"Vanilla Ice Cream"
Season 2, episode 13
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"I'm On Your Side"
"One Snail Under All"

Vanilla Ice Cream is the thirteenth episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Alcyone goes after her new target: Meta-Form.


Written by Exotoro

The episode begins with a crowd shot of aliens as someone moves through the crowd. We see that it is no other than Alcyone, enjoying a pint of ice cream. A girl, by the name of Elize Bolt, is behind her and looks annoyed.

Elize: Come on, we're gonna be late to get to the postings.
Alcyone: Rellllaaaax. We're not gonna be late.
Elize: Yes, we are, because your slow ass is eating ice cream!
Alcyone: When did you get so antsy about postings?
Elize: Since like a week ago when the last one was some weird, annoying guy with a viking helmet. I'm not even sure if he's dead, they just gave me the money for bothering with it.
Alcyone: Doesn't sound too bad.
Elize: It was terrible- ugh. Didn't even bother copying anything he had. I got nothing but time wasted out of it.
Alcyone: I feel like we're the only one who gets anything out of our targets. I was talking with this Cateona girl named Sadisilea and she just kills them. Absolutely nothing else except for maybe some taunts and stuff.

Elize shudders.

Alcyone: What, you don't like Sadisilea?
Elize: I copied some of her personality traits one time and... bleh. Not for me...
Alcyone: She always insists on being in that suit too... what a strange person.

The two walk up to the job postings board.

Alcyone: Well, what do we got here today?
Elize: Nothing too interesting, it seems.

Alcyone grabs one with a robot on it.

Alcyone: Meta-Form?
Elize: That's... a robot. Looks like a friendly one too. Why would someone ask to kill it?
Alcyone: No idea. Looks are pretty deceiving.

Alcyone grabs the listing and heads out.

Meta-Form is in The Delta, walking around with Cubey.

Meta-Form: I feel really odd, as if something bad is about to happen.
Cubey: Well, you've got me.
Meta-Form: Yeah, I know... what happens if you kick it though?
Cubey: We're both robots, neither of us can technically "kick it"...
Meta-Form: I dunno... I've been thinking about mortality as of late. If we are to run forever... what will be the end? When there is no metal left in the universe to keep me or you running? When we are forgotten when we are broken? Our internal batteries destroyed, containing every memory we hold dear to us? When other creatures die, that's it. They cease to be.
Cubey: This is kind of heavy talk for you, are you feeling okay?
Meta-Form: I don't know, honestly. I get mad when people call me "junk" but ultimately... won't that be true for any robot? Their lives scraped away into the sands of time?
Cubey: Right... oh hey, they've got deep fried squid over there. You wanna get some?
Meta-Form: As long as it's not too oily...

Alcyone is perched over a pipe connected to the ceiling. She points one of her fingers over Meta-Form's head, and then moves it slightly to the left.

Alcyone: Bang.

A green explosion goes off near the fried squid stand. Meta-Form and Cubey are shocked.

Meta-Form: Who did that?!
Cubey: I don't know... we better run.
Meta-Form: No, I demand this villain show their face now so I can fight them!

Alcyone drops down from the ceiling, blowing on her fingers.

Alcyone: Typically my targets aren't so confrontational...
Cubey: Yeah... we should go.
Meta-Form: She's a bad guy though! We have to stop her!
Cubey: Did you see how big that explosion was?

Alcyone runs towards Meta-Form and Cubey as Cubey drags Meta-Form with him, running through The Delta. Alcyone stops and begins to go the other way around.

Meta-Form and Cubey are still running. They think they've lost her. They enter inside an elevator.

Meta-Form: What kind of person is so reckless with their attacks like that?!
Cubey: Look, let's just get out of here and return to Nadian City. If she follows us there, you can take her on, but I'm just not seeing any reason to get into a fight right now.
Meta-Form: She's a bad guy!
Cubey: Yeah. I know.

As the elevator doors open, they see Alcyone at a table, sitting with a drink in her hand.

Cubey: AH!!!
Meta-Form: There she is, the bad guy!
Alcyone: Nice to meet you again too. Was wondering when you were gonna get here...

Meta-Form attempts to transform but Alcyone flicks on some little device that makes him revert to his normal form.

Cubey: What is that?
Alcyone: A Transformation Sterilizer. It's stuck on there until I give it the order to pop off.
Meta-Form: Well, even without my transformations...I can still hit you!
Cubey: I don't know if I can withstand such a blast but I'll protect you Meta-Form!

Alcyone laughs.

