Vanish Flower
The Vanish Flower's original Appearance
Item Type Power-Up
First Appearance Super Mario Star Journey
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D World

The Vanish Flower is a flower that debuts in Super Mario Star Journey. It has the same powers as a Vanish Cap or Luigi's Power Flower. It also appears in New Super Mario 64 3D and Super Mario World 3D.


The Vanish Flower has three appearances, it doesn't change signifcantly in its design however between the Original, Second and New Versions.

Original Version

The Original Version is a Semi-Transparent Flower that appears very similar to the Fire or Ice Flowers although has a Grey Outer Ring and Blue Middle Ring. Its other features are identical otherwise.

Second Version

Maintaining the Semi-Transparent appearance the second version slightly alters the colour of the stem and leaves to a brighter shade of Green. It's main change however is that the outer and middle rings now have a rainbow colouration to them, the rings are still easily distinguishable in this version. Its eyes are actually Amber and Cyan in this version making it one of the few things with Heterochromia.

New Version

While still relatively similar to the original design the New Version has multiple key changes. For one it now floats unlike other Flowers as the theme of this Vanish Flower is more Ghostly-orientated, hence why it doesn't follow the trend of Semi-Transparency. In addition it takes features from both the Original and Second Versions by using a White and Grey Ring similar to the original's design although on the outer ring are splotches of rainbow like the second design. It's leaf shape becomes more broader and its eyes change to red in this version.


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