Vectorman is an orbot, a robot built to clean up the Earth after it had become too polluted. He piloted a sludge barge, set to dump toxic waste into the sun. He has a sense of right and wrong, but is seen to be a bit of a smart-aleck.

Vectorman- 800 days to Oblivion

Taking place decades after Vectorman 2, the Earth has been entirely cleaned. Most of the other Orbots shut down, but Vectorman remained online and alert. While his mission had been completed, he had a feeling that he couldn't just fall asleep.

While playing the old human sport of golf atop Air Force One, Vectorman noticed a metor crash-land in old Las Vegas. He set off to investigate.

Upon arrival, he discovered that the Meteor was an escape pod of some sort, and inside was a young human girl with a mysterious mark on her forehead. Once she woke up, Vectorman asked for her name. She tried to remember, but nothing came up. She did, however, remember an invasion of monsters- horrid demon-beasts. Vectorman looked up to the sky to witness a skull face on a meteor ripping through the clouds...

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