Developer(s) FantasizeStudioslogo & SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, Infinity, Nintendo Immerse
Release Date(s)
Autumn 2013
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Racing
Successor N/A
Media Included Wii U disc, Infinity disc, Immerse disc

VOLT Rush is a racing game in the VOLT series developed by Fantasize Studios and SuyoGames, it is set to be released sometime in Autumn 2013.


Strato randomly appears and scares all the citizens of Sparkville, he says that he is making a tournament called the Chargio Grand Prix, a racing tournament where many competitors will battle for the sake of Chargio, and if Volt and friends lose, Chargio will be destroyed, but if they win, Strato will not attack and will give big rewards, this scares the other Sparklings, but also makes them excited at the same time. It's now time for Volt and friends to race to the extreme.


The gameplay is mainly similar to racing games such as Mario Kart. The player can make the car accelerate using the A button, and can move using the Analog Stick or Control Pad, the player can perform tricks using the R button and drift as well when moving. There are also Item Orbs, which can be used by pressing the L button. There are many types of things the characters can use to race, such as Karts, Bikes, Wheel like vehicles, and even Jetpacks. There will be some modes that don't even involve racing at all, such as one mode that is based on the arcade game Galaga.

Playable Characters

Racer Name Description Type Special Move
Volt The beloved lightning Sparkling Volt takes off in epic races to win it all. Speed Lightning Speed: Volt is able to move even faster when using this move.
Hailey The ice cold Sparkling also joins Volt and friends to race in the Chargio Sparkville Grand Prix. Drifter Ice Shield: Icicles surround Hailey for a short time to protect Hailey and hurt other players who are near her.
Vin A character from Bits & Pieces surprisingly joins Volt and friends in the Chargio Grand Prix!

Unlockable Characters


Chargio Attackers

In this mode, a character can go in some kind of spaceship and attack enemy spaceships that are attacking the character with lasers. This mode is very similar to Galaga.

360 Sphere

In this mode, the characters go into wheel like vehicles and move around in a 360 like Sphere, the player can knock out the other opponents and get them out of the game. The last one standing wins.


In this mode, its a battle to the death for the characters, four players will enter jets and attempt to defeat each other by shooting missiles. The last one standing wins it all.


In this mode, there is actually no type of vehicle used. The characters run without stopping, so they must watch out for pits and defeat enemies while their running, they can go through stages or run endlessly and never stop.

Extreme Thunder


Characters are given Types, like Volt, who has the speed type. The player can also rank up their character to have better stats by using Victory Points.

  • Speed: Speed is a type for the fast characters, though, they don't move that fast in certain areas, it also is a type good for drifting.
  • Landmaster: Landmaster is a type suited for off roaders, it has a good amount of speed, but makes characters bad at drifting.
  • Drifter: Drifter is a type suited for characters who drift a lot, it makes the character lack speed but they can move better off road though.

Vehicles & Parts

  • Lightning Wagon
  • Hyper Wheels
  • Stoneblast Wheel


Lightning Bolt Cup

Name Description Lap Count
Sparkville Loop A course located in Sparkville, there are many loops and obstacles for the player to avoid. 3
Gale Gauntlet 4
Fountain Of Auras 2

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