Flag of Valoria
Capital City Vestebus
Largest City Ivya
Language(s) English
Leader(s) (current)Drake Valor
(founder) Gratus Valor
National Anthem
Population ca. 10,000
Currency Venia
Abbreviation VL
Included Environment(s)
Underground (civilized
Ice Coated Surface
Valoria  is an island country very close to the north pole of Osiris, politically being part of Lumilia. Alike Jakeistan, beacuse of it's position it is extremely frigid. Although, it's inhabitants have created an underground scoiety to live in, it is still very unpopulated. This is because it barely has any foliage growing and must rely on shipments from allied countries. Thier biggest supporter is Jakeistan as they are both allied, Valoria also sends supplies and trades with Jakeistan.  The surface is typically ice coated and mountainous and it features one of the tallest mountains on Isis known as Mt. Kaskoro.



Valoria's location on Isis







The first person who found Valoria was Sir Vedus, however, beacuse of its harsh weather and there was no technologly of any kind, they simply left the island. Valoria was left alone for another 10 years until, finally a man named Gratus Valor came across the island knowing most land was being settled in and conqured and they'd rather stay there dispite it's harsh weather than spend another year long voyange. Hoever, settiling was a pain and blizzards often blew away thier tents and supplies.

Most blizzards were bad enough that the people of Valoria whould get lost if it weren't for the raidiant North Star. Many of the settlers caught a pneumonia which was untreatable in that age and simply died but the people belived that the north star was thier god's eye and was watching over and guiding them. They saw this star as a gleam of hope and preformed a special dance called a Star Dance in hopes it whould help them. They named this star, Ivya and decided to build a capital right on the north pole in it's honor.

However, the people still struggled and started doubting the blessings of thier god Ivya until one of the Valorian men stepped on a thin patch of ice and fell throgh, although he broke several bones falling he also discoverd that below the surface of Valoria is soft and warm. Gratus Valor had an idea that they could build thier towns underground and create a passage of burrows. After roughly 2 months of burrowing, they created a stable, spacicis hole held up by a connection of 4 gigantic pillars, then started creating underground roads.

They called this accidental hole Heaven's Gate and in order to honor thier god Ivya more, they orderd a person to draw all the stars locals and bring them back down so they could hang up beutiful flaming lanterns on the celing in the same exact spots as the stars. Every night they go to the surface and preform the Star Dance to keep thier underground village peaceful. They eventully created plumbing from a river, and heating from electricity made by running water. They also discoverd deeper into the mine lies an abundance of a rare, purple gem they called Altarika that was very valuble for trade. They kept this Altarika mine hidden from the world and simply sold the stone lying that they found it in another land.


The Valoria MiricleEdit

When the Valorians found little hope in thier contry as they were running out of supplies, they decided to migrate. About a forth of the population stayed in Valoria as the rest of the population sailed the Northern Ocean in search of land. They came across a small island (near eastern Jakeistan)  in which they named Neopus, as Neo means new and Opus means masterpeice in hope they could get a fresh start. 

However, Neopus wasn't much warmer or plentiful than thier old country nor it was bigger, infact Neopus was smaller and the people tended to fight over it's space. Again the Valorians had to leave but about another forth stayed in Neopus. They eventully came across another country but it was already taken, this country was known as Jakeistan and at first, the Valorians planned to fight the Jakeistans for the land until they learned that the country was extensively larger than it seemed and their technology was extremely advanced compared to thiers, as they had invented weponary such as rifles and had electricity while the Valorains still used bows and arrows and had no form of electricity beacuse they were stranded from the world for roughly 50 years.

Instead they decided to ask the Jakeistans for help and after discussing for weeks, both countries were allienced and the Jakeistans helped the Valorians catch up with technology and teach them how to create electricty and even vehicles. They also gave them wireless communications obtained from the highy technological Lumoshilanders  so they could communicate. They thanked the Jakeistans with a statue known as The Radaint Star and decided to open trade with them. The Valorians were sent home with a better future and recorded the event as the Valoria Miricle

The Star-Crossed WarEdit



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