.

Should up be held when doing a Finisher, Scotch will take his arm back before shoving it into the air at a high velocity. If his knuckles hit, the opponent takes heavy damage and is shot upwards, and can be vulnerable to a second uppercut if the player has enough charge. However, the knuckle is hard to land, and the rest of the attack deals only moderate damage.

If down is being held when performing a Finisher, Scotch will spill gasoline all over his opponent. This deals no damage on its own, but Scotch is holding them down with his boot and stomping it into them for . If the opponent is hit with a fire attack next, they will take very heavy damage, although Scotch has only a few seconds to do it once the invincibility frames disappear.

Holding backwards when doing a Finisher has Scotch sharply turn around with a long vodka bottle, which he slams into any opponent right behind him. This only really works at point-blank range, but the damage is really high. If the bottle shatters, the pieces will be on the ground temporarily and cause little bits of damage when stepped on before they're removed from combat.

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Character Overview
BLOCKade Tokage
Tucker "Tokage" Palli is a Drailegon carpenter hailing from the country of Ancennia. Despite his appearance, Tokage has gone on a number of adventures throughout his years, though he claims that they're all just "part of [his] past", preferring to live in the present instead. It is unknown what he had to do on most of these adventures, but he is a master of many martial arts, and has control over the element of Earth. Tokage once came out of his "retirement" to assist the Sphereling species that was being decimated by alien forces, ordering those transformed - "Brickworks" - with a cool head to save the day.

Tokage is a master of several different martial arts - an exceptional feat considering his small stature, lack of any identifiable legs, and short arms - and has combined parts of them to create his own unique fighting style. For the most part, Tokage is a very physical attacker who, due to his size, is harder to hit. Tokage also wields a giant leaf, which he swings around as if it were a sword, and this aids him in reaching foes that he wouldn't be able to should he brawl bare-handed. Tokage also has a number of Qubes at his disposal, which grant him different abilities.

Holding forwards while performing a Finisher has Tokage utilize the powers of an Orange Qube. This Qube transforms him into a ball-like form, and he rushes forwards at a high speed to bowl over his opponent.

Tokage's up Finisher has him call upon a Blue Brickwork to assist him. This Blue Brickwork uses the "Crash" technique, summoning a giant wave of water to crash down on his foe. The damage is quite high, and it's a harder attack to dodge, but Tokage is left wide open for a few moments after the attack ends.

Holding down while using a Finisher causes Tokage to swing his leaf powerfully downwards to blow his foe backwards, which itself does little damage but also forcing them to switch out into one of their other two fighters.

For his backwards Finisher, Tokage jumps forwards and performs a powerful roundhouse kick while razor-sharp blades of grass swirl around him. This attack is very quick and hard to dodge when close to Tokage, which makes it a powerful and deadly attack up close, but if the move is dodged, then he is left open as an easy target.

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Character Overview
Richest person in the Zaxinian Lifts and one of its most important figures, Valerie is a seductive madwoman that lives her life for money, sardines, and lust... but mostly for the scarecrow Syi. She is known well for her flattery and openness with her people, and has gone on many adventures while keeping the government she works with nice and stable. Valerie is quick and cunning in battle, taking advantage of her looks and her unusually advanced combat techniques to throw her opponents in for a loop, even if it means she has to cheat a little!

Even though Valerie holds strong political positions within the Zaxinian Lifts, she is extremely acrobatic and talented in the heat of battle, and has many moves guaranteed to dazzle her opponents. Ms. Heartgold mostly attacks with her legs and knees in her combo attacks, but can also ram her chest into opponents to push them straight down and charge up fire around her wrists to deal extra damage if she's in the lead -- AKA having higher "ratings" than her opponents. She deals more damage when she has high ratings, but if she fails to land Finishers or is taking damage, her ratings fall and her output is weaker.

