Velo City
View of Velo City from Labor Bay
Greater Location Victoria
First Appearance City Rush
Latest Appearance City Rush
Current Ruler The Mayor
Current Inhabitant(s)
Location Type City
Included Environment(s)
Heartlow Prison
Various districts
Notable Resident(s)
Striko, Sheriff Ace, Sabrina, The Mayor

Velo City is a vast, futuristic metropolis home to Striko. The events of the City Rush series take place here. It's based off of many real-world cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, and Tokyo. It is the capital city of Victoria.



Velo City's current population is 12,116,826.


Velo City is a melting pot of different cultures. Each year,undreds of millions of tourists from around the world visit it, attracted to its size, colors, and landmarks. People from all kinds of racial groups and ethnicities live there as well. The city has gotten the nickname "The City of Equality". Despite this, crime rates there are dangerously high. A mediocre police force, the VCPD, tries its best to keep the people safe, but with so few Copbots and so many criminals, the police department struggles to keep up.


  • Centerville — The largest of the neighborhoods and therefore home to the most districts
  • Mattan Island — Velo City's second biggest neighborhood, connected with Centerville by the Don Daniel Bridge
  • Weatherton — The home to world-famous Velo Square, where shops, restaurants, and bright lights are everywhere
  • Skylight — The city's tallest buildings can be found here


Centerville districts:

  1. Velo Village
  2. Jasonville
  3. Harrison
  4. Worker's District
  5. Colossus
  6. Greenburgh
  7. The Brooks
  8. Liner Bay
  9. Tower Square
  10. Fort Donald
  11. Loveland

Mattan Island districts:

  1. Don Daniel Bridge
  2. Speed Highway
  3. Velocity Blvd.
  4. Housing District
  5. Connortown
  6. Ness City
  7. Jetmoore
  8. Lincoln Square
  9. Jefferson
  10. Grangerton

Weatherton districts:

  1. Skyline Bridge
  2. Neon Heights
  3. Velo Square
  4. Chinatown
  5. Hospital District

Skylight districts:

  1. Labor Bridge
  2. Labor Bay
  3. Business Quarter
  4. Skyscraper Village
  5. Streetcorp.
  6. The Complexes
  7. Adrenaline Road

Musical Themes



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