The Vela Siblings are one of the main members of the esteemed Vela Family of the Mushroom Kingdom. They are the children of Durak Vela.

Test Vela

A very intelligent girl. She is also known as a very ugly face, though not the ugliest. She is usually the brains of the plans her father masterminds. She is also usually the antepenultimate boss in all Epica games she appears in.

Alberto Vela

An immature, clownish and very babied pet-child to Durak. He has usually is seen riding his airboard around the areas he's fought. He is known to be a very good rider.

Drake Vela

An egotistical bully. He is famed as the heaviest (but not strongest) being in the Mushroom Kingdom. He also enjoys intimidating Princess Peach.

Rocky Vela

A mad scientist. He enjoys inventing gadgets, usually for his siblings and father.

Joaquin Vela

A brutish fighter. He is famed as the strongest being in the Mushroom Kingdom, and maybe beyond. He uses it to punish his enemies.

Tiger Vela

A very refined gentleman. He often takes time to make himself look prim and posh.

Reiki Vela

A half Koopa. His troops are mainly Wigglers, Koopas, and Birdos

Durak Vela, Jr.

The heir to the office of Prime Minister. He is a brattier version of his father.

To be continued