Not to be confused with Valerie Heartgold.
Valerie's artwork for Kirby.
Full Name Valerie
Current Age Late Teens-Early Twenties
Gender Female
Location Jelly Jungle
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Same as Leaf Kirby
First Appearance Kirby (3DS Game)
Valerie is one of the four official playable characters in Kirby. She is love interest of Prince Fluff.


Valerie is much of a tomboy, and hates being called a "little girl". She knows Prince Fluff has a crush on her, but keeps it to herself. She meets Kirby, Meta Knight, and Prince Fluff after they defeat King Dedede. Valerie says that they'll need her help, since she knows Jelly Jungle as well as the back of her head.


Valerie looks very similar to Kirby, only beige in color with dark red sneakers and tribal makeup, brown hair, and whitened eyes with an eyelash on each.