The Vendetta Complex
Vendetta Complex
The Vendetta Complex
Full Name The Vendetta Complex
Current Age Unknown
Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Unknown
Align  ???-Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Mind Control

Various Elemental Abilities

Body Control

Void Inhalation

Sol Eater

The Vendetta Complex is a massive Cephalodpoidal Monster that exists inbetween dimensions. It is said to be potentially a diety although is also regarded as an unfathomable monster.


A rather simplistic appearance, The Vendetta Complex is clearly some sort of Cephalopod, possessing 8 tentacle limbs and a bulbous body. The distinct mask covering its face appears to be made of pure carbon with the creatures two Red-Yellow eyes peering out through the eye-holes and its teeth from the mouth-hole. The Mask is an alteration on a classic Guy Faux Mask although is peculiar as it predates Guy Faux in terms of age although this may indicate the creature's ability to time travel.


The Vendetta Complex's personality isn't really recognizable as the creature does appear to possess extreme intelligence but does not communicate. It does however phase into and out of dimensions at will engulfing entire stars in its mouth before taking them to its home. The creature appears to leave all other matter alone only taking the plasma of the star. It has extremely powerful destructive abilities and an incredible psychic potential although due to its sheer size and the fear induced by its appearance it rarely engages in combat.


The Vendetta Complex possesses a large arsenal of attacks ranging from its powerful Psychic Abilities which let it control multiple individuals at once, controlling their minds and bodies at will, it seems to be limited in how many individuals it can control with a maximum of about 16 people. In addition if still threatened physically, The Vendetta Complex has access to Elemental powers via its tentacles from which it has demonstrated the ability to attack with the following elements;

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Light
  • Plant Matter (When near planets)
  • Earth (When near planets)
  • Wind (When near planets)
  • Gravity
  • Void


  • The Vendetta Complex appears to be a single entity, as in it exists in all Universes but is the same individual
  • Its eye colour may be due to its tendency to engulf stars
  • The Vendetta Complex was named as such due to the immense hatred of the monster by those afflicted by its destruction