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VORTEX is an upcoming fighting umbrella game hybrid being developed by Pyro Enterprises alongside its subsidiary company, LapisFire. Not much is known about it at the moment.


VORTEX is a third-person fighting game/shooter inspired by Kid Icarus: Uprising, Overwatch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and ARMS. Players battle in expansive 3D arenas focused around parkour and agility, battling against one another and working to fulfill mode objectives. Each character can interact with the environment and battle in different ways, giving every character a unique method of interaction with the stages in which battles take place.

The player moves about the environment via the Midas's L-pad, adjusting the camera and aiming reticle with the R-pad in Traditional Mode, gyroscopic tilt controls in Gyro Mode, or with Uprising-styled touch controls in Touch Mode. The player can also lock into targets by clicking in the left scroll wheel, locking the camera and reticle onto them and shifting into a behind-the-back view akin to ARMS.

Holding down the right bumper enables the player to dash; while the player has no stamina meter, dashing for too long renders the character tired, forcing them to rest and become vulnerable once the player stops running. Jumping is handled via the Cross button. Dashing while in midair causes the player to perform a "trick", causing them to glow golden and sparkle for a split second. The player is invincible during a trick, and gain a speed boost upon hitting the ground, sending them into a dash immediately.

All characters possess a light and heavy attack, a ranged attack, and several special abilities mapped to the D-pad. Light and heavy attacks are performed with the Circle and Triangle buttons, while ranged attacks are performed with the left bumper and aim towards the aiming reticle. Special abilities all have unique effects depending on the character being played, and slowly charge over time after being used. Characters also have unique super attacks called Infinities, which typically charge based upon damage dealt by the player but can occasionally fill by other means. Players may used Infinities by clicking the right scroll wheel.

Characters in VORTEX have a unique health system inspired by Dissidia and the Halo franchise, referred to as the Inner Health system. Players have two meters of health, listed as Armour and Will. Armour acts as a shield protecting the player's Will, which will not take damage until a player's Armour is completely drained. Armour eventually regenerates over time, while Will does not; if the player's Will is depleted, they will die. Players also gain a small percentile increase in the damage they deal as they lose Will, acting as a comeback mechanic.



The primary mode of the game, Battle is a player-on-player mode. Each player secretly selects three team members as well as one skill each, then duke it out in an arena based on one of the represented series. While characters are stationary like in a normal turn-based RPG, some environmental effects may occur depending on the arena and what the circumstances are.

Dungeon Crawl

Dungeon Crawl is the main 1-player mode, akin to the Classic mode of the Smash Bros. series. Players pick a three-person team, load them with equipment, and send them into a 5-layer 3D top-down dungeon, which is randomly generated.

Each floor is themed after a different franchise, and has enemies from each series on it. Unlike Battle mode, characters retain all gathered LV Tokens between battles, letting characters become far stronger than normal. At the end of the final floor, the party has to deal with a boss fight from the series that the final floor represents. If the boss is beaten, then the mode is cleared and the player is awarded with ALTs of the characters in the party.

Enemies and bosses drop equipment that can be applied to characters in the customization menu, and it can also be found in hidden chests around the dungeon.


Event mode lists a series of "events", which are scenarios from represented franchises. These pit predetermined characters against predetermined opponents or bosses, often with predetermined skills or other methods of altering the game for added challenge. The player must ensure that the event goes the same as the actual scenario, and follow the event's rules as opposed to simply beating the enemy normally.


Quest mode is the final main mode, acting as the game's Subspace Emissary-style story mode. It is played similarly to Dungeon Crawl, but is far, far longer, and characters, skills, and equipment can be swapped from a constantly increasing list of unlocked content. In addition, the dungeons are not randomized and are permanently stable, and saving is allowed so that the player may take breaks.

Quest mode is the primary place to unlock new content, including equipment, arenas, and even fighters. It is also the only mode to contain a large amount of original content.



Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Phosphora is essentially personified lightning. She's there one moment, gone the next, and when she strikes, serious damage is bound to occur. Then again, she's really not one to use her full potential, typically flirting or otherwise slacking off instead of really giving it her all. Will her adventures in the Vortex change her? Who knows.

Phosphora is the game's embodiment of speed. She has one of the highest starting SPD stats alongside the third-highest SPD Gain, meaning she'll go before just about anything. While she can do a fair amount of damage on her own, and will typically attack before defenses are raised due to her speed, she lacks durability and needs to be paired with a good healer or someone to draw the aggro. Her moveset is full of electrical attacks, some melee and some ranged.

Lightning Rod
Phosphora automatically absorbs all electrical attacks used by the opponent's party and uses them to boost her offensive stats.
Static Field
An aura of electricity surrounds Phosphora at all times, inflicting Paralyze or Numbness on any direct attackers.
Electrical Fire
Phosphora's electrical attacks gain the added ability to inflict Blaze on the target.
Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37
At first glance, Porky seems like a bratty, snot-nosed little pig of a child. Behind that repulsive exterior, however, lies the mind of an evil genius who has conquered time itself and may have possibly taken command of the most fearsome creature in existence: Giygas. Porky now ventures to the deepest reaches of the Vortex, in search of... something.

Utilizing technology from the Absolutely Safe Capsule, Porky has become a tank character, with high DEF and RES starting stats and Gains alongside low equivalents for SPD. In terms of moveset, Porky is annoying as could possibly be programmed, being tough to kill alongside throwing out tons of status effects and hazards.

In Hiding
When low on HP, Porky will hide behind the ally with the most HP, having them take the hit instead. This fails if Porky is the last one alive.
Porky Pox
Status effects inflicted by Porky takes 1.6 times as long to cure naturally. Does not affect curing abilities or items.
Heavily Armed
Reduces Porky's DEF and RES Gains, but increases his POW and MAG Gains, making him eventually become more offensive.
Bravely Default
Ringabel, putting it bluntly, is a bit of a womanizer. On top of that, the semi-amnesiac isn't overly smart, tact, or helpful in the slightest. Somehow, though, he just has that charismatic charm to him that makes him endearing. At any rate, Ringabel's quest in the Vortex has him in search of his friend Edea, rumored to be lost inside the depths of the wormhole.

Ringabel's stats are hard to pin down. His entire gimmick is swapping between five classes- Freelancer, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage, and Dark Knight- to change his stats and movesets around. While his actual stats are dependent on his job, however, Ringabel's Gains specialize in DEF and SPD. No matter the class, Ringabel is also capable of using the Bravely Second move, which stuns him and a chosen enemy for a few turns.

Increases Ringabel's DEF and RES while guarding and also allows him to store an extra turn, which he can spend later for a double attack.
Boosts the power of all Darkness-based attacks on Ringabel's team, whether they are from basic attacks, special moves, or otherwise.
Quick Switch
Ringabel does not use up his turn when switching jobs and can follow up immediately with another attack or ability.
A small child of ambiguous gender and age formerly stuck underground with a civilization of monsters. However, thanks to an experiment gone wrong with a strange invention in the back room of Papyrus and Sans's house, Frisk now finds themselves in the Vortex. Now, they just do what they do best- try to make their way home.

Frisk is a character who lacks an HP Gain entirely (though their max HP has been upped to 200 for balance reasons), so they must use their high DEF and RES Gains to make up for it. In terms of moveset, Frisk is built around ACT Commands- context-sensitive abilities with various effects that can lead to an opponent no longer wanting to fight. In this case, Frisk can SPARE them to remove them from the battle non-violently.

When Frisk dies, they have a 45% chance to be resurrected at the turn's end with 1 HP. DETERMINATION only takes effect the same turn Frisk has died.
Blue Soul
Frisk's team gains a strange blue aura, permanently keeping them under Hi-Gravity status. This cannot be removed naturally but goes away when Frisk is killed the first time.
Frisk loses any and all offensive capabilities (save a few specific ACT commands), but gains a massive boost in DEF, RES, SPD, LCK, and SKL.
The Batter
Straightforward, blunt, and overly violent, the Batter doesn't seem like the typical hero. His backstory is mysterious; all that's known about him is that he seems to be on a "sacred mission" of some kind, wandering the world in order to purify it. Purification seems to be his end goal in the Vortex as well... Can he succeed?

The Batter is an all-around character to begin with, but with a low DEF and RES Gain and a high POW Gain, he quickly evolves into a glass cannon. His moveset is equally odd; while he possesses multiple healing moves, elemental bat swings, and powerful "homerun" attacks, his basic moveset is quite small. This is because the rest of his moveset is determined by his chosen skill, which equips him with one of his three Add-Ons.

Add-On Alpha
Equips the Batter with Alpha, giving him single-target focused attacks and status-inflicting moves.
Add-On Omega
Equips the Batter with Omega, giving him status condition-curing moves and attacks with specialized effects.
Add-On Epsilon
Equips the Batter with Epsilon, giving him stat-boosting abilities and attacks that hit the entire enemy party.
JumpStart Adventures
A timid, slightly neurotic robot developed by genius inventor Professor Sparks, Botley is the star of a surprisingly awesome educational game and has adventured across time itself, battling against the professor's psychotic daughter Polly. Equipped with a miniature time machine, Botley seems to have only wandered into the Vortex while trying to stop another one of Polly's insane time-twisting schemes.

Formerly lacking any offensive capabilities, Botley now comes equipped with a portable time machine developed by Professor Sparks. His moveset relies on this device, giving him the power to create time-related buffs and debuffs such as Stop, Slow, and Quick, alongside offensive moves like Time Rift. Stat-wise, Botley begins a speedier, less dense tank, but uses his Gains to eventually become an all-around fighter.

Botley has a chance to be recalled from battle for 2 turns if on low HP. When he returns, a small amount of HP and MP will be restored.
Botley and his team become immune to mental-based status effects such as Madness, Confused, or Hypnotised.
Set In Stone
Prevents the opponent's team from resetting or reversing past turns. Does not affect Botley or his team.
Anna FE13 Artwork
Fire Emblem
This girl is one of the few that have ventured across dimensions before, though she's only done so to peddle wares from other dimensions to make a quick buck. As such, while the Guard have kept watch on her, she's not deemed a major threat and has been allowed to continue her ventures. Now, she's after a major prise- the core of the Vortex.

Anna may be considered a trickster in her playable debut, but she's a merchant first and foremost. She retains her Trickster stats, focusing on evasion and luck over strength and defense. Her moveset is dedicated to healing, buffing, and debuffing, and she does so with items from the universes of every playable character. She also takes cues from the Final Fantasy Merchant class, using money (in this case, Credits) to power some abilities.

When utilizing a money-based attack, Anna has a 50% chance to deal double damage and a 50% chance to deal none.
Movement +1
Adds the Movement +1 move to Anna's moveset, which allows her to make two more moves and use them on the same turn. Can only be used 3 times a match.
Double Up
Consumes two items of the same type at once (Potions, Super Potions, Ethers, etc.) to double the effect. Does not trigger when only 1 of an item is left.
Meloetta Dream
Pokémon Black and White
A musical Pokémon native to the Unova region. What it's doing deep within the interdimensional wormhole that is the Vortex is unclear, but it doesn't seem to have an end goal and is just prancing through the dangerous zone. It does, however, seem to be a prime target for various hunters...

Meloetta is a character who is capable of taking on one of two stances. Typically, she stays in her Aria Forme, a defensive stance that loads her up with strong magical attacks. However, by using her Relic Song move, she can switch over to Pirouette Form. Pirouette form trades the defense for speed, and replaces the other form's magical attacks with physical ones. Watch out, though... Using Relic Song uses a turn on its own.

Serene Grace
Meloetta has two times the normal chance of inflicting status conditions with moves that can do so.
White Herb
Utilizing Relic Song to switch between stances does not cost a turn, letting Meloetta switch and move again on the same turn.
Meloetta and her team are immune to the effects of any song or sound-based attack or ability.
HW - Tetra
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
An incarnation of Princess Zelda of Hyrule, this time in the form of a rather spunky pirate captain. Reincarnation is already a major topic of discussion among the Guard, but Tetra's difference from every other Zelda incarnation is staggering to them. At any rate, Tetra seems to have only entered the Vortex for personal gain... or so she says.

Tetra is a powerful and agile character who can dodge a large amount of hits to make up for her rather frail defensive stats. Her IQ Gain is surprisingly high, letting her use her special abilities for almost nothing... Maybe it's the Triforce of Wisdom at work. At any rate, while her sword skills are admirable, her most powerful attacks come from her flintlock pistol, which can even blow an opponent out of the fight entirely.

Warrior Pistol
Boosts the power and special effect infliction rate of all of Tetra's pistol-based moves by 60%.
Tetra has a 10% chance to counter an incoming attack by summoning a Phantom, which attacks with a Darkness-elemental sword swing.
Heart Container
If Tetra is Overhealed, the excess healing is stored within a Heart Container item, which she can use to access that healing without using a turn.
The Binding of Isaac
Isaac is a child with a genuinely sucky life. His own mother has tried to kill him multiple times, he's been harassed by hundreds of monsters who may or may not be his siblings, and is possibly the Antichrist of his universe. Now, the horrors of the Vortex are piled on top of it all. At least his mother hasn't followed him in... Right?

Isaac is simultaneously the most standard and most random character in VORTEX. AT the start of a match, his stats are slightly low but spread out evenly, he lacks any special moves, and all of his Gains start off even. However, Isaac gains a new "item" every time he gains a LV; these items (divided into Normal, Devil, and Angel groups) can either edit his Gains, grant him minor passive skills, or grant him new special moves. The best part? The items he gets are randomized every battle.

The D6
Grants Isaac the one-use Reroll ability, which changes his current batch of items into a completely randomized one.
Devil Deal
Doubles chance of getting Devil items and negates chance of getting Angel items.
Doubles chance of getting Angel items and negates chance of getting Devil items.


VORTEX is about to undergo a reboot! However, the genre might change in the process. DO you think the game should remain an RPG or switch to a fighting game?

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