Vector Comics are a sub-division of Vector Gaming, Inc, which makes comic books. The company was founded early 2015 and their first work has been in development ever since middle 2014. The company is known for creating the comics American Hawk, Striker Gunvolt and Storm Revolt.


The Vectorian Era

Planned Works

Adaptations of Dragonkind and CrossDimensional★RockStar have been planned, alongside adaptations for some of the characters from Eternika that didn't got appearances in neither of those games. An adaptation of the now-cancelled/destroyed Secret of the Keyhole series is also in the planning stages.

Film adaptations

Film adaptations of American Hawk, Striker Gunvolt and Storm Revolt have been announced to be made by Vector Arts. American Hawk has a planned release date of Middle 2017, with Striker Gunvolt being released in Late 2018 and Storm Revolt being released Early 2019. A movie adaptation of the crossover The Vectorian Era is highly likely, but nothing has been said about it yet.

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