Val's forward Finisher has her flash the skintight clothes underneath her dress, which is followed up immediately by her crashing her knees into her dazzled opponent's hips at least three times, knocking them away.

Should the up Finisher be used, Valerie will jump up and jab at her opponent twelve times with her feet. Each individual attack doesn't do much, but the multi-hit move can leave quite a bruise on the foe. While it has no drawbacks to being used, it's not as strong as a typical Finisher is.

This woman's down Finisher has her wink before ducking and rising up, her full body standing straight up as she delivers a powerful uppercut that deals damage for every part of her opponent that she hits, dealing the strongest damage to their face. If she succeeds, she gets higher ratings, but this attack is somewhat laggy before it actually lands... if she fails, her ratings go down!

A press backwards for this Finisher has Valerie do a backwards flip through the air, doing this two times. The player can then choose to just let the flips commence to get a huge ratings boost, or interrupt either of her flips to head down at the opponent with a weak kick attack to get the audience to go wild. If she fails to land successfully or hit her foe, however, her ratings drop out of disappointment.

Redd and Helloon
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Character Overview
Redd is a young orphaned child whose sole memory of his now-deceased parents is the fox costume his mother once made for him. One day he purchased an odd-looking balloon which, unbeknownst to him, was actually a demon from the depths of the Earth named Helloon. While Helloon is a powerful creature, he is useless on the Earth's surface, and uses the small child as his avatar. Though Redd and Helloon have internal fights over who deserves control over former's body, Redd is also surprisingly ready to assist Helloon at times perhaps due to the demon's continued influence.

Redd and Helloon are a unique set of fighters. While Redd is the main "body" of the duo who takes the brunt of the damage, it is Helloon who performs most attacks, including the weaker physical ones. Redd and Helloon are essentially glass-cannons, as Helloon can dish out a lot of damage but Redd is unable to take much and isn't exactly the most mobile of fighters, but his smaller size makes him harder to hit.

Holding forwards while performing a Finisher has Helloon fly out of Redd's grasp and explode in a dark flash a short distance away. This is a powerful blast that deals a lot of damage but it is easy to dodge as the distance Helloon flies forwards is set to be the same each time; if too close or too far from Redd, or even behind him, then this attack can be easily dodged.

Performing an up Finisher, Helloon will fly up into the air and explode, raining down a flurry of small flames over a small area. While not the most damaging of attacks, it does keep the opponent in place if they are hit by these dollops of lava.

Holding down while performing a Finisher sees Helloon wrap himself around Redd, and then unwrapping and spinning around at a high speed while blowing out a stream of fire. This encases Redd in a spinning stream of fire that damages his opponent if they are close to him - as Helloon spins around Redd, the attack hits both sides of him - but the stream of fire is fairly short and easy to dodge.

Holding backwards while performing a Finisher has Helloon turn a black colour, which heavily increases his damage output for a short amount of time afterwards but slows the movements and attack speeds of Redd and Helloon a bit for this time.

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Character Overview
Even though he's a demon, Zonas is a frightened young lad that quivers and stammers around almost everybody he's around, and especially feels awkward around demon hunters. Born to a family of evil demons, Zonas ended up running away after he recklessly knocked an oil tower into the lake his home town owns. Having already suffered years of abuse at home, he ran away and was actively being sought by his family for the damages he's done... but in a matter of time, he killed almost all of them. Now he resides with his two girlfriends, but he's got enough in him for fighting!

Zonas isn't really a fighter by choice, but his demon powers and utilization of his paralyzing Freezer weapon can really come in handy in any battle. The limbs Zonas uses for attacking in his combos gain mouths and rough, thick skin that can prickle and damage opponents he touches. He also possesses a gun that fires out cryogenic blasts... at the end of each non-Finisher combo, Zonas fires a cryogenic blast that slightly decreases the speed of his opponent for three seconds, making getaways not all too simple. Zonas relies on being close to his opponents to dish damage, as his individual attacks are weaker than most fighters' and his Freezer is most reliable that way.

