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VOLT REvenge poster
Studio(s) Fantasize Cinema
Distributor(s) Paramount
Type Computer Animated
Genre(s) Adventure/Drama
Theatrical Release Date(s)
July 3rd, 2016
Home Edition Release Date(s)
February 7th, 2017 (packaged with VOLT Avenge)
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Runtime 117 minutes
Series VOLT

VOLT REvenge is the first movie based on the VOLT series, and the fifth entry in the main story. In production, it was planned to be a game, but it was agreed the story came first in the project and wasn't quite mixing with the gameplay. It features a new story continuing from VOLT Seed, and is the first entry in the new duology. It is planned for release on July 3rd, 2016, with its sequel VOLT Avenge coming a few months later, and more movies in development, planned to continue the story.



VOLT REvenge logo

A spaceship looms over Chargio. In its center, a red glow is emitted into space. On the surface of Chargio, several scientists run to a shadowed leader, holding several files as they arrive. "Extraterrestrial life has been detected, and our calculations say it should be here soon.", one says. Another nods frantically while reading over his files again. "It has a foreign engine. No fuel... just void.", another says. The leader sighs, and steps away from his desk. Now in the light, his rather worn face is seen. "Gentlemen, it looks like we have a visitor.", he says, as the logo fades onto the screen.

Meanwhile aboard the ship, a metallic pair of feet walk through the halls, going through twists and turns and elevators to reach one room. A chilling female voice speaks as the feet get closer to the room. "Well then... it seems this is what the master finally settled on. A planet filled with flaws. Flaws we must exterminate. Flaws called Sparklings." A door opens, and we see the figure from behind, walking towards the center of the room. A red glow is strong throughout the room, unlike the cool lighting of the hallways.

"There is nothing that cannot be stopped by my strength. No army too big, no wall too strong. The Teslians are about to rise." The figure is seen from the front, with an angular, sharp face, with two piercing yellow eyes. A metallic clawed hand presses a button, and begins to smirk. Outside of the ship, several others like it begin to appear from hyperspace, and a swarm of metallic begins begin freefalling from low orbit.

Volt and Hailey sit together at a cafe, the sun high in the sky. Their food arrives, and Volt happily begins eating. "Thanks for bringing me here, Hailey! The food's great, the sun's high... but what's with the candles and roses?", he says, still eating his meal. Hailey slightly blushes and giggles. "Oh, these? Nothing much, I guess we just got a nice table. Kinda... romantic, maybe?", she says, looking at Volt. He shrugs, but suddenly, sirens begin blaring throughout the town. He gets up immediately and looks to the sky again, seeing a huge crowd of strange robots about to land. A tank-like vehicle drives by, and Volt uses his powers to jump into its system, grabbing Hailey and taking her with him.

Volt reappears, Hailey by his side, loaded into a strange launching mechanism. Volt panics as the launcher is prepared, grabbing the attention of one of the Sparklings on-board. He walks by, revealing himself as the leader from early. "Well, look who showed up in time for the invasion.", he says, chuckling. "General Cinder, I'm afraid this isn't quite where I imagined myself reappearing.", Volt says. Hailey sighs as the two continue to bicker, and Volt is launched out into the streets, crashing into one of the robots. Suddenly, all of the robots nearby focus on Volt. However, before they can capture him, a squad of guards fires off beam rifles at them, as a firefight begins.

Volt barely escapes, beginning to fight off some of the robots. Upon entering their minds, he finds that they're called Teslians, but has no time to study their brains thoroughly, as the battle grows larger. Meanwhile, in the vehicle, Cinder talks to Hailey, telling her that the first priority is to deploy troops across the city and get her out of there. Hailey protests, saying they should go back for Volt, but Cinder simply sighs. "You're the daughter of a very influential man, Hailey, and I want you to be safe right now.", he says.

9 hours later, Sparkville has been declared lost by the government, and Volt and Hailey have been relocated to a base north-west of the ruins. They're briefed on the situation, and to their surprise, Aero has been recruited as well. However, before anyone can relax, a new sighting is reported- a large ship crashing into the surface, creating a large chasm. The trio is sent to investigate, and in the few hours it takes to send them, the chasm has grown deeper. Volt is sent down into the chasm, but his connection to the others is severed and he's left stranded in the middle of what he finds out is an impromtu mine.

