VOLT Plaza is a special game released by Brock Productions for the Master 4D and Immerse gaming consoles during Volt Time. It features a digital version of Guide to Chargio, videos of the producers talking avbout the games, digital Volt Time calender, and 2 full games, 1 demo version of Seed, and some arcade games.
VOLT Time Logo


The game has a large, 3D hub-world where VOLT can talk to friends, fly around, defeat baddies, view historical artifacts, and enter the 5 different buildings. VOLT can collect coins by helping friends do tasks, defeating baddies and collect historical artifacts. VOLT also has a health bar, and if it is fully depleted he returns to the main area.


  • Racing Centre
    • Unlocked if save data of VOLT shows it is beaten.
    • You can play VOLT Rush.
  • Castle Rush
    • Unlocked if save data of VOLT: Second Impact shows it is beaten.
    • You can play VOLT: Storming the Castle
  • Arcadia
    • Unlocked if you have beaten VOLT Rush and VOLT: Storming the Castle and have played Trinity.
    • Let's you play classic arcade games and a demo of VOLT: Seed.
  • History Centre
    • Unlocked if you have played everything, including all the arcade games.
    • Let's you view the history of the VOLT Franchise.
  • Task Centre
    • Let's you find tasks to collect coins.

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