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Vanessa Ridley
Vanessa Ridley, the butterfly freak.
Full Name Vanessa Ridley
Date of Birth Juiy 21, 1996
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class "Monarch"
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort(debut)
Vanessa Ridley is a girl that controls butterflies and she debuted in Fantendo Sports Resort as Aran Leverletto's doppelganger.


Vanessa was supposedly raised by butterflies, or so the stories about her tell. She shows the ability to control butterflies and communicate with them, how she does isn't quite clear. She is quite reserved and doesn't seem to be really aware of what's going on nor does she really like doing anything she's doing. It is very rare to see her speaking more than three words at a time. One can push her into being incredibly dangerous very quickly.


Vanessa is pretty cold and speaks rarely more than three words in any given conversation. This doesn't come from a shyness but rather Vanessa's belief in the idea that she will one day not be able to speak if she uses up all her words, something formed from childhood.


Aran Leverletto