Vampire Goombas
The blood sucking Vampire Goomba.
Rarity Uncommon
Average Behavior Aggressive
Habitat(s) Dark Places
The Vampire Goomba is a species of Goomba that have vampiristic powers and thirst for blood.


Most Vampire Goombas reside in dark, eerie, huanted places, such as caves, manors, and dark forests. Vampire Goombas oftenlive around otehr un-dead or paranormal creatures such as Boos, Mr. Is, and Ghosts. Some also have Chain-Chomps as pets.


The Vampire Goomba looks like any normal Goomba, brown body, yelow stem, and red feet. But it wears a black cape on it`s back and has two purple fangs coming out of it`s mouth.



The Goomba Vampire has two main attacks: Bite, and Tackle. Bite will 9/10 of the time turn the victim into a vampire, and tackle will simply do physical damge to the victim, like a Goomba


The Vampire Goomba can be easily defeated by merely exposing it to daylight. Other strategies include throwing garlic at it, and stomping it`s head like any normal Goomba.



Magikoopa with magic wand

A magikoopa, the magic-studing species of Koopa

Goombas may be transformed into Vampire Goombas when bitten by one or when cursed by use of magic. Vampire Goombas can only be un-cursed with magic.


Vampire Goombas feed on animals and people who happen to wonder across their path. All Vampire Goombas hunt during the day, as they will burn in the sunlight.

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