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Volt looked to the mysterious shadow on the tower. Everything was rushing through his head like some kind of nightmare. Who could this creature be? Why did it have Hailey? However, the silence was broken by the creature's toothy smile.

"Volt! Take this thing out!", Hailey yelled out. The shadowy thing's eyes darted to Hailey and its smile turned to a dull expression. An ambient hiss-like noise radiated from it- it did not speak, but rather the sound simply came from it, like a vibrating machine.

"Let her go.", the blue Sparkling said. He began running, gripping onto bricks and climbing the tower. In a panic the creature jumped from the tower onto the streets, and Volt quickly responded by turning around and shooting a bolt at the creature. As Volt chased the creature, words began running through his mind, as if the creature had a grip on his head. SEEDLING. GARDEN. MISTRESS. DESPAIR. Words kept resonating through his mind, and he didn't like it.

The creature stopped in the center of town, staring Volt down. "Hello.", it said. Volt was shocked, and before he could ask questions, dozens of the creatures began appearing, starting as inky black blobs and slowly forming into the shape of the original monster. "We are the Seedlings. What do you want us to do, my master...?"

"I want you to go away. Stop this.", Volt answered, still shocked by the creatures before him. The creatures seemed confused, some looking to each other, others twiddling their skeletal thumbs. However, the original one began making the noise like before, and all the creatures understood, running out of town.

"They have gone away to other places. Good choice in spreading your forces.". the original said, smiling to Volt as if his decision was a wise one. Realizing what he had done, Volt attacked the creature, leaving a huge white scar in the shape of a cresent on its chest. "You... you have chosen me as your Mistress. I am honored.", the creature said. "I will lead your Seedlings well.". And just like that, the creature vanished like the others.

A few hours later Volt and Hailey sat inside the library. "Volt, I found what this is...", the icy Sparkling said, bringing him to the book she was reading. Volt slowly read the worn pages.

"In my studies, hatred has led many a Sparkling astray, but if one simply refuses help, something begins. The Ominous. Shadows of one's self, Seedlings, will spawn from hatred, and only grow until their creator opens up his feelings and finds peace with himself. The one rejected even by its creator is the Mistress. She shall take care of the Seedlings. She will seek the master's approval."

"So all of this is a new form of Ominous?", Volt asked, clearly shocked that his own emotion caused this disaster.

"Sort of. But this is far from a new form. This just might be the first form.", Hailey said in response, staring at Volt with eyes that clearly said 'this is your fault, now fix it.' to her friend.

Volt nodded slowly and walked away, completely forgetting Hailey for a moment. However, when the realization that he left his friend came to him, he figured it was too late to not hurt her feelings. He sighed and sat down, thinking of how to deal with the new Ominous threat posed by, well, himself. He pinpointed the locations these creatures would most likely travel to- the heated Violent Volcano, the jungles of Tropic Terror, the oddly popular attraction Crazy Carnival, the desert of Smug Sands, the cavernous Regretful Rocks, the lake of Livid Lagoon, and the Puzzling Plateu. Volt grabbed his journal and jotted these locations down. Without a goodbye, Volt was gone to new places.

"..and he just left.", Hailey said to her friends Torchie and Aero. She was crying, knowing Volt probably brashly head into battle.

Aero pulled his blaster from his holster and slid it on the table. "I don't know you well, but I know Volt. He's gone on his own route. I'll reason with him, but if things get bad...", he said, gripping the trigger as he finished his sentence.

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