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Venom Wars
Producer(s) TalixArts
Distributor(s) TalixArts
Broadcaster(s) Tal TV
Type TV Show
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, Fighting
First Air Date(s)
August 2013
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme "Venom Wars theme" by Linkin Park
Ending Theme TBA
Country of Origin Worldwide
Original Language English
Season(s) 1+
Episodes 16
Runtime 24 minutes
Status In production

Venom Wars is a 2013 television show produced by TalixArts. The story focuses on two brothers who are forced to battle each other in a grueling tournament.


In a world where warriors are being trained using engineered venom to battle to the death, two brothers, Mace Lore and Avrik Lore, learn they are forced to join opposite teams and discovering they half to battle one another to the death. Realizing the problems, the brothers must work covertly together to find a solution before their plan is blown and must kill one another to survive.


List of Venom Wars episodes

Season 1

On May 2013, 16 episodes were announced. On August 31, 2013, the series premiere aired. The season finale aired December 14, 2013.

Season 2

A second season was announced in early November. The new 16 episodes will begin to air on May 2014.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast