VR Party is a party game by Boulder Games Inc. exclusively for the Nintendo VR. It will be released a couple days before New Years Eve in 2012.

VR Party
VR Party Logo
Developer(s) Boulder Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included  ???


Once you pick your Virtual Resident, you meet 5 other Virtual Residents in interesting clothing. There's a bookie, a skater, a hotel Manager, a vacationer and an adventurer. They greet you and decide to each give you a seperate birthday party (it has to be either yours or your Virtul Resident's actual birthday though) and seperate birthday presents as well. They each decided to make a board game that represents themselves. If you happen to come in First Place after the last turn you will then have a chance to get your present. But first you must beat the person who made the Board in a game of their choice (it will not be any regular Mini Game). Note that their Minigame will probably fit their Board's theme.


It is like Mario Party except you get to do all the action. Ex: Just jump up and hit the block like it was really there to get a number. To move around the just walk in place (but you have to walk in place in the direction you want to go.)


Default Boards

Vice Residential Area (Hotel Manager's Board) - A suburban city where there are plenty of roads, (which means you have to look out for plenty of cars) houses, (if you land on a space thats near a house a Virtual Resident will come out of the house and usually ask you for a favor, if you do the favor you will probably get more coins as a reward) shops, (great for buying items that might help you later in the game) and even a hotel. Oh and try to give a little bit of change to the Hotel Manager. Who knows, maybe it will help him make his hotel bigger and better, i'm sure he will appreciate it (and he might just show his appreciation somehow). Spoiler alert! Spoilers about Vice Residential Area are under here!!

There is said to be very helpful items in the basement of the hotel. However, there is no visible way to get there.

Vehicular Racing Park (The Skater's Board) - A park that's great for riding mostly any vechicle (except cars) in. You can also do lots of tricks too. (If you land on a pace near a half pipe and you do cool tricks people will give you more coins for the awesome stunts you do) Also there are a lot of races held there too (Join people in races and you can get a lot of cash. The better you avoid obstacles and the better place you finish in the better your reward will be.).

Unlockable Boards

Vineyard Rainforest (The Adventurer's Board) - A very lively forest with lots of inhabitants such as toucans, monkeys and a very wide variety of plants. There is a giant waterfall and many trees. (There is said to be a cave under the waterfall and something very valuable is in that cave. You can also hop on vine to vine to get around (make sure you don't mistake a snake for one).

Spoiler alert! Spoilers about Vineyard Rainforest are under here!!

There is said to be a cave under the waterfall with many hidden treasures and secrets.

Other modes

All for one

Only 1 out of 4 players can win these Minigames

Team battle

2 versus 2 minigame. May the best team win!

Underdog and Dog catchers

1 versus 3 Minigame. Sometimes befenfits the catchers and other times the Underdog himself.


1 versus 1 minigame

Story Minigame

A minigame from story mode.

Mini Games

Confirmed Minigames:

All for one Minigames

  • Cannon Balls Away! - You're on a platform in the middle of the ocean and a pirate ship is throwing cannon balls at you. Try you're best to not get hit. The last one to stay on the platform wins.
  • Memory Mayhem - Watch A virtual Resident take a walk. When the Virtual Resident is done with his walk you will be quized on what he saw when he was walking. The more right you are the more points you get. Whoever gets the most points wins.
  • Hot Boomtato - Pass a potato-looking bomb around. If you have it when it explodes you're out. Last one that hasn't been blown wins!