Chapter 2 LAST CHAPTER - VOLT Seed - NEXT CHAPTER Chapter 4

Volt climbed up the treacherous rocks of Violent Volcano. He had decided to get it out of the way first- he knew this was going to be a big challenge and he didn't want to lower his expectations for how hard it'd be to destroy the Seedlings. As he climbed up the red-toned boulders, he found several metal platforms. Sitting down on one, he looked at the old, rusted logo- it seems this volcano was once a mining facility. "Well, this means my job won't be too hard.", he chuckled, climbing further in further.

However, after a few more minutes of climbing, he found something- a troop of Seedlings. Some of them were wielding flamethrowers, others drills. Volt recognized that equipment as the stuff used by Grunts years ago- it made sense that both forms of Ominous used the same weapons. Now it's time to see if they tick the same., the blue Sparkling thought, diving towards the troop. Quickly he made swift punches towards them, narrowly avoiding the drills. He stared straight at a wayward one and channeled his electricity towards it. Alright, just keep calm... you did this before. The only difference is that these are living, breathing things. Volt's body began crackling with electricity, and just like that, he swiftly shifted into a bolt of lightning which entered the Seedling.

Pain. Suffering. Odd thoughts drifting about the nature of life and the meaninglessness of feelings. These were the things Volt say as he travelled through the neural system of the Seedling. However, suddenly the sensation of sight returned to him- the Seedlings before him seemed confused as to where he went. I knew it, Volt thought. I knew Seedlings are just as easily manipulated. Quickly he looked to his hand. He was one of the Seedlings wielding flamethrowers. Quickly he lit the Seedlings on fire, running through them and climbing quickly. As he looked back, he aimed his flamethrower and melted the olden metal platformer, leaving the inky black demons falling. He sighed and continuing climbing.

Volt came across several Seedlings during his climb to the top of the volcano. Each of them looked at him like he was one of them, some even saluting him. While killing them would benefit his cause, the blue Sparkling decided to go a less direct route as to not risk being overwhelmed. Surprisingly, the Seedlings had a culture of sorts- and it encouraged survival of the fittest. On the rare occasion Volt had to kill other Seedlings to get further, the other Seedlings saluted him, although in turn they would attempt to attack him out of a sense that they needed to be top dog now. For the most part the Seedlings were easy to defeat- until Volt reached the top of the volcano.

At the rim of the Violent Volcano, Volt noticed something- magma was steadily rising, with bubbles constantly bursting. He shifted out of his Seedling body, leaving the husk behind, and looked for a way in. Then he saw one- an old minecart track. He got in the old worn minecart and quickly the cart was launched, spiraling down to the lower parts of the volcano. Volt hung on tight, so he wouldn't get flung out into the lava- and luckily, he wasn't, although his face was inches from the magma at some points. As he cautiously trekked through the magma-filled caverns, Volt sensed something was... off.

Volt fought his way through the Seedling forces, taking out many of their forces and settling to tread as a drilling Seedling. As he drilled his way around, he noticed that if he wasn't careful, he could get swallowed up with lava. As such, he systematically dug around lava, and managed to dispatch several Seedlings with lava flows. However, his success did not last for long and lava began rising quickly. He abandoned the Ominous husk and flew out of his tunnels as soon as he could to check the eruption. Pillars of magma spewed from the cauldron of lava, and floating in it was an odd creature. As Volt squinted to look at he realized- it was the Mistress. And just then, the Seedling looked back.

"Ah, master."

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