When Hailey realizes Volt is stuck in the chasm with no escape, she begins devising a plan with Aero to save him. Meanwhile, the Teslian leader, Galvanisa, is in her ship once more. Several Teslians fly about, delivering data on Chargio, preparing for the next strike, and more. When Galvanisa learns of Volt, she waits a moment then responds. "Loyal Teslians, direct your priorities to researching this... Volt, they speak of. Tell me what I can do to make his death a painful one for him.", she says as the swarm of Teslians begins moving faster and faster.

Back on Chargio, Volt begins climbing up the chasm by possessing the Teslian miners one by one, spiraling upwards. Along with him, Aero's ship, the Hurricane flies up with him, and he lands on the deck, where Aero is hanging on tight to the wheel. Just as they escape, they drop an explosive down into the chasm. Aero regains control of the ship when it returns to normal positioning, and detonates the explosive, defeating the Teslians while worsening the chasm. Back at base, Aero is punished for his recklessness and for detonating a dangerous explosive that could have broken through the crust of the planet.

Having learned of the destruction of the mine, Galvanisa is displeased at her failure. "You all are much too incompetent. When a queen gives you orders, it's obedience or your life", she coldly whispers as her swarm stands still, as if petrified. "And when a queen's subjects are simply too incompetent... she must complete her goals by different means.", Galvanisa says with a smirk as she presses a button. Suddenly, the ship's wings begin to shift and turn, forming a spire, and it faces downward, straight to Chargio...

Back on Chargio, Hailey and some scientists are looking through a preserved Teslian brain, discovering quite a bit about the Teslians. Hailey explains to Volt that the Teslians existed long before Sparklings, inhabiting a smaller planet. A mysterious glowing figure stands over them, and creates several features on the planet. However, soon the figure abandons the Teslians, and creatures a larger planet next to theirs. Over time, the Teslians grown worn and hide underground, with their planet in ruins, orbiting the larger planet- Chargio.

However, during the research, a giant spire crashes into the surface of Chargio, planting itself as a tower over Sparkville. While Aero is suspended from missions due to the mine incident, he defies his superiors and brings Volt and Hailey with him on the Hurricane to investigate. Volt and Hailey bid Aero farewell and enter the spire, where Teslians are ready to fight. Hailey begins firing off icicles and tells Volt to go ahead. Volt manages to find an elevator, and attempts to reach the top level of the spire. However, the elevator stops mid-ascension and opens to a room with a bright red glow. Meanwhile, Aero fires off missiles at the spire, while on a call with Cinder about his actions. While Cinder agrees that Aero was reckless, he decides to cover for him and approve his use of the Hurricane, while also telling him help is on the way. Aero looks over to the side and sees a helicopter carrying none other than Torchie, who freefalls to the spire and helps Hailey take out more Teslians.

Volt looks around the room, and notices a strange humming noise. In front of him lies a huge engine, emitting a strong red aura. "Welcome, Volt. I see you've found the Void Engine.", a voice says. Volt turns around and sees Galvanisa. sitting in a floating throne. "You're clever. But you have a weakness. More than one, even.", the Teslian queen continues as the throne attaches itself to a large fixture hanging from the ceiling. "You care too much for your friends, you can't accept defeat, you're oblivious to Hailey...", she says as her body fuses with the throne, becoming a draconic metal head. "I am your worst nightmare now.", Galvanisa roars as huge wings unfurl from the fixture.

Volt looks at Galvanisa's new form in horror, but knows he has to fight against her. He quickly attempts to enter its circuitry, but a block in its circuits ejects him from the machine with force. Getting up from the rough blow, he looks for a weak spot on the fixture, but Galvanisa quickly slams her giant body into Volt, leaving him pain. However, Torchie and Hailey quickly enter the room. "Volt... you ok?", Hailey yells out as she runs to his side. Torchie quickly begins attacking Galvanisa, who absorbs his flames through pipes and launches them back at him. Volt gets up and looks to Galvanisa. "We have to stop her... somehow."

