Valerie Heartgold


Valerie Heartgold SI

Current Age 24
Gender Female
Species Zaxinian Kittuman
Current Status Alive
Zaxinian Government
Syi, intimate pleasure, her luxury, her fame, being viewed as a top-of-the-world figure, being held in high regard by many, being the heroine of the day, singing, acting and dancing, going live, being revealing, being flirtatious, teasing others, taking hot showers, bathing, drinking tea, eating pizza, helping Syi feel better, disguising herself, visiting other realms
Being filthy, people who have more than her, having things to dislike, writing down people on the "never visit" list
Main Weapon(s) Love and Arrow
Height 5'10"
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Valerie Heartgold, also known by her stage name Valentine, is the main protagonist of Sweet Invader, its subsequent franchise, and a prominent character in the Syi-FI franchise. She appears in a vast amount of titles circling the Zaxinian Lifts, including General's Journey where she was playable and Gone where she had a rather notable role. She is often recognized as a mascot of TimeStrike. She is an incredibly rich businesswoman who resides on the most important planet; Zonar. Due to her immense wealth and her popularity among men and women alike for her looks and policies, she also plays a role in the development of the Lifts' branches and helps with constitutional amendments.

Valerie runs the multi-trillion USACM company Valco, which is a multi-purpose company that happens to be the leading producer of various products and items that are important to the Lifts, especially Zonar itself. Much of her wealth comes from the success of this company and the Lifts benefits strongly off of it financially. She also profits off of a successful musical career as the lead singer of hard rock band "Valentine", from which she takes her stage name. But what made her particularly famous is that she had "bedded" in excess of a few thousand people, making her a cultural icon in the entertainment scene and popular among both male and female audiences. She is very friendly and open about herself to others, not really hiding much and getting herself known to others.

When not working on business, Valerie typically spends time with her lover Syi and practices her singing voice, trying to find a balance between "beautiful" and "aggressive". She may also participate in meetings with the Zaxinian Lifts' government, where she is the only "normal" human to engage in those conversations. Valerie may also go on adventures, living her double life as a secret ninja that likes to poke around the streets to seek out and battle crime, taking on a different alias that she changes each night. This alter ego has never been recognized as Valerie apart from her girlfriend, and is responsible for a lot of crime thefts (usually on her own products) and as such often makes it into the news as some sort of villain as well.


Sweet Invader

After the events of Split Personality, Valerie was told she'd get big cash from a liar if she did a few things, but they didn't happen.  A plot involving Bill Gates rolled out of control, requiring that Valerie stops the evil man.  Meanwhile, she does many a killing.

General's Journey

Valerie appears some years later as one of the multiple party members in General's Journey.  She attacks with moves based around love and specializes in speed and offense, but has low gut power.  She works with Scotch so she can regain her empire from Mallory.


In the view of the public eye, Valerie is often viewed as charismatic and lovely, always displaying a good mood for all to see, never being closed up about those emotions. And for the most part, she never fakes the charm, stepping it up to please or pleasure fans of her. She's quite a show-off, always displaying the full extent of her talent and being "merciless" in competitions. Good looks isn't all she has up her sleeve, however: she's also incredibly cunning and tricky to overcome, with her brain working at high speed and seemingly always one step ahead of the game, able to defeat just about anyone as long as she can see through their patterns and/or strategy. This is both good in entertainment events and when she's involved in serious action, giving her an upper hand quite often even if she doesn't really need it.

At home, in privacy, or around close others she often retains her charm and optimistic personality, but can appear to be somewhat of a snob and be more expressive with her personality, displaying a wide range of emotions that tend to vary on the scenario. Valerie being angry or sad in any way tends to be rather rare, as she usually has the guts to immediately recover from a shock and turn it on someone else. Her biggest personality changes are her upped seriousness and downed perkiness. Around Syi, she tends to behave rather amorously and direct all her focus to her, which can result in sudden mood switches and conversation topics. She also tends to be really protective around Syi, with her anger being at its front if someone does anything nasty to Syi in general.

Valerie tends to be calm, but ruining her beauty or stealing from her will usually piss her off. These usually result in her scolding her opponent and suddenly sizing up on them, threatening them through a harsh, dry voice and some real nasty insults dug up from the back of her mind. Harming Syi in any way will cause her to exaggerate these feelings or even handle the situation physically, which can result in some bad problems.


While somewhat of an average human without enhancements, Valerie is pretty speedy and energetic, and her great mobility allows her to handle her own ground well in battles, even if pitted against opponents that would normally be considered much stronger than her. Her enhancements, which she often doesn't use unless on-stage or in combat, grant her numerous abilities that boost her already good mobility and make her much more of a threat, with her able to deal serious damage to her foes with moves such as fiery kicks. Through yoga training, Valerie can get into various positions easily and flex her muscles easily, which allow her to bend into unusual positions to avoid attacks at high speed. She is also trained to hit just about everything perfectly and move swiftly like a ninja.

When not relying on her physical talents, Valerie typically uses seduction and persuasion to her advantage to get what she wants and near immediately, which can help in nearly any battle she has going on. She behaves very confidently and shows virtually no fear about anything, likely because she will do just about anything anyway. Valerie had also trained herself to sing professionally well, able to sing in just about any sort of tone and provide a voice for about anything. She can sing with almost any pitch and hit the notes just right about all the time, which is thanks to her ability to really focus on the task at hand.

Relationships with Other Characters


Syi is Valerie's girlfriend, a special one that she protects with all her might. What little wrath Valerie ever shows is often put into defending Syi and keeping her away from any predator. Her relationship with Syi is filled with love, but she treats her absolutely seriously and glares at anyone who looks as if they'd try take her away. Syi became a centralpiece in her life and following this Valerie began ordering several things to be produced after the scarecrow's image. Valerie absolutely refuses to hurt Syi and will never leave her unless she was asked to personally by Syi herself. The two often spend a lot of time together.

Silver Zin

Valerie and Silver are often not seen getting along together well if at all, with Silver purposely trying to avoid her and Valerie usually trying to tease him for the purpose of annoying him. Seeing them bond together as "siblings" is rare. Apart from them having different lives and morals, they tend to view life from the opposite sides of the spectrum and see things different politically and often have very differing opinions. It's to the point where Silver's own part of Valerie's department is in entirely different colors. Despite neither of them regarding each other's personal space well, they aren't enemies and can team up abnormally well if necessary, with Valerie's speed able to really aid Silver's extraordinary power.


Valerie and Werine have a strong bond with each other, with Werine highly enjoying the freedom she gets to possess within Valerie's home and Valerie enjoying the amusement the demon wolf brings her. She trusts Werine a lot clearly, as she is the loyal guardian of the building, chasing off unwanted people and threatening any known enemies to Valerie. Recently, Werine had been trying really hard to aid Valerie, learning how to detect R. Vogue among other thieves that had laid successful sieges on Valerie's home before. As such, she and Silver are the combined police forces of Valerie's vast home.



  • Valerie's name was originally Valentine whilst she was a character on the Zolaran Archives. However, she retains Valentine as her stage name.
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