Vald is a fanon Normal/Flying-type Pokemon. It eats small bugs and things made by humans, like Poffins and Pokeblocks. In their childhood, they hide in a tree, waiting for mother to brin

A Vald

g them food. They avoid battling, as they can't fight very good. They evolve at lv. 17 into Kard.




  • Start: Peck
  • Start: Growl
  • Lv 5: Sand-Attack
  • Lv 9: Double Attack
  • Lv 11: Gust
  • Lv 17: Chatter
  • Lv 21: Whirlwind
  • Lv 25: Dragon Dance
  • Lv 29: Wing Attack
  • Lv 35: Tailwind
  • Lv 40: Wing Attack
  • Lv 46: Sky Attack
  • Lv 64: Fire Punch

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