Aero continues his assault on the spire, when suddenly a huge swarm of Teslians clings to his ship, taking it down. Aero barely manages to escape the husk of the Hurricane, and creates a makeshift wind to get to the spire. He tries to connect to Hailey's earpiece, but his connection is severed when he's attacked. The last words that get through his transmission are simple. "I'm going down, Hailey." Hailey receives the transmission and heads back down the elevator shaft to try and save him, leaving Volt and Torchie to face Galvanisa themselves.

Torchie battles Galvanisa with help from Volt, but she counters their every move. The two of them launch their strongest bursts of fire and lightning together, but when the smoke clears, Galvanisa still stands. Volt comes up with a plan- initiate the Void Engine's self-destruct and escape with Hailey and Aero. Torchie nods and begins distracting Galvanisa while Volt sneaks away, entering the Void Engine. When he enters its circuit, his mind begins to warp, as the pure void powering the engine begins to enter his body. However, he manages to initiate its self-destruct, and escapes, telling Torchie they have 5 minutes to escape.

Hailey, on her way to Aero, hears about the self-destruct announcement, and tries to escape. However, when she runs down the halls, a shadowy figure stops her. "You... didn't save me, Hailey.", the figure says, revealing it to be Aero, under the control of the Teslians. Hailey creates an icy wall behind her and punctures the wall with a chunk of ice, and jumps out of the spire. Meanwhile, Galvanisa ejects herself from the fixture and chases Volt down as he tries to get to the elevator. As he jumps down the shaft, Galvanisa follows, releasing her wings.

"You are nothing to me, Volt. I am a Teslian, and the Teslians are an efficient swarm...", she says, revealing a blade, "and I am the queen of them all." Volt tries to enter the closest circuitry, but fails. Galvanisa smirks and thrusts the blade forward, stabbing Volt through the chest. Volt holds onto the wound and tries to possess Galvanisa, but is too weak to do so. Galvanisa flies past Volt and escapes the spire, while Volt continues to fall.

Hailey looks at the spire, not knowing what happened to Torchie and Volt, hoping they come out ok, and begins calling for a ride back to base. Aero captures Torchie, and begins performing experiments on him, attaching mechanical parts to him. With 10 seconds left on the countdown, Volt sighs and closes his eyes, whispering as he does. "Hailey... Torchie... Aero... be ok. For me.", he says with his last breath. The countdown reaches its end, and Volt dies as the spire disappears in a flash of purple light, into the very void powering it. Hailey looks out on the event from a helicopter, crying a bit.

A few days later, Volt's death is reported, and Aero and Torchie have been declared missing in action. Cinder comforts Hailey, telling her the war with the Teslians is not done, and that now, they have a better reason to fight- to avenge Volt. Hailey agrees, although when Cinder leaves she continues with her mourning. Galvanisa talks to her swarm, now on another ship, congratulating them on their victory. "Volt is gone forever now, and we have some new additions to our team...", she says, as the camera pans to Torchie and Aero, now in heavy metallic armor.

In a post-credits scene, a console onboard the Teslian ship sparks as two Teslians fly by it. The camera pans over to its screen, as a few words appear on its screen in a familiar shade of blue...

>See you soon, Hailey.



Reception for VOLT REvenge was quite strong, with a score of 90% on Metacritic. Its strong story and ties to the series' past were praised by several video game-centric sites, but other critics found the movie slightly hard to get into, considering it required some basic past knowledge that came from video games rather than from movies. The average review scores were 78/100.



In celebration of VOLT REvenge, a VOLT figure with stand was released in the S.H. Figuarts line, featuring translucent arm pieces and the same kind of posability as other Figuarts. First 4 Figures also made two statues, of Volt and Galvanisa, including special light-up editions.

Video Game

While it doesn't have a video game adaptation, VOLT REvenge was released a few weeks after VOLT: First Act//RECOLLECT for the Immerse MODU, and the game was promoted as a 'refresher' for fans before REvenge came out.


A novel adaptation of the story was released on July 17th, 2016, based on the script.


VOLT REvenge began as a video game, planned as one of the later titles for the Nintendo Immerse with a port to Immerse MODU later, but as development progressed, the game became more and more story-centric, and after hard thinking, the choice was made to continue Volt's story in movies. The developed cutscenes were remastered to a higher quality, and they make up roughly 50% of the movie, the other half being made from scratch based on the levels.


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