Valerie Heartgold
As she appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Zaxinian Government
Main Weapon(s) Love and Arrow
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Valerie Heartgold, known better by her stage name Valentine, is the main protagonist of Sweet Invader, her starring game, and has appeared in several projects after that, becoming a wide known mascot of TimeStrike as a result.  Her role is widespread throughout the series, appearing in various works and fictions, including Gone.  Valerie is not only the richest person in the Lifts, but also the most famous and possessing some of the most power.  She is the president of the Zonar galaxy.  She is notable as one of the several party members in General's Journey.

Valerie is well known for her "all-seeing" eyes, obscene wealth and extreme amount of power in the Zaxinian government, all of her advanced battle strategies, and her stunningly quick change of hair style and color. Above all else, she is known for flirting with many people around her age, although uses this as nothing more than a set up to put them at a disadvantage.

Famously, Valerie is known for her large amount of jobs, and how she is able to manage almost all of them.  This wide amount of roles forces her to work as a double agent - even a triple agent at points - and work for both the sides of good and bad.  You can see her robbing places, donating food to, what a person.  She's known mostly for her greed though.


Sweet Invader

After the events of Split Personality, Valerie was told she'd get big cash from a liar if she did a few things, but they didn't happen.  A plot involving Bill Gates rolled out of control, requiring that Valerie stops the evil man.  Meanwhile, she does many a killing.

General's Journey

Valerie appears some years later as one of the multiple party members in General's Journey.  She attacks with moves based around love and specializes in speed and offense, but has low gut power.  She works with Scotch so she can regain her empire from Mallory.


Valerie is a young, female adult. She has sanguine colored eyes and ruby-colored hair that is quite long, but tied up into a ponytail to prevent it from spilling over her eyes. Around her neck lies a golden necklace with an amethyst tied to it. She wears ruby red robes with a glittering golden rose embedded in the left-handed side as well. Valerie also wears red socks and gloves, and she has rather thin, but extraordinarily long fingers. She also has cat ears, much like Crymsia. Her face is always seen smiling, be it a malicious or flirty grin.


Valerie is incredibly quick and speedy, and has above average speed when compared to most humans due to her high levels of energy and excitement. Using seduction, attraction, persuasion, and various other love-related techniques, she can get almost anything she wants, and pronto. She also has high flexibility in many areas of her body, and she is able to look to the very left and very right, and hear really well. Her accuracy and agility are like that of a ninja's, she moves swiftly as she moves. Valerie can reflect dirty particles off of her, as if to keep her very clean appearance.

Valerie is also a song artist and has a singing career, and goes under the name "Valentine". Her singing voice is quiet, yet strong with emotion, and most of her songs are about romance or disaster.  These songs make her very popular around the general public, and she often appears in magazines or television thanks to her popularity.

In Sweet Invader, she has many abilities that can be obtained and used very well, including double jumps, fiery stomps, and even jumps that smash through enemies when she makes contact with them.  These abilities make her a dangerous fighter and allow for many enemies to be killed really, really fast.


Anyone's first impression of Valerie is that she is charming and lovely, and to some more secure people, annoying. However, she is actually very cunning, clever, and tricky, and is able to take advantage of those who fall for her. She doesn't necessarily care about any of her victims as long as she has the upper hand. Even though she is kind to her relatives, she won't hesitate to attack anyone if they get in her way, even her parents.

However, when Valerie is not doing her villainous stuff, she just appears to be nothing but friendly and flirty, and tries to make a good relationship with others. If they note her villainy, she'll either harm them, take their money, and lock them away somewhere or kill them just to hide her identity.

When angered, her beauty is ruined, etc, Valerie has a tendency to act like a psycho and go out of her way to kill people who trigger these upset feelings.  This is her true sign of aggressiveness and the only way to bring her back to normal is to offer up to fix whatever you just did.  And if you don't, you probably won't live for long.


Valerie is known for her large amount of occupations, and definitely her position as a song artist.  However, when she is not out and singing, she is likely doing something else, perhaps voice acting for a movie or teaching economics to high school students.

Valerie is also a businesswoman who's main speeches are about the high crime rate of the Zaxinian Lifts and how they can reduce the crime levels, and works her hardest to lower the levels of crime.  As she does some crime herself, these speeches have quite a bit of irony to them, but she doesn't really care about that much.

Perhaps one of her most famous occupations is her song artist position; she writes and sings out her own lyrics, and works in conjunction with street-liver Ateque and guitarist and drummer Michelle Jackie as part of the Shooting Stars band. Her band's specialties include aggressive hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock, and soul. They also do thrash metal, alternative metal, and nu metal in teamwork with her brother Silver Heartgold's band, Eyes of Death.

Valerie also is known for cosplaying, especially in parades being presented around the Lifts.  She often cosplays as video game or anime characters because she knows they'll grab people's attention.  For doing dances and poses that are identical to those the character she's cosplaying does, she gets paid, and she does her job well.

Relationships with Other Characters

Silver Heartgold

The two are siblings and actually get along very well.  They sing very well together as a duo and have made some of the most successful songs in the Zaxinian Lifts overall.  Sometimes they pick on one another due to their politic differences but they always get all right in the end.  Usually, you'll see them walking together.






  • Valerie's name was originally Valentine whilst she was a character on the Zolaran Archives. However, she retains Valentine as her stage name.

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