Valkryie the Hedgehog (born March 10, 2130 in St. Kennar, Mobius- died November 13, 2170 in Tunar, Mobius) was in 2157, the founder of the Freedom Fighters.

Early life

Valkryie lived in St. Kennar just like Robbie the Hedgehog. He was raised there.

Freedom Fighters

In 2152, he made groups:

  • Bangers (2152-2169)
  • Tiny Squeakers (2160-2166)
  • Freedom Fighters (2157-present)

In the Bangers, he had a group of hedgehogs and foxes, but however, they became unresponsive in the whereabouts of The E-SWAT base in Area 69, presumably dead. In the Tiny Squeakers, a group of mice had been there for him, but Sunari killed them. He still continues the Freedom Fighters, even after his death.


Poor Valkryie was disintegrated by Sunari in Tunar of Mobius. He was 40.


  • In 2181, Valkryie's remains had been given to Sunari's friendly son, Malos.

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