With a tap of the forward direction, Zonas' hands each turn into claws with mouths, each biting the opponent with tremendous force in his forward Finisher. These are strong, but have some start-up lag before they're executed.

Zonas' up Finisher has him fire his Freezer weapon into his opponent, and up into their neck. This will cause them to become solid ice and allow Zonas do as much damage to them as he needs within five seconds, letting him rack plenty of damage.

Zonas temporarily disguises into his opponent's clothes and mocks their voice, mimicking their down Finisher and performing it well. This can be useful if the opponent has a particular down Finisher that'd be helpful for him.

Zonas grows two long horns from the top of his head that he uses to stab opponents right behind him when the backwards Finisher is used. They deal extreme damage at the tip, although the damage isn't all too impressive of anything else of his horns hit. Players will have to time the attack just right to deal maximum damage.

Orange Yoda
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Character Overview
New Orange Yoda
Orange Yoda is the most well-known wielder of the mystical power known as The Ecrof, though this isn't for the most positive of reasons. Orange Yoda is a psychotic individual with the unique ability to travel through time, and uses these to spread his influence. Though small in stature, he is incredibly wise, deceptively so if one were to look only at his actions.

Orange Yoda wields a long orange blade of pure light that is capable of melting through most physical matter. Fortunately, in order to keep the game balanced, this blade is incapable of actually cutting through opponents directly, but it does deal a fair amount of damage. Because of his smaller size he is also fairly hard to hit, but he is also fairly slow.

If the player holds forwards while using their Finisher, Orange Yoda will attempt to perform a powerful attack: the Ecrof Choke. If Orange Yoda is directly beside his foe, he will pick them up by the throat with the Ecrof and hold them for a moment before slamming them down in the ground. Though incredibly hard to hit due to needing to be extremely close to his opponent, the attack cuts the opponent's current remaining health in half.

Holding up while the player performs a Finisher has Orange Yoda throw his blade forwards, which spins horizontally to slash through any opponent in its way. After travelling a short distance, Orange Yoda will use the Ecrof to pull it back at a high speed and perform an upwards jumping slash. The attack has great range, though the blade, when thrown, is fairly easy to dodge and deals little damage if the player is hit by it; it is the upwards slash that dishes out more damage, but again is easy to dodge since it has little range.

Holding down while performing a Finisher has Orange Yoda duck out of battle and create one of his Sockpuppet Fighters - a direct clone of the current opponent. The player is capable of controlling this new character - who has their original attacks and stats - until they switch into one of their other team members.

When holding backwards while performing a Finisher, Orange Yoda transforms into a lavender colour and is engulfed by a white glow. This temporarily tremendously increases his speed, but his attacks become slightly weaker as a result. This makes him a deadlier foe, though will revert back to normal after a few seconds or should the player switch to another team member.

Vermilion Scrap user logo - Athena Hawkins
Character Overview
Reluctance to edit any projects has often put the Zaxinian Lifts' timeline to a complete halt, and to hide from angry or disappointed fans, Athena has hidden herself in a trash bin. Ms. Hawkins unwittingly alters the flow of time and the events of the universe by constantly predicting the future... if she starts a sentence with "I sincerely predict" and follows it up with something, it will happen for real exactly one year later. Despite looking cowardly and sadistic, Ms. Hawkins has plenty of attacks underneath her trash bin, being a well-rounded fighter with surprisingly decent stats.

Athena Hawkins is an average-stat fighter that can wheel around at good speeds with her trash can. By ramming into anyone at max speed, she can knock them over and follow it up with her weak-but-effective movepool. Athena can make fists protrude from the trash can to punch opponents in her average combos, which can be used for quick jabs. With her slightly above-average speed, Athena can dash away from her opponents right after attacking, which can make it hard for them to hit her. However, Athena is completely incapable of jumping, so...

