It's a-me, Vario!

Full Name Vario
Date of Birth April 16, 1987
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Mario and Luigi (secret brothers)
Main Weapon(s) Black Magic
Vulnerable To Society
Voice Actor(s)
Charles Martinet (distorted by audio effects)

Vario is an unheard of hero/villian brother of Mario and Luigi.


Vario was forced and requested by the MK watch to be secretly hidden from reality. His behavior was, initial of birth, "kind and sweet", but later as his childhood came in, he became opposed to everyday society, his family, and his own brothers, Mario and Luigi, and his attitude was very negative, almost demonic. At the age of eight, he was taken to the hospital for extreme experimentation. After three months of difficult testing due to his very refusive attitude and condition, he was diagnosed as "non-humane". He was said to be abnormal and possessed "unearthly powers". Powers that are even too mature for the Mushroom Kingdom. Family, friends (although he never had friends even if he tried), the MK community, officials, and even the princess Peach, became concerned of what could emerge if this "demonic" and unearthly child was to continue standing upon the land of high royalty and benevolence. To satisfy the fear and hatred among the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and also to protect the princess of vile powers, he was locked away somewhere unknown near the Guantanamo Bay left to rot with the rats. Rumors have it he escaped sometime in late 2011, rumored to have been found in Norway a few months later, along with a mysterious masked man, looking like a "Robin Hood" figure according to only witness. Weirdly, a few days after this witness returned home from his norwegian trip (hence his sighting of Vario), he disappeared. MK officials raided his house for evidence of the mysterious crime. The only piece found was a strange red spot upon his home carpet. Investigation continued furthering on but after years of hopeless investigation, the MK police team finally dispersed in loss of curiosity of this crime. His current location is unknown, but is deemed to be dangerous.

Not much else is known about this infamous scandal other than that one of his supernatural powers consist of using musical waveforms to distract enemies by forcing upon them a so-called artist "Savant". He is also allergic to unusual amounts of stupidity within a radius of a mile. His overall reaction is an explosion of an expression of "F You". He also enjoys video games. Strictly retro games however. He is against modern games like Call of Duty and Skyrim. He is also very repentent of his own brother Mario games, or games that involve the world of the mushroom kingdom. He is said to rip apart NES cartridges in half via his powers as a child, which is also a factor that drove him to be locked away.

However some internet gamers have seemed to start a group "Savant Fans", not dishonoring this scandal of infamous reputation, but instead worshipping his presence in what is an album with his name. Superstition towards this group began to rise as they began making digital art favoring this malicious man. Officials questioned these individuals via twitter, asking, "Why do you admit your love of Vario the criminal?". "He's just awesome at what he does to save the world from injustice", said Damian, a groupmate of Savant Fans. An official immediately spit out water from his mouth while drinking it, then chuckling in doubt, in reaction to this "nonsense". The officials were then ordered by the MK Court to enclose them in a mental ward until their "fanism" conditions were off completely. These officials were then hated upon by what was a bigger group of Vario's supporters, and requested with the help of the internet and famous redditors to be exiled and thrown away in the Nile river of Africa, saying they'd be better off eaten by the malicious infamous gorilla "King Shong", who hid in african deserts and is said to smell hatred within hundreds of miles away.

Riots began and the internet began losing control of the feud between Vario's support and hatred. Bigger named officials started getting involved in the tyrannical wars between good and bad within Vario. President Obama then took to report to order a milituous group of highly trained terrorist units to devise a plan to locate Vario's geographical hiding base. However this was not easy. Due to the government's trillion-dollar debt and Vario's keen and supernatural mobility throughout the world, this made it very hard to even locate tracings of his footsteps.

However, there was one man who desired this mission more than anyone else, Corvo. He is a highly experienced assassin working for a group of people named "The Loyalists" for months. This was still not beneficial enough. Even the master assassin did not have sufficient power to hunt down a five-star worldwide mastermind. He then died from hopelessness and lastly from the "Rat Plague"? The majority of many countries questioned, "Who is this guy? Why is he putting wreckage on our society?" However, this did not stop opposing opinions, some said "Why is this guy being hated on? He's just a criminal." Officials, however, favored against these individuals and ordered them into Guantanamo Bay, even without needing consent from the government. Guantanamo Bay is currently said to be expecting construction in expansion of 10,000% later this year.

Years passed on, but no signs of improvement of these wars or searches of Vario. His legacy leads on. Fans of him, even regular individuals, thought of him as a mysterious but "awesome" hero that could help out the modern issues that put stress on the world economy. The Savant Fan base continue their support of this figure. However, they've recently stated that, "this is a superhero that lurks on the internet, not in real life" and claim that he actually "is part of the internet". Was that one witness's sighting of the man just an hallucination? Or really a real vision of the real hero or villian. Is he both? This sturs on many questions that continue to unravel behind the internet. But the real question is, does he deserve the attention he lures from the public? That is for you, the readers, to answer.

==Media Appearences==

===Game Appearances===

  • Dungeon Chaos: Xmas Edition
  • Savant Ascent

Album appearances

  • Vario by Savant

TV appearances

  • Conan "The Struggle with Secrecy" (2012)
  • Conan "Return of the Notorious" (2013)
  • Conan "Why the Anonymous Look?" (2013)
  • Conan "That Masked Friend of Mine" (2013)
  • Conan "Why the Government Loves Information" (2014)

  • Jerry Springer Show "Hidden from the World" (2013)

Video Appearances

  • Several playthroughs of "Savant Ascent"
  • Music track videos of Savant's "Vario" album

Other Appearances

  • Fantendo Wikia "Vario"

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