The Vela Family is a family of aristocrats who hail from the Mushroom Kingdom. Though they are familliar with Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, they claim no alliances or comaraderie with them.

Members (Epica mainstream)


Durak Vela- The current Prime Minister of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Test Vela- The first child and only daughter of Durak. She is very intelligent and crafty.

Alberto Vela- The second child of Durak. He prefers to ride on his airboard as opposed to conquering.

Drake Vela- The third child of Durak. He is a habitual bully.

Rocky Vela- The fourth child of Durak. He is a megalomaniac.

Joaquin Vela- The fifth child of Durak. He is the strongest.

Tiger Vela- The sixth child of Durak. He is very good with women.

Reiki Vela- The seventh child of Durak. He has his own troops.

Durak Vela Jr.- The last child of Durak. He is the de facto leader.


All Epica games.

Affiliates and Associates

Vela Force

Durak and his children have a massive army at their disposal. This army is the bulk of the military in the Mushroom Kingdom. As a result of The Vela Force being the Kingdom's only mode of protection, this keeps Peach from removing Durak from office. As such, Durak may be able to overstep Peach's authority.

Princess Peach

Though she is technically the reigning princess, she is overstepped by Durak and the Siblings on numerous occasions. This is due to the large military reliance. As of late, she and Durak have jockeyed for power in the kingdom.

Mario and Luigi

In the first Super Colons Sis., Mario and Luigi, alongside the Mushroom Defenders, were sent to kidnap Cackletta. Durak has made it clear that they were under his command as well and he sent them to do his bidding.

Metal Mario

He was stolen from Peach's possession by Durak and reprogrammed to do only his orders. Often, Metal is seen leading a portion of the Vela Force.

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