Vasilissas' Appearance
Full Name Vasilissas Nyichi-Tis
Current Age 13
Gender Female
Species Crikall
Location Kentriki Selida Okeano, Barbose
Align Naive Chaotic-Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Compressed Water Jet

Poisonous Fangs

Ability/ies Command of Male Crikall

Tough Exoskeleton

Fast Swimmer

Vulnerable To Electricity, Hot Climates
Ethnicity Seajungle Crikall
Height 1.427m
Weight 32kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Vasilissas is a young, female Crikall from the planet Barbose. Like almost all females of the species she is considered royalty and will succeed her mother, Gerontas upon her passing. Vasilissas is not particularly interested in what is seemingly her fate to become queen and is more interested in exploring other planets and seems to be confident that her younger sister, Thrafsi will accept the position of Queen instead.


Like all Female Crikalls, Vasilissas is easily distinguishable from her male brothers, uncles, great uncles etc. Her exoskeleton only covers her head, torso, arms and lower legs although as she gets older will extend upwards to protect her legs once fully grown. In addition she has a distinct crimson-red frill for her webbing and head piece which allow her to swim more easily. She commonly wears an orange layered short dress with Pearl Clams at the bottom of the dress. She has 6 eyes and 6 armoured frills that will extend when she is near a predator to attempt to scare them off. In addition she has a pair of sharp and poisonous fangs that are able to completely paralyze most sea creatures.


Vasilissas like all Crikalls is able to create a jet of water by compressing her jaw shut and then quickly opening it to release the pressurized water. This tactic also can help her swim quickly allowing her to move similar to a squid.

Her Poisonous fangs as mentioned earlier release a powerful venom that if it gets into the blood stream can stop the heart of any non-Crikall sea creature on Barbose and likely other animals as well. Her fangs are retractable meaning that she can use them as a stealth weapon to those unaware of a Crikall's physiology.

Visalissas is capable of propelling herself through the water very quickly through standard swimming. Like all female Crikalls her webbing allows her to move with ease especially on the surface of water. Although she will become even faster as she gets older as further webbing has yet to develop between her head frills which will eventually allow her to move up to 150kph.

Like all Crikalls she also has a tough exoskeleton giving her incredible defense against explosives and a reasonable defense against ballistics. Her shell due to her youth is susceptible to deformation if she does take heavy blows especially around her upper legs and neck which have yet to develop a true exoskeleton.

Lastly as a Female Crikall due to the hive mind nature of their species she has some control over Male Crikalls although rarely used as her mother is still queen, Vasilissas is able to manipulate a single Male Crikall to perform basic tasks such as gathering, attacking and fleeing.



Vasilissas and her mother get on about as well as you'd expect given her lack of interest in becoming the next queen, Gerontas is surprisingly patient and has rarely outright raged at Vasilissas due to her lack of interest and instead has attempted to use temptation instead. Vasilissas has recently caught onto this however and instead has used Gerontas' own manipulation against her to result in some rather frustrating days for the current queen.

Gerontas understands Vasilissas' point of view as like her daughter, Gerontas was unsure of whether she wanted to be queen or not although has confidence that Vasilissas will eventually come around  to the idea.


Thrafsi is completely aware of Vasilissas' lack of interest in becoming queen and is hopeful that that belief will continue into her adulthood. Thrafsi is subtly trying to manipulate Vasilissas into leaving Barbose for discovery beyond the stars and does so due to her fear of Vasilissas naivete becoming a detriment to the survival of their colony.


  • Vasilissas is the first truly Crikall character prior to this only Judge's Crikall form was the knowledge of the species
  • Vasilissas's full name is actually an alteration on the Greek spelling of the words "Claw Queen"
    • The name does not refer to her however as all female Crikall lack claws instead referring to the males of the species and hence she is the destined Queen of the Claws.
  • Vasilissas' main head frill (the Crimson one) is distinct from most female Crikall whom usually have rounded edged frills instead of the spiky type that Vasilissas has, it is unknown why her's is like that
  • Vasilissas has little to no respect of clams and considers them a joke and the reason that there can never be a benevolent god

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