Vello the Porcupine
Vello The Porcupine
Full Name Vello the Porcupine
Current Age 46 (as of 2017)
Date of Birth March 3rd, 1971
Gender Male
Species Porcupine
Location South Island (formerly Mystic Ruins)
Current Status Living
Class Retired Hero
Sonic, Justice, Chili Dogs
Main Weapon(s) Speed
Ability/ies Runs at High Speeds, Runs over and up air, runs over lightning/plasmic energies.
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality Mobian
First Appearance Sonic Time
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Vello the Porcupine, or simply Vello, is a mutated procupine (much like other characters from his main series), and is the suposed hero that saved the island and stopped Robotnik before Sonic grew up, even saving the Blue Blurr himself a few times! He helped raise Sonic in honor of Sonic's parents who mysteriously disipeared from the picture (Vello refuses to share why). Eventually, Vello had to move to the mainland to protect Station Square from Metal Vello. He eventually retired back to South Island once his work was done (around the time of Sonic Adventure)