Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Duplighost
Location Mushroom City
Class Villain
King Polarite
Main Weapon(s) can use shadowy attacks and can disguise as others and use their powers
First Appearance Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Vayal is a Duplighost that appears in the anime Super Mario Dream. He is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, he was once good.

Vayal is the last member of King Polarite's army who is sent to find the Golden Star Treasure. After all other members have been defeated by Mario, King Polarite decides that it is Vayal's turn to go search for the Golden Star Treasure. As the last member, Vayal proves that he is the most clever and most powerful of them all.

In episode 30, Vayal summons Mimi to go and try to defeat Mario an his friends., In episode 31, Vayal engages in a huge fight with the Koopalings and they almost die, until Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach intervene to heal the Koopalings and stop Vayal. In episode 33, Vayal unleashes Bonechill, who creates chaos and havoc in the sky world. Mario and his friends have a long battle with him, and finally defeat Bonechill in episode 34 and save the sky world.

Vayal is also present during the final battle, during which he is finally turned good by Mario.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vayal is quite mischievous and likes to play pranks on his fellow villains. He likes to crack jokes a lot, which many don't find amusing or funny at all.

Despite the fact that he sometimes acts silly, Vayal can become very savage and dark during battle. He does all he can in order to win and achieve his goal.

Vayal usually hangs around Hoolio and the two of them like to make fun of Feldi. Later, when Hoolio and Feldi betray King Polarite, Vayal decides that he wants to kill them both. Fortunately, Mario appears and saves both Hoolio and Feldi and Vayal leaves.


Vayal is a Duplighost with multi-colored hair and shoes consisting of dark red, dark orange, yellow, brown, and pale green. Like all Duplighosts, he has a cloak for a body and has holes for his eyes and his wide mouth. His pupils are the same color as his hair and shoes.


  • Copy - Transforms into his opponent's appearance and can use their powers.
  • Mystery Flare - Unleashes a blast of dark colored-energy.

List of HenchenEdit

In the anime, King Polarite uses special mind powers to revive Mario and his friends' old enemies.

Vayal, like all of Polarite's minions, sometimes summons a henchman to assist him in battle or carry out his plots.

  • Sluggy the Unshaven
  • Six-Face Sal
  • Bonechill


Beta DesignsEdit