With her forward Finisher, Athena will strike her opponent many times with her fists and scorpion tail, lashing at them with all three weapons and dealing some strong damage while her head flutters about nervously. This attack works best from a distance as Athena cannot do much damage at point-blank range or keep her opponents locked into her attacks.

With her up Finisher, Athena will toss a Metallica CD either diagonally upwards or directly upwards depending on the direction the player is holding in, which can deal constant multi-hit damage to the opponent and will keep doing so until it goes all the way through.

Athena's down Finisher has her pound drums violently... violently enough to push opponents away from her regardless if they're ahead of her or behind her. This attack deals no damage unless the opponent hits the edge of the stage. The lower the distance between Athena and the wall, the more damage the attack deals.

Upon using the backwards Finisher, Athena will wheel around and stab her opponent directly with Ragnell, starting the attack from the front and doing a full 720 with the blade. If her opponent gets hit, they will bleed and lose some of their health for a timespan of seven minutes.

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Character Overview
Vita is the goddess of nature, one of the six teenage gods who rule over the universe. Despite her role as one of the main rulers of the elements and is millions of years old, she is a child at heart and has a very naive and innocent personality. Vita has an odd relationship with the humans of Earth - they've destroyed the nature of their planet, but she knows that at some point nature will fight back and reclaim what has been destroyed.

Vita has control over the elements and is a very powerful fighter who is also fairly mobile due to her small size. As a counter however, Vita can not jump - she will instead summon a small little beanstalk to lift her up slightly to fight those who want to jump around her, which can at times be more effective than a normal jump would be.

Vita's forwards Finisher represents the Spring season. Upon activating her Finisher, she will summon a large daisy in the background that will release pollen that temporarily increases the defence of all fighters on her team.

Upon activating her up Finisher, Vita will summon a large Sunflower underneath her, which she will jump off of right before the flower begins to shoot a temporary orange beam of light that damages the foe should they jump, grounding them.

Vita's downwards Finisher calls upon a large maple tree covered with red and orange leaves. After a short moment, she will create a gust of wind to blow these razor-sharp leaves down around her.

Vita's backwards Finisher creates a large snowman in front of her, which she will knock over to launch forwards three snow boulders of decreasing size to bowl over her opponents, though these boulders can easily be jumped over.

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Character Overview
Jake Woah character art
Woah is a Sjarc that hails from the planet Pyarsvic. Woah is a fairly relaxed individual who was once a simple vacationer to the famed Elasmo Bay Resort. Woah was set to appear in Jake's Fantendoverse continuity as Unten's main partner, inadvertently setting the events of Fissure-17 in motion after the blue Beorn crash landed on Pyarsvic after Zeon's destruction. Though that game was cancelled and the Fantendoverse scrapped, Woah lives on in our hearts... mainly because his name is not pronounced "whoa".

Woah really is a large fighter who can take as much damage as he can deal. He is a fairly heavy and strong character that is also fairly mobile. As a shark-like creature, many of his attacks revolve around his mouth as he chomps at foes, though he can also burrow through the ground and come lunging out from beneath his foe.

Woah's forwards Finisher sees him, quite horrendously (and yet comically), spew out a live fish, which distracts his opponent so he can luge at them and powerfully attack them by first gnawing on them before throwing them away with a mighty roar.

Upon activating her up Finisher, Woah will jump high into the air before crash down to create a fissure in the ground. This actually doesn't do anything but stun the foe should they be on the ground, but does leave them open long enough for Woah to dish out some massive damage before they can do anything else.

Woah's downwards Finisher sees him drill into the ground and rush forwards at his foe, leaving behind stalagmites of ice that shatter after a moment; both Woah and the ice deal damage.

Woah's backwards Finisher sees him jump up and spin around at a high speed, the fin on his back acting as a powerful spike that both deals massive damage and forcibly switches his foe out with one of their teammates.

Non-Playable Characters



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