Alcyone: You're so cute like this. It's a shame I'll have to kill you.
Meta-Form: How are you gonna kill a robot like me?
Alcyone: Smash the motherboard, twist off the bolts, leave nothing working. Simple but time consuming process... quite frankly I prefer to spare the targets I like...
Cubey: like us right?
Alcyone: Well, I dunno, that other robot seems a little too confident about me being a bad guy.
Meta-Form: How can you be anything else?

Alcyone gets up and wraps her arm around Meta-Form's shoulder.

Alcyone: It's a big universe out there. I had these robotic arms implanted to survive, basically. I might be out to kill you... but I don't really have that much of a choice. Come, we're gonna fake your death.
Cubey: I'm not sure about this...
Meta-Form: We'll see where this goes...

Alcyone, Meta-Form, and Cubey are in a workshop.

Cubey: Say, shouldn't the space authorities be all about a bounty hunter attacking?
Alcyone: It's a business.

Alcyone briefly twists something in with a screwdriver.

Alcyone: We all come from similar backgrounds. Down-trodden people crushed into nothing by people with power, who do their best to belittle those they see under them. In a lot of cases, you'll see the people who become bounty hunters teach them they ain't worth shit.

Alcyone briefly twists something else in with a screwdriver.

Alcyone: It's funny how a job all about hunting people with worth comes with that kind of ideology. That nobody is worth anything because they have power and money. Some get really gritty and dark about it, but some learn to love again.

Alcyone stands up and grabs a jackhammer.

Alcyone: I've fallen in love with a lot of my targets and it doesn't hurt me because ultimately they think I do a good job even though I'm screwing the hell out of the system. It's weird that way- they say you can't love more than one person or you'll go mad... I've certainly seen a victim of that...

Alcyone smashes a replica of Meta-Form's head as Cubey and Meta-Form wince.

Alcyone: Does that make me crazy? Maybe... but as long as we all know what we're in for...

Alcyone pauses, looking at the wrecked Meta-Form head.

Alcyone: Maybe I'm not bad after all...

Alcyone kisses it.

Alcyone: I dunno, what do you think?
Meta-Form: Whether you're a bad guy?
Alcyone: Yeah.
Meta-Form: I... dunno. You do bad things but... you have a reason for them. You're not trying to hurt people that are innocent in your eyes. But killing people is bad... agh!
Alcyone: Well... that's better than before.
Cubey: C'mon, we better scram before she does anything weird.

Alcyone stands in the dark room as Cubey leaves with a somewhat reluctant Meta-Form. She takes off her helmet, revealing a set of jet black hair.

Alcyone: Can't keep doing this forever...

She looks at the smashed up Meta-Form head.

Alcyone: But I need them as much as they need me...

Alcyone sits in a chair with her helmet as the scene ends.

Elize and Alcyone are walking around in The Delta.

Alcyone: Well, how did your assignment go?
Elize: There... were a few complications. You know who Unten is, right?
Alcyone: Yeah.
Elize: He somehow felt the need to get "involved". Ugh, fuck him. It's not exactly his jurisdiction to decide what the grim reapers spare.

Alcyone stares out into the distance, spacing out a bit.

Elize: And then this Strafe guy comes in and starts fucking shooting at me and I decided, well, fuck, I've had enough.
Alcyone: Did you kill your target or not?
Elize: Did you?
Alcyone: No.

Elize smirks.

Elize: You can't just spare everyone you wanna fuck.
Alcyone: Yeah...

Alcyone laughs and then kisses Elize, much to Elize's suprise.

Elize: Haha... right. Uh... you wanna go out for ice cream or something?
Alcyone: Sounds good to me.

Elize and Alcyone sit on the top of a roof of a clock-tower at night on a planet with three moons. Elize eats from a bowl of vanilla ice cream while Alcyone has her helmet off, licking an lime ice pop.

Elize: Have you ever thought about retiring from bounty hunting? I kind of feel like I want to.
Alcyone: Mmm, I've thought about it too...

Alcyone pauses for a moment.

Alcyone: You meet a lot of interesting people through bounty hunting though... not sure if I wanna give that up.

Elize stares blankly out to the moons.

Elize: I guess you're right in that respect.

Elize takes a scoop out of her bowl as the episode ends on a silhouetted shot behind them, eating ice cream as the moons slowly orbit.





  • Elize mentions fighting Strafe and Unten, which may be in a upcoming episode.
  • Elize actually debuted on the Lapis Wiki, but her article makes it clear she's part of the Fantendoverse. She is the "love child" of .snickedge (tbc) and Exotoro (tbc).

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