Developer(s) Brock Productions, Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Brock Productions
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, Immerse MODU
Release Date(s)
November 13th, 2016
Genre(s) RPG
Series VOLT
VOLT RPG is an action-adventure roleplaying video game developed Fantasize Studios and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Immerse MODU on November 13, 2016. It uses the SmartCardz system to deliver an interactive narrative with exciting gameplay and story that can change with the players actions. Although the game can be played without SmartCardz, it is highly valued to have them so you can experience more than the standard ingame deck can give you.

The game was released along with the SmartCardz Scanner and seperatly at the same time. However, a limited addition back with special Volt-blue colored Right Button Deck Standard and a Left Button Deck Standard was released on December 16, 2016 to promote it as a birthday gift. Although Brock Productions Online was not at first supported, a patch on November 25 brought connectivity to VOLT RPG along with 20 new achievements.

In the story (taking place between VOLT Seed and VOLT REvenge), a clone of Volt named Maelstrum is discovered, and the story revolves around discovering if he's friend or foe. The SmartCardz cards can take the form of many things, like items and stat increases. In order to balance it out, the Card Resurger can only be used 10 times, before it must be powered-up with Boltz. In addition, the same card can only be used once per game; although different copies of a card can be used.


It's an RPG.


Party Cards

Name Stats Special
Volt B
Maelstrum B
Aero B
Hailey B
Aero Charged B
Torchie Charged B
Volt S
Maelstrum S
Hailey S
Torchie S
Hailey Charged S
Volt Charged S
Volt G
Maelstrum G
Aero G
Torchie G
Torchie Charged G
Aero Charged G
Volt P

Maelstrum P

Aero P
Torchie P
Hailey P
Volt Charged P
Hailey Charged P
Maelstrum Charged
Volt Charged X

Item Cards

Card Name Stats Special

Boost Cards

Card Name Stats Special

Area Cards

Card Name Stats Special

Other Cards

Card Name Stats Special


  • In the intro of the game, where hundreds of Clabby's fall down before being disperced by the Brock Porductions and Fantasize Studios logo, three XCrabby's also appear, but most of the time are covered by the normal ones.