Vaati (2)
Vaati is a secret newcomer character in Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight.


Vaati is a the main villain in the Four Swords subseries from the The Legend of Zelda series. He has appeared in 3 games, these being Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap. He is known as "The Wind Mage".


Vaati has slightly above-average speed and power, plus an amazing recovery. He has good range, too. His playstyle consists mostly of keeping enemies away with his wind attacks and projectile, and punishing any enemy that comes close to him with powerful close-range attacks. With all of this, Vaati may look overpowered, but he has a huge weakness to make up for it: his light weight. Vaati is tied with Jigglypuff as the lightest character in the game, being even lighter than Mr. Game and Watch. This means that Vaati players must be careful, as any powerful attack is enough to KO him.

How to unlock

To unlock Vaati, you must do one of the following

- Play 1150 fights in standard fight mode;

- Beat Classic Mode in Hard, Very Hard or Intense with Toon Link

- Encounter him in the story mode

After one of the following (except for the third one), the player must beat Vaati in a fight in the Palace of Winds stage.


Neutral Attack - Swipes with his cape two times.

Side Tilt - Swipes with his cape, with more range than his combo.

Up Tilt - Summons wind above him.

Down Tilt - Cape sweep next to the ground.

Side Smash - Summons a strong wind that pushes enemies forwards.

Up Smash - Summons a tornado above him.

Down Smash - Summons wind in both sides of him.

Dash Attack - Spins inside a tornado.

Neutral Aerial - Spins, hitting with his cape.

Forward Aerial - Shoots a little ball of wind forwards.

Back Aerial - Shoots a little ball of winds backwards.

Up Aerial - Hits upwards with his cape.

Down Aerial - Punches with both fists downwards, this is a meteor smash.

Grab - Grabs the enemy with both hands.

Pummel - Punches the enemy.

Forward Throw - Traps the enemy inside a tornado and makes the tornado go forwards.

Back Throw - Throws the enemy behind him and summons a strong wind to send the enemy farther.

Up Throw - Throws the enemy upwards.

Down Throw - Throws the enemy in the ground and steps in the enemy.

Floor Attack - Gets up and swipes his cape in front of him, then back.

Edge Attack - Gets up and summons a weak wind.

100% Edge Attack - Slowly gets up and sweeps his cape.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - Dark Thunder

Side Special - Dark Towers

Up Special - Mage Tornado

Down Special - Eyes of Deceit

Final Smash - Vaati Reborn

Victory Theme

(0:00 to 0:10)

Vaati's Victory Theme01:04

Vaati's Victory Theme

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